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The Fashion Trends You Did Not Know As Explained by Donata Meirelles

Keeping up with fashion trends is not for the faint-hearted. However, Donata Meirelles seems to roll it out so well. A single glimpse at her fashion will leave you asking for more. The style director of Brazilian Vogue has something for everyone; elegant but straightforward to pull the crowds.

Her preference in fashion during winter will surprise you. She chooses a strong inspiration from the ’80s, an indication that it was a remarkable decade. Metal laminates, embroidery and lots of clusters are among the exceptional materials used to make clothes you can wear during day or night.

She may be a grandmother, but the beauty fashionista will walk into the world famous store to pick a piece of a trench coat. Some of her favorite items include fringed miniskirt and scarves of every color.

For the summer days, Donata Meirelles has a collection of crochet dresses. They are not only a % 100 sustainable but also handmade. They also feature impeccable tailoring with zero print animal prints. Most people will work in these clothes from morning until dinner at night and will still leave you a serene mood.

Would you walk into a party with a plastic or a net bag? If no, then you are missing out on a particular fashion trend. Full transparent bags either in the models PVC / acrylic evoke the great spirit of the summer season. They form part of the accessories, which will give you that updated look.

Meirelles does not hide her passion for transparent purses, which she has used for more than a decade. It is a great item to take when traveling given that they also have additional mini bags to organize the interior. To find more details on Donata’s profile, you can visit her LinkedIn handle.

Accessories are part of Donata Meirelles’s lifestyle. She considers them an investment for life, and she will use some of those used in the ’90s, for example, the bucket bags in their mini sizes. She refers to them as ‘the darling of the time’. Meanwhile, the right combination of accessories transforms a basic look.

Meirelles, who refers to herself as a ‘crazy grandmother to be’ has always had a good look at trends since her teenage years. She entered the fashion world when she was 18 years as she was working for Dashu. She had the privilege of picking the pieces to at the store. However, little did she know that would be the beginning of her love for fashion trends.


What You Can Find At The RealReal

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a crème colored YSL scarf? Fall weather is surely setting in a warm scarf would go perfect with any outfit. This may sound lovely but it may be troubling trying to locate a scarf from this brand on discount. This is where The RealReal comes into play. The RealReal has a massive selection of some of the rarest pieces in fashion. Both vintage and barely used items are on the company’s websites and physical locations. They specialize in carrying luxury brands for less. This luxury reseller has more than just a beautiful scarf; they have almost anything you could want.

Luxury does not have to mean overdressed or overpriced. The RealReal has many t shirts that are super cute and comfy. These t shirts pair nicely with a Gucci fanny pack. Do not forget to add beautiful dazzling bangles to your look. A cute pair of sneakers would complete your super comfy casual look.

The RealReal has one of the greatest handbag selections. They carry bags from Gucci, Chanel and Fendi and almost any luxury retailer you can think of. The RealReal carries some of the most beautiful bags that come in bold hues and soft neutrals.

The RealReal is expected to make eight figures in revenue by the end of the year. The company is apart of the billion dollar industry of fashion. The company is a game changer in the luxury resale market. They offer customers the most authentic fashions, footwear and diamonds.