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Paul Mampilly – Helping People Grow their Wealth with the Right Investment Tips

Paul Mampilly is one of the top financial advisors in the country and can be seen multiple times on television programs where he offers advice on different financial investments. Over the years, he has helped not only his clients but also other people who follow him through his newsletter and also his television programs. He helps people purchase stocks of companies that are expected to do excellent in the next few years. He has also won the number of awards for his contribution to the financial industry. He won the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition in the year 2008 to 2009 besides many other awards over the years.

Paul Mampilly feels that after his retirement from Wall Street, he is enjoying his life by being a successful entrepreneur. He feels that in Wall Street everything was about the numbers and whether an advisor makes a right or a wrong decision, they will get their fees at the end of the day. Paul Mampilly felt wrong about it as he felt that it is the duty of the advisors to provide the correct investment tips to their clients so that they can profit from it. He feels satisfied that he has been able to help so many people with his financial advice and help them grow their money. When making investment tips, he makes sure to look into the positive and also the negative aspects of the investment so that others can make the right decision.

Paul Mampilly feels that helping other people with their money is a big responsibility and he wants to be sure that he is doing a great job. The reviews that he receives from his clients show that he is an investment expert who is always there to help people. He puts the needs of his clients before him, and it is the main reasons why he has been able to be successful in his new business. Instead of just trying to become famous, he provides people with real investment tips that are going to work. He does in-depth research on the different investment avenues so that people can profit from it.

Fortress Investment Group – A Force To Reckon With

Fortress Investment Group is an investment that had a huge success in the year 2018 especially in its expansion and integration into one of the world’s financial players. It is an investment entity that has continued to maintain its good reputation since its establishment in 1998. It is an opportunity that allowed Fortress Investment Group to flourish as well as gain advantage on a wide area of investment like real estate. It is involved in supporting one of the biggest development in New York City which is exceptionally of a high class in terms of its innovativeness in the entertainment area that is going to further show the know how and capability of Fortress Investment at the the global stage.

Fortress Investment continues to prosper well in its areas of interest like, investing in real estate property at well as other infrastructural undertakings. Its integration into one of the world’s renown entities has given it an edge towards successfully taking its operations into new heights. Fortress Investment Group has developed a very good track record that has maintained its competitiveness as an investment platform. Even though, it was purchased by SoftBank, it continues to retain its daily undertakings independently. It is now offering financial knowledge and expertise to the parent entity since most of its management has been retained.

Fortress Investment Group as part of SoftBank has seen it create real estate funds that provide both private credit services as well as in investing in real estate property. Fortress Investment has has ventured into providing direct due to the tough regulatory terms that has become a challenge to many other firms. It has entered the scene to competitively explore the gaps that exist in the market. It has therefore been a company that has been able to compete with other established lending entities firms. Fortress Investment Group has also been involved in setting up funds that go into protecting the parent company’s intellectual property from being violated. It has been on an upward transition as well as increasing its lending capability.

Richard Liu Qiangdong Success Story

Richard Liu Qiangdong is an accomplished serial entrepreneur and the founder of China’s leading e-commerce company The firm is a leading online and offline retail company that attracts more than 100 million consumers in China alone. leverages on technology to provide customers with lifetime shopping experiences. The firm under Richard Liu leadership continuously strives to develop new innovative technological solutions that will completely revolutionize the global e-commerce industry.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was born and raised in Jiangsu province in China. Just like many typical families, Richard Liu came from a very humble background. His parents were working in a coal shipping plant. Liu Qiangdong Parents despite being poor understood the value of hard work and education. They instilled this value to Liu and encouraged him to pursue excellence in life. Liu Qiangdong performed very well in both primary and secondary school and was admitted to the Peoples University of China to where he earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology. Liu Qiangdong was passionate about technology and as a result, trained himself in computer coding and computer science. It is the knowledge that he gained from the training that helped establish which is a technology-based company.

Richard Liu immediately after school was fortunate enough to get formal employment at Japan Life which was a leading natural supplement provider company. Liu Qiangdong at the company utilized his self acquired computer skills to climb the career ladder and eventually he became the firm’s Director of Computers. Liu Qiangdong was an entrepreneur at heart, and in the year 1998 felt it was time for him to pursue his entrepreneurship dream.

Richard Liu began his entrepreneurship journey by renting a small retail space in Beijing that was known as China’s Technology Hub. At the shop, Liu Qiangdong started selling magneto-optical products. Liu Qiangdong knew from the very beginning that to succeed in entrepreneurship, one must provide excellent customer service. Liu Qiangdong, in addition, incorporated his technological skills to the business that helped streamline operations and eased transactions. Though he faced stiff competitions from other industry players, Liu Qiangdong established a niche for himself by selling only authorized products that eventually earned him customers trust and loyalty. Liu Qiangdong became quite successful, and within five years his business had expanded to twelve new retail locations. Liu Qiangdong breakthrough was in 2003 after the SARS outbreak which was a blessing in disguise. Liu Qiangdong closed all his retail shops and began focusing solely on e-commerce, and that’s how was born.

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How Does HCR Wealth Advisors Serve Clients?

HCR Wealth Advisors is a customer-focused company that works with people in any stage of life. HCR Wealth Advisors is aware that they must meet customers where they are, and they do so with help from their amazing team of investors and advisors. This article explores how HCR Wealth Advisors works with people who want to make a change to their finances or begin a new strategy.

#1: Who Is HCR Wealth Advisors?

HCR Wealth Advisors is made up of professionals who are not bound to brokerage houses. The company is not part of a larger brokerage house that dictates their actions. They are independent, and they use that independence to help their clients achieve their goals.

#2: It Makes Plans

HCR Wealth Advisors sits down with every client to learn their goals, and a plan is developed. HCR Wealth Advisors does not use sales packages to achieve these goals, and they may change course at any time. The company understands that clients have varying goals throughout their lives, and the company is willing to shift any time that they need.

#3: Life Changes

According to the Analyst of Finance, HCR Wealth Advisors enjoys working with people who are in life transitions. They may help someone who is widowed, divorced, having a child, or moving. Their clients may plan to head back to school, or they may be saving to send their kids to college. Retiring clients may work with HCR Wealth Advisors on a new investment plan, and they are shown their growth potential.

#4: Varying Financial Tools

HCR Wealth Advisors prefers to use many different financial tools when serving their clients, and they offer many options to their clients because they know it is possible to get better results through change. Customers may not be aware of certain financial tools that are offered, but the company has a way of making changes that turn out right for the customer.

This is a certified RIA firm that knows how best to help clients in any stage of their lives. HCR Wealth Advisors is independent, and it does an incredible job of helping people grow their personal wealth.

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How Well Do You Know Anil Chaturvedi

The world of business has seen various transformations over years and certain pillars have been holding and giving the direction in which the business wave is to flow. When it comes to the banking field and professionalism, experienced people like Anil Chaturvedi have been on the forefront of making sure that the banking ethics are upheld.

Having been in the banking industry for more than 40 years, the renowned Anil Chaturvedi has a vast experience in private banking, investment banking and consequently commercial banking. He is a graduate of Meerut University, India with Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Economics. To add to his banking and economics knowledge, he went ahead and joined Delhi University in the School of Economics and received his Master’s Degree.

In his 4 decades in the banking industry, Anil Chaturvedi has served in various prestigious positions like being the Country Head at ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York City, in North America and also being the Branch Manager at the State Bank of India. Currently, he is serving as the Managing Director in the Private Banking for Hinduja Bank in Switzerland and Dominik Gyllensvard. In addition, he is the Founder and Managing Partner of Asian E-Commerce Alliance (AECAL).

AECAL primarily focuses on e-commerce where they make opportunistic investments in various sectors. Their portfolio companies are basically producers and not necessarily retailers. It controls the entire value chain of individuals and companies while mostly investing in founders who have worked and basically studied in the West but have moved back to India. AECAL educates them on pricing and branding which they have seen some improvements over time.

He has served as the Managing Director of investments at Merrill Lynch until mid-2011; he has also worked for over 18 years at BOA-ML specifically in the industrial finance. This was the largest wealth management bank in the world by the time.

Anil Chaturvedi has been focusing on Corporate Advisory branch in the banking sector where he facilitates partnerships between corporates in Europe and India. The arm facilitates mergers and acquisitions, raising capital and debt for those large projects. He is currently based in Geneva where he is working with other qualified teams of Hinduja Bank. He has brought his experience into the bank taking it to heights.


Glen Wakeman is a popular name in several fields. He is a business investor, a writer, a mentor to many, an entrepreneur and a global business executive as well. Glen Wakeman started by working in the finance sector for around twenty years before joining LaunchPad Holdings LLC, where he now seats at the throne as the CEO. The company which is a SAAS firm was co-founded by Wakeman back in 2015 and has been doing well ever since. Of all the things that Glen Wakeman is popular for, the Five-Step Performance Procedure is what he is mostly known for ( The business procedure involves elements like human capital, business execution, power, leadership and risk management.

Glen attended the University of Scranton in 1981 where he graduated with a BS in Economics and Finance. Later on, he went to University of Chicago and attained an MBA in Finance in 1993. His first job was at the GE Capital where he worked in the business development departments and P&L. Then he founded a company identified as Nova Four. He was performing so well at all these establishments that he began to be identified as a role model for growth and leadership.

Glen Wakeman has inspired many people as of today through his business operations and publications. People look up to him for guidance on administrative strategies as well as other realms of business. Throughout his life, he has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in emerging markets, diversification, corporate management and divestitures making him an excellent choice to go for when it comes to market strategizing. Most managers serving at the executive level often seek his counsel from time to time to ensure that their companies remain on top of their game.

Currently, there are many posts that Glen Wakeman has published on important global affairs including business transformation, angel financing, and capital raising. This information helps start-ups as well as those firms that are already running. It is likely that both investors and economists will continue to seek his advice on various business-related issues in future if they plan to succeed.

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