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Jeff Herman Devoted to Reducing Sexual Assault Crimes

Starting out attitudes
Jeff Herman believed that he had been sufficiently prepared to do the work he wanted to do and so when he began taking on cases for others he was spending most of his time at the service of the community, so he had little time to think about doubts. Furthermore, he carried within himself an image that the person who he wanted to be was one that others could count on. His clients had a particular belief that he was going to help them so when he took on the case he would just be there from start to finish.

At one point in Jeff’s career, he had to take a look at himself to consider how work was affecting his life. He realized he had to make some changes because of the stress of caring so much for others but less about himself. After some biometric training, he was able to come to a place of balance between empathy for his clients and commitment to his work.

Strategies for growth
One of the best strategies that helped Jeff Herman grown his business was to keep moving forward with the realization that he wanted to give his career to helping victims of sexual abuse. Some call it concentration, while others call it dedication or focus.

Also, getting out into the larger community, besides time spent defending cases, has been a great confidence builder. Jeff Herman says he enjoys speaking to groups, parents, non-profits, educators, anyone who can play an instrumental role in reducing the number of sexual abuses that take place every year. One instrumental way in which Jeff Herman has helped is to sponsor Continuing Education Classes for other lawyers. These classes establish how to go about litigating sexual abuse cases.

Also, Jeff Herman has learned a lot from the kids he works with and he sees how important it is to preserve the statement they make about themselves. It is amazing how adults can empower children by their attitudes and respect for their person. Jeff Herman also works with law enforcement agencies, competent intermediaries between the victim and witnesses. Lastly, always acting in accordance with the National Crime Victim Bar Association.