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Sandy Chin: Why Mentorship Should Matter To You

Sandy Chin is an experienced and prolific investment management expert who is based in New York. She completed her education at the New York University Stern School of Business where she earned her MBA. Before commencing her MBA, in 1996, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Sandy Chin is currently employed atan offshore investment fund company known as Tidal Bore Capital and has been serving as their portfolio manager. She started the company in 2016 under the guidance of her mentor William Leach.

Sandy Chin also spends her time mentoring young women who are launching their careers in the finance industry. Her efforts are also recognised in the StreetSquach non-profit organization that aims to support the vulnerable in the community of Newark. She recently encouraged women in her industry to put their best foot forward in their careers and give it their all. She urged women not to settle for less. Women should not be troubled when asking for more, more opportunities, more wages and more promotions.

Young people that have joined the finance industry have been confused by expansive and highly competitive backdrop with limited information on the way the career is supposed to carry on from beginning to end. Most wonder how they can establish themselves in a field with little to no contacts. Are their steps that an individual can take to ensure they are successful in their field of choice? What kind of work does a given person in certain field do on a daily basis? This is where, according to Sandy Chin, mentorship can be crucial to the career of a mentee.

Sandy Chin is of the opinion that mentorship matters because mentors can pass onimportantlife lessons they learned the hard way in their careers. Sandy learned two very important lessons from her mentor William Leach, one was to always accept meetings no matter how small and insignificant the company is and to always ask questions. Question would always aid in gaining better understanding of the situation. Sandy also advices that mentors can contribute to the mentee’s arsenal of knowledge and add to their experiences which is a central factor to being successful in the industry.

Mentorship can also open up big breaks for the mentee and increases their chances of success. Mentorship can help the new career person get to know the “who is who” in their fields. The key concept here being knowledge is power and the more connections one has the easier it is to gain footage in the career industry. In addition, mentors can answer questions that mentees may have on how to navigate tough situations. Mentors give insight as to how they handled such situations before or how they think it should be handled based on their experience.

By sharing their experience, mentors help their mentees to avoid major mistakes that they may have made and that may have cost them time and money. They help the newbies to play smart. True to Sandy Chin’s word, a mentor is a great asset to have when starting out a career. To know more about Sandy Chin visit

Isabel Dos Santos On Women Empowerment In Africa

Isabel dos Santos is the eldest daughter of Angola’s former president, José Eduardo dos Santos. At a young age, she learned to take a leadership title. Born to Russian and Angolan parents, Isabel dos Santos picked the art of business. At the age of 24 years, she showed much interest in commercial operations. In 1997, Dos Santos started her first investment, a restaurant in Luanda Island. Sixteen years later, she became Africa’s first woman billionaire, according to Forbes. Within 20 years, she diversified her investments to media, finance, energy among others. She is the company’s strategist hence resulting in an increased portfolio.

She has exceeded the expectations of many men and women. Nonetheless, she believes that her journey still goes to and that is to empower women in Africa. In one of her interviews, she confesses to victimization for being a woman. It is such encounters that she resolved to make her story count and help inspire women. Isabel dos Santos negotiated with the most feared businessmen and investors in Europe and Africa. She handled the bid worth $1.5 billion to take over Portuguese telecom unit Portuguese Telecom (PT).

She spent most of her early life studying in London. But soon after, decided to return to Angola to focus on business in her home country. Isabel dos Santos invested her money, time and energy into women empowerment projects. One of the projects includes a strawberry plantation that supports women in Huila. She believes that Africa can experience transformation with appropriate gender reforms. All this is part of the vision, that is to increase Africa’s wealth creation capacity.

Her goal is to redefine the conventional back-seat roles for women. To show women across the world that they can take action at any level. The small individual accomplishments add up to the larger community contributions. As a result, Africa transforms into a better continent.She also gives her opinions on other crucial matters that affect women and Africa in general. Such as technology, education, and entrepreneurship among others.

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Doe Deere Tests Products The Old Fashioned Way To Ensure They Are Worthy

There are many different successful women entrepreneurs that are in many different retail markets whether it be for cosmetics, clothing, or anything else. One of these successful influential women is Doe Deere the owner, founder, and CEO of the popular cosmetic brand Lime Crime. Doe Deere certainly has a lot of things that she can say to young women who are also trying to start their own business along with providing them with tips and tricks of how to do so. There are many things that people are good at but according to Doe Deere it is important for entrepreneurs to stay open minded because there will be things that will require growth and change and they will need to be able to adapt to those changes. Another great tip that Doe Deere has for entrepreneurs is to not worry about problems until they arise and when they do arise to take care of them almost immediately as it will help you to eliminate problems much quicker rather than just letting those problems build up over time without doing anything about them. Learn more:


Doe Deere is not just the founder, CEO, and owner of Lime Crime Cosmetics but she is also known for her unique style and loving heart. Doe Deere was born in Russia and raised in New York city. Her mission with her company is to prove that makeup is not just used to conceal imperfections but that it also can be used as a form of art for people to express themselves with. Lime Crime was launched in 2008 and are cruelty-free, colorful, and vegan cosmetics. Doe Deere’s approach in bringing new ideas to life is to raise them up like children by helping them along to success. It takes time to raise a child just as it takes time to raise an idea up to become a thing. Doe Deere also makes sure that her along with everyone in the company tests all products out and wears them because they go out to the public. This technique according to Deere is the best way to ensure it’s a product that is worthy enough to be used by customers. If Doe decides that she does not like a product or that one of her workers does not like a product she simply does not release it to the public because she wants to keep her customers happy by providing them with excellent products.


Betsy DeVos- a conservative philanthropist as well as U.S. Education Secretary

As the newly elected US President, Trump’s administration has set out to nullify the right to protect transgender students in public schools- a decision that was made during President Barrack Obama’s regime. Before the rights protection bill is revoked, Betsy DeVos, the U.S. secretary of education has taken it upon herself to oppose the move. So that the directive can be fully nullified, both Justice and Education departments must come to a common understanding and sign off the directive.

The bill under discussion is comprised of the federal anti-discrimination law that states that transgender students in public schools can use locker rooms as well as lavatories of their choice. It has been noted that the guidance provided by Barrack Obama was not legally binding, but at least transgender was able to benefit from the bill. After passing of the guideline by Obama during his regime, opposition termed such a move as a federal overreach. Some even termed the move as a violation of the rights of students who do not fall in the transgender category.

Some states decided to sue the federal government over the transgender bill. Among the states were such as Texas. Since the federal government had been sued by some states, a federal judge in Texas took it upon himself to withhold the order temporarily nationwide. The Trump administration is not taking the issue lightly. The government plans to issue an order and no one yet knows what the rule entails.

Though the battle has been quite tough, Betsy DeVos has taken her stand and is defending the transgender students in the public schools. Betsy DeVos had initially opposed a draft that entailed withdrawal of protection of transgender children in public schools. Despite the strong opposition brought about by DeVos, Trump’s administration still went ahead and issued guidance that entailed revoking of the protection of transgender students as outlined by the former President Barrack Obama in 2016. Betsy DeVos is devoted to opposing the move by the Trump administration since she believes that all American students have a right to protection as well as the freedom to education and a safe and conducive environment for learning. Hence, the issue of reserving the right to protection from transgender students is not a federal mandate. It is good to note that transgender students are the most immediate victims of issues such as discrimination and bullying. Due to the circumstance that surrounds transgender students, it is not an advisable move to reserve protection from such susceptible students.

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Apart from fighting for the rights of transgender students in public schools, Betsy DeVos is also a philanthropist. Together with her husband Dick, they started their philanthropic foundation during the year 1989. As a philanthropist, her Christian views, as well as political views, are reflected as conservative. Her conservative nature has also been seen as in the case that she is defending the transgender students as in the case of using any toilet of choice in public schools. Visit Betsy’s website at

Doe Deere’s Beauty Tips For Modern Women

Doe Deere has some great fashion tips for women looking for a change to their routine makeup and style. Her makeup tips come in all color, shape and size for beginners and advanced users. She specializes in colorful and cruelty-free cosmetics as well which is a great and safe move compared to many beauty companies that suggest and supply harsh chemicals containing cosmetic products. Doe Deere is unique in many ways. Her style has reached the heart and soul of many youngsters and celebrities. She has favorite fashion rules that will keep you interesting as well as attractive. She can prove that anyone can be stylish and unique in their own sense with her makeup products.

Doe Deere has sound advice for women who are tired of mundane task of applying the same colors and shades everyday. She suggests them to think outside the box with what they have. Her favorite fashion and beauty rules are highly recommended for anyone trying to apply makeup on themselves. According to her, the following rules should be broken when it comes to fashion and style.

Certain makeup products must be applied in the right manner in order to achieve greater results. For example, the rule suggests not to wear a bold eye with a bold lip color. People fall into the trap of applying bold color lipstick, eye shades and mascaras all the time. It suggests not to try bold on all makeup products. For heavy smoky eyes with bold shades, the rule’s advice is to pair it with clear or nude lips. A simple eye would work best for anyone planning to go with dark red or purple lipstick. Doe Deere while teaching makeup tips to her clients likes to break the rule of conventional makeup application on a regular basis. She likes to pair rusty red lipsticks with Venus eye-shadow palettes or a vibrant blue lipstick with light eye makeup. Her advice is to mix and match color but try a combination of dark and light shades. That is excitingly refreshing for women who think their choices are dull.

Another of Doe Deere’s tips for makeup is to break the rule that says not to mix too many colors. The rule says, how many colors to be used is up to the individual applying it. There are many color combinations to try but making too many color choices will make matter worse. The rule suggests not to look garish with many colors but go for something softer, more than anything, to trust instincts. The rule also has tips to what color would look best on someone. Her trick is to pull off multiple shades of same color and coordinate with one another. Her favorite combination of colors are green and pink, hot pink and lavender and peach and periwinkle. She suggests these colors to her clients and they love it. And yet another good thing can come out of these color combinations is the myriad choices that you can have with outfit, hair color and accessories. Doe Deere has many tips for those looking to have that perfect look.