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What Government Is the Best?

A lot of people debate the question about what government style is the best. Thankfully, political scientists can objectively observe which countries are happy, thriving, and wealthy. The problem is not observing the evidence. It is accepting it. According to the Central Intelligence Agency, the countries in the world with the highest average per capita GDP are Qatar ($132,900), Macau ($101,300), Luxembourg ($99,500), Liechtenstein ($89,400), Bermuda ($85,700), and Singapore ($85,400).

What do these countries do differently than the majority who are not as wealthy? Qatar has large supplies of oil. Its government is an absolute monarchy. In an age of democracy, this is an interesting thing to note. Macau is a special administrative region of China known for its casinos. It is a presidential limited democracy, according to the CIA. Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy with low taxes. Liechtenstein is also a constitutional monarchy with low taxes. Bermuda is a self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom with low taxes. Singapore is a parliamentary republic with a harsh justice system.


All of these countries are not typical democracies. They mostly have low taxes, and a strong unified head of state. A disproportionate quantity of the richest countries in the world have antiquated kings at their top. Something must be said for the merits of monarchy. Although since the American and French Revolutions, monarchies have fallen out of favor, they seem to contribute to the wealth of a country. Another common variable with the wealthiest countries is a strong criminal justice system and low taxes. Many of the countries on the list of the world’s wealthiest countries have been investigated as illegal tax havens by more bloated and poorer Western democracies. The wealthy of the world like to flee to these fairy tale kingdoms to preserve their booty.

We can conclude that if you want to maximize the wealth of your country, at least on a per capita basis, you should have a strong non democratic monarchy that has low taxes and a strong criminal justice system. Although this conclusion might be unpopular, it is what the data indicates.

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally renowned expert in constitutional and comparative law. Designing governments that work is a problem that people have debated for centuries. Looking at the data helps us draw wise conclusions that can maximize the prosperity for all citizens of a country.

Sujit Choudhry would like to hear from you further. You can reach him at his LinkedIn account.

SEC Whistleblowers get Help From Attorneys


The SEC is not an organization that should be taken lightly and is something that is very important to the economy’s balance. The commission is one that works hard to make sure that the right money goes to the right avenue but there are sometimes people who ruin the balance by stealing money from the commission and by making things more difficult. When they do this, they will often include other people so that they are not the only ones involved and will not be the only ones who get punished from doing this. They do it through coercion and bribery.

People who are stealing money from the SEC are often the people who stand in supervisory positions. Since they are in a position to do so, they are able to tell people that they will be punished if they do not do what they say and if they report the information to the authorities. This is wrong and it is called retaliation. There are many things that could happen as a result of this, but, in the past, it caused people to not want to report any negative information about their bosses even if they were doing something that was illegal.

Another way that these people could convince other employees not to blow the whistle on their practices is through bribery. They would tell them that they would give them a portion of the money that they made (stole) if they promised not to tell on them. This money was often a sum that employees truly couldn’t refuse and they chose to take it even though they knew that it was wrong. They continued to do this until the SEC finally decided to take a stand and stop it.

The SEC’s solution to this problem was the SEC whistle blower program. The SEC made sure that people would not be reprimanded and that they would receive an award for blowing the whistle on practices that were illegal or were against the values of the SEC. They wanted people to feel like they were in a safe place when they were reporting this to authorities.

Even though they are protected, they still need to have additional help. An SEC whistle blower attorney from Labaton Sucharow will help employees or former employees get what they need out of the whistle blower process. They will stand behind them each step of the way.

How Do SEC Whistleblowers Get Protection?

Labaton Sucharow is a law firm that is there just to make sure that people can get protection when they decide to blow the whistle. These people are in a place where they need to get help from a lawyer, and they need someone to help them with the process of actually helping the government. They are going to get paid based on rules changes to Dodd Frank, and they are going to need help when they have to go through the process of being a witness. It means that they need a lawyer who will do all that for them, and that is why Labaton Sucharow exists.

The whistleblowers who used to come to the government needed to go into hiding, and that was all they did. The government did everything for them, but now these people can actually come to Labaton Sucharow for help, and the firm will take care of all the paperwork. The firm is there to make life easier for everyone, and it is there to help the people who are single as well as the people who have families. It is also important to remember that a whistleblower is usually someone who needs to go out and get a new job.

They will have a hard time getting a job, but they will be able to come to Labaton Sucharow for help with that. They will have legal representation when they look for work, and they will not have to deal with the discrimination that other people had to deal with in the past. Someone who is not sure if they want to do this needs to be sure that they ask Labaton Sucharow for help. The lawyers will help the whistleblower make sure that they can get the help they need, and will handle every step of the process.
Someone who is concerned about how they will blow the whistle needs to go to Labaton Sucharow for help approaching the government, filing their claim for their reward and making sure that they are going to have the protection they need. Only a firm like Labaton Sucharow can do this sort of work, and they do it for the good of all people who end up in a similar situation. They never want to see people in a bad situation, and they do not want to see people suffer because of persecution.

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