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End citizens united agenda real

The 2010 supreme court of America ruling in citizen united VS FEC opened the floodgate of special interests and wealthy individuals to control the political elections in America. The political activities revolved around the few special interests ignoring the real voters and agendas of the state left in the hands of a few people who could afford to buy public offices through substantial funding. It remains the only hope for the majority grass root citizens who have been ignored by political leaders.

End Citizens United a political action committee which is funded by grass root donors was formed in March 2015. Its main agenda is to take back power from the few wealthy individuals and take it back to the people where it belongs. In mid elections of 2015 three months after it was started a total of $ 2 million was raised from grass root to fund activities of politicians who supported the noble course

There has been increased membership every year, and more pro-reform candidates have joined End Citizens United course of grass root lobbying and financial reforms in America electoral system. Members only pay an average of $14 which attracts many citizens to fund election-related activities. The critics have been defeated, and three years down the line political action committee has been able to attract more than 400000 members and a target of between $25 million to $30milion reached. View the group’s profile on linkedin.

In the coming mid elections, End Citizens United has attracted several candidates who are ready to be identified with grass root donors refusing to be hoodwinked with wealthy interest groups and dark money circulating in America elections. Andy Kim a Congress candidate who is vying for a third congressional district of New Jersey has been endorsed by End Citizens United. However, he has stated that though he supports the grass root idea, he won’t bother asking for funding either from PAC or corporate. Another already endorsed candidate is Illinois state attorney Brendan Kelly who is known for fighting particular interest, and corporates in support of rights of people.

End citizens united has done marvelously with grass root support of only $14 dollars from ordinary citizens with the aim of making elected leaders accountable to the grass root citizens as opposed to a small group of special interests and wealthy corporate.

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