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The Excellent Character of Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

One of the most common procedures in the United States of America is joint replacement surgeries. According to a study that has been conducted, the median age of patients who undergo joint replacement surgery has been decreasing and has been more recurrent on male. A successful surgeon at Bronxcare Health System popularly known as Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has a deep understanding about the matter for he regularly performs joint replacement surgeries on his patients and works with a number of professional surgeons who also particularize in this area. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum specializes in complex revision joint replacement surgery, minimally invasive hip and knee replacement, joint reconstruction, and arthroscopy.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum currently practices in White Plains, New York. He was able to undergo training in reconstructive surgery and hip and knee replacement at the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia. Before becoming a great expert in the field, he graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine where he attained his M.D., and he also studied at Brown University. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has been receiving extensive training for knee and hip replacement surgeries for decades, and he is a member of numerous medical associations worldwide. Additionally, he also spends his time writing and lecturing about process management, information technology, and the connection of engineering in his chosen field. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum takes advantage of technological advancements in improving his services.

Whenever Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum evaluates a patient who is a candidate for hip replacement or knee replacement surgery, he would normally determine whether or not the surgery that he will be performing will offer a considerable or significant improvement to the quality of life of the patient. There are instances where he recommends other treatments when it comes to helping a patient such as maintaining a proper diet, exercising, switching habits and daily activities.

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A Look at Gustavo Martinez – Marketing and Advertising Consultant Shaping the Future of Marketing

Gustavo Martinez has over 35 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. He has held prestigious positions in big firms. The entrepreneur has also created iconic ads that turned out to be pop-culture touchstones.

He served at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide as CEO. He also served as the President of McCann Worldgroup, and Olgilvy and Mather, two legendary firms in the industry. He has also held prestigious positions at Price Waterhouse and Henkel.

Recently, Gustavo Martinez was interviews and he revealed a lot about his experience in the marketing and advertising industry. He shared some insights and the future of the dynamic sector.

Going outside traditional marketing

Mr. Martinez believes that creativity is a cornerstone to any marketing firm or advertising agency. Unlike other industries, the marketing industry can be seen as a kind of applied artistry. Raw creativity drives marketing.

He has elevated recruitment into a science to help him source for the most talented and creative geniuses to leverage creativity to drive marketing. In matters consulting, people like working as independent contractors and hence, consultants.

That is part of the reasons why consultancy models have worked out so well in the marketing business. In matters business acceleration, the successful entrepreneur has realized that 90% of new startups fails within just three years. He looks to increase the success rate from 10% to 90% through implementation of total marketing strategy optimization.

A typical day for Martinez

He refers himself to as a workaholic. His day starts at 7 am with having breakfast with family while skimming through news and emails. He spends at work to around 9pm.

Bringing ideas to life

He views creativity as key to great marketing campaigns. He has realized that background and experience, as well as diversity of thought among his employees tend to help in molding of ideas and creating solutions to problems. He always keeps his staff motivated and inspired to empower them to be productive.

One exciting trend

Gustavo Martinez believes that Internet of Things is being largely overlooked by his peers in the industry. According to him, the Internet of Things comes with many possibilities and the Internet of Things technologies will change how people do things.

Habit that makes the entrepreneur more productive

He values active listening, generosity as well as valuing people and their opinions.

Advice to younger self

Patience pays. He would also advice his younger self to learn from different kind of talented people.

A thing he believes in while others don’t

According to Gustavo Martinez, while he values charity, he doesn’t like people using charity as a public relation stunts or to pursue a certain status such as being perceived good.

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Chainsmokers and a New Hit Single

A number one hit single band, “The Chainsmokers”, have released many popular songs in the past 2 years. Songs that you may know that have been heard on the radio like, “Paris”, “Something Just Like This”, “Closer”, and “Don’t Let Me Down”. There was a lot of pressure on the band to create new songs for the new year.

Taggart and Pall have decided to take on a new route, creating a much deeper darker feel for their fans. As a band, they have created the magic with the new song they released, “ick Boy”. Although it took them a while to create a new song, they had to talk to their record label company about it before they could release.

The Chainsmokers like to make songs that go with modern society, in other words, what is currently going on in today’s world. However, making songs for people is frustrating because they have to deal with the critics. Artists have to go through the judgment even though they have put great creativity into it.

The Chainsmokers are an American Band who originated from New York. They are a quite popular band that have received awards for their musical talents. Their music consists of you using your imagination.

To better explain their new song, “Sick Boy”, it is a trip to the doctor’s office and the sickness is being questioned, in other words, identity crisis has been faulted by society and the great social media exposure. They explain that narcissism is a necessary evil but it is needed to communicate with people today.

The Chainsmokers are going in a great direction with their career, eventually, they could make a living creating music for the people. It has reached many radios like in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK, Germany, to France.

Just listen to their new song because it is like walking through a haunted house with its eerie music. It is a different take on celebrity culture. It is a great song! It has just been released to the public along with its own music video. If you continue to search their content you will see that they have many songs with videos as well.

I think that the Chainsmokers have a great voice and their music is carefully crafted and beautiful. They are like the new generation of our time. The piano, guitar, drums, and vocals all go together to create this piece of music. With that said, they even took the lights and created live visual effects with graphics to show you exactly what they are trying to tell you.

Their new single, “Sick Boy”, is a great song and I recommend that you listen to the song on Vevo, Youtube. Also, they have their other songs on the website as well. You can discover new songs by, “The Chainsmokers”, on YouTube.

Clayton Hutson: A Popular Event and Concert Organizer

Clayton Hutson is known all throughout the music industry because of his involvement in some of the most memorable concerts in history. He is the first person coming into the minds of talented artists because they know that he can organize a great concert for them. He has a positive reputation in the industry, and he thanked all of the people who believed in him when he was still starting. Clayton Hutson has become one of the most beloved tour managers in America, and the entertainment industry has been thanking him for his effort. According to Clayton Hutson, band groups are the ones asking for his service the most. He later added that newcomers in the music industry are also asking him for his assistance. Throughout his career, he helped shape the career paths of those who have asked for his help, and he stated that as a tour manager, it is his responsibility to make sure that his clients will end up successfully in the music industry. Most artists are trusting in Clayton Hutson because they knew that he has a lot of connections in the world of music, and he can change their lives overnight. As a result, more and more musicians have been contacting him for help and being a professional himself, Clayton Hutson keeps on accepting requests, provided that his schedule can permit it. Learn more:



Aaron Lewis, a front man for the American band named Stained, is one of the beneficiaries of Clayton Hutson. Aaron Lewis contacted him when the musician had an idea of touring all over the country for his solo performance. He provided everything that the musician needs, and he also accompanied him all across the United States to make sure that the event would become successful. Clayton Hutson poured a lot of effort in managing and organizing the event, and the result was a success. Aaron Lewis’s concert was praised by the audience and by the media, and he gave all of the credit to Clayton Hutson. He stated that without the pure talent from Clayton Hutson, his concert would never become possible. Aaron Lewis recommended his services afterward, assuring musicians of great results.