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Michael Zomber Is A World Expert On Japanese Swords

Becoming an expert at something takes a great deal of time, hard work and utter effort. People who wish to master a specific subject thoroughly and completely must be prepared to spend a lot of time studying it closely. This is certainly true of Japanese sword and armor expert Michael Zomber. Zomber has made the world of Japanese swords and armor something that he knows a great deal about. His devotion to this subject has led others from all walks of life to seek out his advice and work with him to explore the world of the Samurai that helped create such items.

His Early Passion

Zomber, like so many others, began his interest in this region when he was only a child. As a child, he began to spend hours reading about the world of the Samurai and how the people of this time took metal sword and armor creation to a new and impressive level. As he left home and attended college, his interest in this era and this field only continued to grow and expand. He also began to collect such pieces of armor himself, finding bargains of all kinds and learning how best to distinguish one kind of armor from other armors that were created during other time frames and other places. His knowledge of this field truly began to grow and he began to feel more confident about his own understanding of this vast and impressive field.

His Ongoing Interest

Since that time, his interests and understanding of the field of Japanese armor and swords has only continued to grow and expand, enabling him to do all kinds of important things with it including start a business that helps other people learn about the world of swords. He also advises people they also wish to purchase specific items of armor and swords that often come on the market. He has also taken this particular interest even further by creating books of fiction for people to read and even making a movie about this time for a movie company that he founded with his wife. He also has done much to help bring this time frame to life by a series of appearances on a highly popular television on The History Channel. This has led many people to seek out his advice and get his help when they are thinking learning more about this particular field.  Check out the books Zomber has written on Amazon.