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Making Weddings More Fun

An Article in the “Huffington Post” written by Matt Douglas describes the agonies connected with the gift registry aspect of modern weddings. He recalls the anguish of his own wedding, which took place 15 years ago when electronic ordering of goods was not being used. Now thanks to electronic merchandisers from Neiman Marcus and Amazon to Walmart, the process of shopping for wedding gifts and, actually, any shopping has been dramatically changed from misery to fun. This change is affecting commerce in the United States of America and in Europe. It has been developed to the nth degree by an application named “Slyce” this cell phone application allows a person to take a snapshot on the cell phone camera and have the Slyce application locate the item, identify the item and even order the item in a color or size of the app users preferences. The item is paid for and sent to the app owners address ASAP.

Slyce is the application of the decade, and its further development in areas outside of commerce bode well for civilization.

The author of the article went on to recommend three other apps to simplify the wedding gift morass: The Knot Registry, MyRegistry and Honeyfund.

Further in the article the great problem of coordinating and purchasing wedding and bridesmaids dresses and tuxedos for the boys was addressed and remedies suggested. With the cost of a wedding dress, which is usually worn only once, in the neighborhood of $1400., renting the dress seems the better alternative. Borrowing Magnolia is a business which offers to buy lightly used wedding dresses and gives customers the option to buy or borrow a dress for their wedding. Vow to Be Chic is a business offering wedding dresses and coordinating bridesmaids dresses for rent. The boys can coordinate by using the services of Union Station to buy or rent matching tuxedos.

These recommendations seemed tailor-made to please those who are footing the enormous bill for weddings. It, almost, makes a person want to get married.