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How The OSI Group Makes McDonald’s Burgers

The OSI Group and McDonald’s have been partnered together for so long that it would be difficult to see a successful company without the other. The OSI Group McDonalds relationship first began when the fast food giant was only beginning to roll out its franchise opportunities. Because the company wanted quality to remain consistent across franchises, they needed a meat processing company that would be able to scale-up alongside the franchises. This was on top of the quality and consistency that the company expected with every delivery. This was where OSI stepped in the the OSI Group McDonalds has been growing steadily over the past few decades.

With the fast food conglomerate’s rise came a sharp increase in OSI’s production, so much so that it’s developed food processing facilities across the globe to ensure that they can meet demand. One such facility is in the German village of Günzburg, and produces much of the hamburgers that’s eaten in McDonalds in the country. As such, about 90% of the nearly five million hamburgers that are made there daily go to McDonalds. However, that eventually leads to the question as to how the OSI Group McDonalds hamburgers are actually made. This starts off with the delivery of beef, which is then checked for bones to ensure that they’re appropriate for use. These meat cuts are then put into a number of 500kg containers, of which about 500 are needed to produce the daily demand.

This meat is then minced and shaped to look like a raw burger. Having said that, this minced meat will be a mix of frozen and fresh meat, as it can be brought to the right temperature quicker. Furthermore, it also means that the meat will stick together easier, resulting in no binding agent being required. After this, a selection of the burgers will be tested to ensure quality, as well as to make sure they’re meeting the necessary requirements. For example, the OSI Group McDonalds popular burgers has to have a fat content of 20%. Once the burgers have been approved, they’re then loaded into containers so that they can be shipped to McDonalds restaurants across the region.

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OSI Group: From Being a Local Store to an International Success

Founded in 1909 by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky, the company now know as OSI Group has been supplying first the Chicago area, then the nation, and finally the world with meat and vegetable products for various restaurants, primarily McDonald’s. Through various transitions and changes in the companies history they have maintained their role as a major force in the food industry.

OSI Group was an early supplier for the then-small McDonald’s when it launched it franchise business model in the 1950s. McDonald’s growth has coincided with OSI’s growth, with the products provided OSI playing a role in the international growth of McDonald’s into one of the world’s best-known brands. OSI Group McDonalds partnership has benefited both organizations through the decades as OSI Group McDonalds have grown internationally together. OSI supplies many other well-known brands with their products, but the partnership between OSI Group McDonalds is arguably the most high profile partnership for both companies.

As OSI Group has expanded into international markets, they have also grown their presence in the United States through various acquisitions and expansions of their processing capacity in the United States and beyond. OSI Group McDonalds have made a name for themselves both in concert and separately across the Americas, Asia, Europe and Australia.

By acquiring many established food processors and producers in new markets, OSI Group not only gains a foothold in a new country or region but also saves themselves the headaches and expenses that come from starting from scratch. By merging with companies that already have processing capacity, delivery networks and a client base, OSI Group keeps its start-up and logistics costs down and is able to enter the new markets with business already underway. This has been a huge factor in the success of their expansions across the globe.

As OSI Group continues to expand its business interests and the region it operates in, it continues to be recognized through industry awards and placement at position 58 on the 2016 FORBES list of the largest private companies. The definition of the American Dream, OSI has been a classic success story.


OSI Food Solutions Brings Quality to the Table

OSI Food Solutions is a privately owned company based out of Aurora, Illinois. It has 65 facilities all over the world, and the company employs over 200,000. They are an innovative company and has been recognized as America’s top 100 food companies because of their innovation and growth.

OSI Food Solutions provides food products for many different restaurant and retail industries, and their recourses include processing plants as well as packaging facilities. They are a company with global connections, and they are considered a leader in the food supply industry.

Their products are sourced from the very best suppliers available, and OSI is known for their very high standards when buying from food vendors. They strive to provide the very best for their customers, and it shows. They are always challenging their vendors to set the bar as high as they do and to bring the level of quality as high as it can go. Their vendor resources are quite extensive since they have connections and centers all over the world.

OSI Food Solutions gives their clients many options such as whether they would like to buy raw meats or fully cooked meats. Their facilities allow them to grind and form meats into shapes and designs and they cater to retailers as well as to restaurants. They are capable of packaging foods in portion packs as well as in bulk packs. They offer vacuum packing, and if they do not currently offer what their clients want, they will find a way to provide it. These are just a few of the reasons why they have earned the reputation of being one of America’s top 100 food companies.

Sheldon Lavin is the very dedicated CEO of OSI Group, and he has helped the company to become the success it is today. He has given his time and effort to help build up the company and to make it what it is today.

OSI Food Solutions offers many exciting career opportunities as well, and they work very hard to provide a great working environment for their employees. They have a diverse workforce and proudly employ many people who are as dedicated and driven as those who built the company. OSI is always looking for people who are team players and who thrive in an environment that offers solutions to their customers. OSI Food Solutions remains a premier food provider for a reason.