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The Phone Carrier Market And Lower Prices

One thing that could be said about the market of mobile phone services is that it has come with a lot of innovative new items. For one thing, there are new types of payment plans that are not only contract free, but also inexpensive. Therefore, people who have a little less money to spend can enjoy some of the services that come with telecommunications. Even with smartphones, people are allowed data which they can use in order to enjoy internet service. As a result, they are able to not only get in touch with their loved ones, but also enjoy some of their favorite sites.

There is one carrier that is taking mobile services to an even higher level. This carrier is FreedomPop. This company has started off with free service to people who are interested. People who get the right device will find themselves with free internet and minutes as well as texting. Of course, users get a limited amount for free. However, they could pay for more. FreedomPop has experienced a lot of growth to the point that they are now offering unlimited services to people who sign up. All they need is to pay $20 for the service and they get to enjoy unlimited data, talk, and text.

Anyone who reads a FreedomPop review will have a better understanding of what the phone carrier has to offer. The one important thing is to know how to get set up with a phone carrier service. FreedomPop for the most part only sells used phones. However, these phones are in great condition. However, people that have a Sprint device that has been used for 2 years could also sign up for the FreedomPop service. They get to experience carrier service at an even more affordable price. For people that are on a tight budget, FreedomPop is there to meet their needs.

FreedomPop is Expanding

FreedomPop is a company that offers 500 MB of data and 200 minutes of talk time a month, for free. They are the only company in the game to offer this, which makes them unique. They do offer paid month to month plans.

Well, the company is expanding. FreedomPop is run by T-Mobile, who is in turn run by the company Deutsche Telekom. DT holds 65% of the shares in T-Mobile. There is a spectrum auction scheduled for the week of March 15, 2016.

Furthermore, the biggest contenders for the auction have been taken out by other companies. Verizon, for instance, was issued a large fine by the FCC for a “supercookie” they were putting into users’ internet use. These cookies were meant to help direct targeted ads from Verizon and other companies who paid to have those ads show up.

FreedomPop has some of the best customer loyalty, and if this expansion goes well, it could mean more customers for the company, and more money on the bottom line. Though there are some who take advantage of the free plan, there are some who decide to go from the free plan to one of the paying plans; people who switch usually stay.

No matter how the customers react to the expansion, it’ll happen.

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FreedomPop to Sell Smart Phones at Discount

FreedomPop is moving into the phone distributing field with their latest announcement of reduced priced smart phones. The freemium MVNO announced that they will be selling discounted, refurbished phones until November 27th in order to bring in new subscribers to their company. Along with these discounted phones new subscribers will receive one free month of premium FreedomPop, as reported by RCR Wireless.

The two phones that FreedomPop will be selling for the Holiday season will be the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Motorola E smartphone. The Galaxy S4 will be sold for just $100, a discount of over $350 from its sticker price. The Motorola E will be priced most competitively as it will be sold for just $40, a discount of almost $200 overall. These discounted phones are refurbs in pristine condition though they do not promise to be the latest models available. They’ll run on the premium FreedomPop plan for the first month (unlimited talk, text, and one gig of data) before reverting back to the standard plan that FreedomPop offers.

The decision to move into discounted phone sales makes complete sense for one of the nations most affordable mobile carriers available. We’ve seen FreedomPop continually push to expand their market outreach and this will definitely appeal to Holiday shoppers that are looking to get tuned into something affordable without sacrificing what they are used to. We’ve also seen FreedomPop move their company as a whole toward distributing hardware as the company announced a partnership with Intel.

Intel Capital paid an undisclosed amount to get in on the funding of FreedomPop and now the company is working on a WiFi priority smart phone. This smart phone will defer to WiFi at all times, only using mobile data as a last resort. The phone will be released through FreedomPop at some point in 2016 and it remains to be seen exactly what the specs and price point will be listed at. Knowing that FreedomPop is focused on saving money for the consumer we anticipate that it will be quite a bit cheaper than much of the competition.

FreedomPop has also begun a serious outward expansion toward other large marketplaces. A partnership with Axiata Group will have FreedomPop released in Asian markets at some point in 2016 all while they continue to grow over in the U.K. CEO Stephen Stokols has repeatedly shrugged off M&A rumors and appears well positioned to grow the company himself.