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3 Reasons You Should Protect Your Wealth With Precious Metals

Precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum have long been hailed as the best recession proof assets. Many experts refer to them as the last true currencies. While economies all over the world continue to struggle, gold, silver and platinum continue to outperform almost all other asset types.
Here are 3 reasons posted by PR Newswire you should protect your wealth using precious metals:

Reason #1 – Paper Money Can No Longer Be Trusted

History according to CBS19 has shown over and over again that paper currencies will eventually become worthless. In volatile times you will notice the fall of a currency versus gold is quite dramatic. This is because unlike paper currency, gold is not at the mercy of the government.

So unlike paper money, gold maintains its value. Being that more and more paper money is flooding the economy, you can expect gold to be a major player in economies all over the globe.

Reason #2 – Inflation Is Looming

Over the last 8 years the U.S. Money Reserve has pumped trillions and trillions of dollars into the economy according to The more money floating around in the economy, the less value it has. This of course is a recipe for inflation.

The great thing about precious metals such as gold is they can act as a hedge against inflation. That means your buying power won’t be affected by what’s going on in the economy.

Reason #3 – Central Banks Are Stockpiling Their Gold Reserves

Central banks all over the world are started to stockpile their gold reserves. In particular, Eastern nations are starting to diversify by investing more and more into the yellow metal. If the biggest banks in the world see the importance of investing in gold, its safe to say you should follow suit.

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