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Jim Hunt and VTA Publications Give Investors A Real Opportunity


Jim Hunt of VTA Publications has launched a program called “Wealth Wave” which offers a very elementary strategy to help financial clients predict when a bear market may be in the offing. If investors have a predictable way of discerning this probability, it is possible to make a good profit from the event.


Hunt is a financial advisor for VTA Publications and is well known for his financial strategies. The perils of the market are well-known, but according to Hunt can be overcome by simply paying attention and using the right investment methods and strategies.

Hunt claims that the strategy is really all about the timing of investing and how the overall market is reacting. He points out that when the market value of stocks is losing value, the money that people have invested is not lost. It is simply being relocated to another location or to another investor.


Jim Hunt is the CEO of the VTA Publications which specializes in teaching clients the art of “spread betting.” Customers are taught how to make money in the stock market by learning how to anticipate the ideal times to trade. Instructions are given in detail by experts like Hunt as to the processes, even down to the minutest of details.


Even if an investor is a total neophyte to the market, the exhaustive details of the process are illustrated through webinars and training videos so customers thoroughly learn the steps and ramifications of the Wealth Wave process.


As CEO of VTA publications, Hunt has a long and successful track record that is backed by results as opposed to wishful thinking. Jim is well-known for his acumen in being able to identify trends in the market as a whole which allows him to predict what stocks are going to do. His record speaks for itself and is open for all to see.


The current distance learning programs that are offered by Jim Hunt and VTA are in great demand by investors who wish to make money in the stock market. Following the instructions as offered by Hunt and VTA has resulted in many profitable transactions and happy investors.