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Sergio Cortes And His Fight For Public Health

In mid-2013, floods hit Xerem district in the municipality of Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro state. Among the people who visited the most affected areas was Sergio Cortes, the State’s secretary of health. An article published in Extra explained that the government ran a Dengue hydration center at the Xerem health center, serving about 300 people daily. The Atanews said article can be found here

The move was seen as a preventive measure due to the large amounts of accumulated garbage in and around the city, heightening the proliferation of the dengue mosquitoes. After deliberations with Camilo Junquiera, the municipal health secretary along with the National Health Force Conception coordinator, the state agreed to deliver a second calamity kit as well as 3000 antibiotic tablets to tackle leptospirosis early.

The State Department of Health took measures aimed at preventing diseases such as hepatitis A and diarrhea that are caused by contaminated water, after rainfall such as dengue among others.

Lab tests showed that the samples collected were unsatisfactory and as such teams were involved in the daily disinfecting of water with the department of health urging people to take up the idea. The initiative received a major boost with the state government providing Caxias with 10,000 sodium hypochlorite bottles to be used in water tanks. Sergio Cortes reminded donors to include bottled water in their donations. Training people were deployed to the center to identify symptoms of major diseases early.

As the secretary of health,  niteroi reported Sergio Cortes has called for public awareness on  the differences between the dengue virus and zika virus that has in recent months been spreading through Brazil and other parts of South America and has followed closely the progress in the search for a cure to the virus.

Cortes has also issued warnings about other viruses like the chikungunya virus that has similar symptoms and is also spread by mosquitoes. A good preventive measure is avoiding stagnant water that allows the mosquitoes to reproduce.

Other publications by Cortes include child self-esteem and the effects that it has on the child’s later life as an adult. Similarly, Cortes expressed his concerns over Osteoporosis, a progressive illness that wears out the bones as well as the truth and myths about diabetes. Sergio also gave a few exercises that help eliminate and prevent back pains.

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