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Vintners and Wine Merchants in the UK

The wine industry has been a growing sector in the business environment of the UK, particularly in London. offers a directory that covers over a hundred wine stockists in the UK. Many of these vintners and wine suppliers offer some of the best products and services in the world. Here we take a look at some of UK’s finest wine investments.

One of the most notable vintners is Highbury Vintners. The wine merchant stocks Portuguese and Spanish wine. Also, Highbury Vintners boasts a collection of nearly 1300 wines from the different part of the world. This extensive collection is supposed to meet the needs of every customer that visits the award-winning wine seller. The company was named runners-up for Best Small Independent Wine Merchant in 2014. In addition to wine, Highbury Vintners also stock microbrews.

The Merchant Vintners Company ( was established in 1965. The company’s management works towards fostering prosperity for its 20 member firms by providing top of the line wine varieties. The vintner stocks a wide array of wines and is a leading competitor of the relatively bigger wine merchants. The member companies combine purchases to achieve and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Another giant in the UK wine industry is Wilkinson Vintage which holds stock valued at more than £6 million. The company was started in 1992 by Patrick and Fiona Wilkinson and specializes in Cru Classe Bordeaux, Burgundy and Vintage Port. The different types of wines listed on the company’s website are available in stock; the company does not do broke wine from other suppliers. The company uses temperature controlled vehicles to make collections and deliveries.

Enotria & Coe, another stocker of wine and spirit, has one of the most premium portfolios in the UK wine business. The wine seller prides itself on extensive product knowledge and excellent service provision. The wine supplier has a wide variety of in-demand types of wine at all times.

A niche supplier of wine that specializes in Australian black-vintage wine, Cellar link is one of the biggest wine outlets in the UK. The company has other stores in Australia and Hong Kong and offers collector and reward programs to attract and keep customers.

Great Western Wine has been in the wine selling industry for over thirty years and specializes in hand-crafted wines bought from individual winemakers. The company is located in Churchill Roundabout and sells their wine from their shop well as online.

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