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AvaTrade Review: Trading Education Services

AvaTrade was previously known as AvaFx broker review and it is prominent for among others, is facilities, astonishing reputation, and outstanding protection of its customers and their money. It was developed in 2006 and it serves more than 200,000 accounts globally. The company’s trading turnover is approximately 60 million USD per month according to a recent financial report from the company. AvaTrade Broker is Irish and it has its head offices in Dublin. Additionally, the company has offices in other cities including Tokyo, Paris, Milan, and Sydney.


AvaTrade Broker is supported and controlled by the Irish Central Bank which is the main regulator of financial brokers and institutions in the country. AvaTrade is also regulated by ASIC that maintains the safety and financial transparency of the broker company. AvaTrade also receives regulation aid from outside bodies including the FSA of Japan and the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (BVI FSC) that operates internationally.


AvaTrade provides quality customer support services. The support services are found on the website and are available 24 hours a day in multiple languages including Italian, Japan, English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese languages just to mention a few. The customer services are free. AvaTrade has several software services. These software services provide clients with many options to use. These software options include the Mac Trading, Web Trading, Meta Trade 4, and Ava Trader options. It also offers Android and iOS mobile apps thus making it easier for users to monitor their trades. AvaTrade also provides to its users the Multi-Account Manager (MAM) that is convenient for clients managing many trading accounts. The MAM account also enables a trader to have access to different clients’ information.


AvaTrade is a Forex trader focused on offering trading solutions to clients irrespective of their knowledge as well as experience in the trade. It provides more than 250 instruments to trade including CFDs on Commodities, Indices, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, Bonds and more than 59 currency pairs. The educational services offered by the broker company are often developed so as to inspire clients and enhance their trading skills. The educational services include Trading Video Tutorials and Forex eBooks.


Renting out your house on Airbnb can be a profitable way to make use of extra space in your home, but there are a lot of factors that you should consider. Damages, theft, and other unforeseen occurrences may cause someone who rents out their house significant financial loss that their insurance policy may not cover. Some factors to consider include the risks that temporary tenants may pose. You will not have enough time to perform conclusive background checks on Airbnb renters. You should also consider what costs your insurance will cover if things go sideways. The last question should be how you will recover from losses that insurance will not handle?

The answer to the last question could be Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. Richard Blair and his company offer financial planning and advisory services. Richard Blair is the sole proprietor of Wealth Solutions and has over 22 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Richard Blair’s qualifications run long. He is qualified as Certified Annuity Specialist, a Certified Income Specialist, a Certified Tax Specialist, a Retirement Income Certified Professional, a Certified Fund Specialist and a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist. Wealth Solutions is based in Austin, Texas and Richard Blair has a degree in Finance from the University of Houston.

Due to his vast experience in the industry, Richard has an eye for market trends, a quality he uses to make his clients wealthy. Richard Blair is very committed to education; not only for himself but also for his clients. His undying passion for finance led him to set up Wealth Solutions a year after he graduated from college. Richard Blair enjoys making people rich but more than that he enjoys helping them spend their wealth wisely. Richard is not a man to rest on his laurels, and he has continued gaining more knowledge on investments from wherever he could find it and further honing his skills.

Financial planning and more importantly, retirement planning depends on an individual’s specific aims and goals. Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions provides just that. They will provide each client with customized solutions to ensure they get the wealth management avenue with which they are most comfortable. The solutions are not only sustainable but innovative as well. They do their best to ensure you worry little about your future and that your retirement is well managed. Wealth Solutions views its clients as partners in financial management and will walk with you every step of the way.

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Richard Blair Advises Against AirBNB

Everyone loves to make a little extra money. Homeowners and even apartment renters are exploring their options with AirBNB. AirBNB provides a seemingly fantastic option. A homeowner who has vacant rooms available can rent them out. AirBNB is an online venue that handles the bookings and takes the payments. The bookings could be daily, weekly, or monthly. Some may choose to charge very low rates to draw in interested renters. Others may charge very high rates and reap the rewards of the bookings. Is all this a good idea though? Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions doesn’t think so. In fact, he wrote an article on many of the drawbacks with using AirBNB. These drawbacks can be quite significant.

Blair points out there are a great many risks associated with renting out a room. A renter could end up getting hurt on the property or causing damage. In short, there are liabilities that might come into play and do so in a disastrous manner.

The question of liability leads into the next issue of insurance. A new insurance policy may be required in order to cover the newly commercial use of the property. A non-commercial insurance policy could leave someone in a terrible spot if the policy is voided.

And then there is the unknown associated with the mysterious renters. The person could be involved with criminal activities and bring those problems into a short-term property. The landlord never knows what is going to happen until it is too late.

AirBNB does provide a level of protection, but the deals the service offers are inadequate. AirBNB might seem like a great thing when looking at the service on a computer screen. Closer inspections shows numerous trouble spots exist with the service.

Richard Blair absolutely knows matters related to finance and business. He runs Wealth Solutions, Inc. and has previously been affiliated with insurance and securities endeavors. Financial planning is one area of his areas of expertise. Financial planning often entails telling people to avoid bad investments and business ventures. Based on Blair’s assessments, renting through AirBNB does not seem like anything close to a good financial endeavor.

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Extra Cash: Internet Opportunities and Traditional Investment

Making extra money is a common theme among adults in all stages of life. The connectedness that the Internet provides can make it easier to amass savings or vacation money, but there are also risks involved.

One of the more popular and well known Internet entrepreneurial opportunity is Airbnb. It can be so easy. Post that spare room as a lodging option for travelers. Clean the sheets, put a mint on the pillow, and earn a little extra money.

Although Airbnb is easy enough to set up, renters and tenants create a risk simply by being on your property. If they get injured during their stay, you are potentially liable. Not only can you be liable for guest’s injuries but for any damage that may be done to surrounding properties, theft and other illegal activities. Not to mention, most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover short-term rentals so if guests damage your property the expense to fix it is all yours. Airbnb does offer coverage, but because it’s secondary coverage you have to try every other avenue first.

There may be risks, but Airbnb can be a fun way to make a little extra cash. You get to play hotel manager for a weekend or so, and you can meet some really interesting people. If you decide to take the rewards over the risks it’s a good idea to at least prepare yourself for possible issues. Speaking with a qualified insurance professional or investment expert is a great way to cover your bases.

Richard Dwayne Blair is the creator of Wealth Solutions, Inc. He enjoys helping clients meet their financial goals, and he can help you decide if Airbnb is a smart option for you. Blair can also help you look at other investment opportunities so you can keep building your extra cash stash.

Blair and Wealth Solutions, Inc. offer many services to jumpstart your investment plan. Blair has expertise in estate tax and planning, integrated financial planning, securities, asset protection, insurance, employee benefits, and more. Blair knows that financial planning is like a full-time job. It involves extensive research and an understanding of the market. Blair, with Wealth Solutions, will help clients with his understanding so clients can commit to doing a little less work toward their investment plan.

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Seek Financial and Insurance Advice From Richard Blair Before Engaging in Short Term Rentals

Wealth Solutions, Inc.,
was founded by Richard Blair and it is now a registered Investment Advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. Blair seeks to offer his community members with a practical financial roadmap to guide them through many milestones in their life as they try to reach their wealth goals. Richard is particularly known for his Three Pillar Approach. The approach used by Blair allow him to have a holistic plan for the current financial position and retirement needs of a client.


The first pillar is all about the client’s financial plan. The role of Richard Blair is to determine the route by identifying the client’s strengths, goals, risk tolerance, and opportunity for growth. This pillar helps Blair develop a robust and lasting relationship with his clients as he helps them develop a financial plan. It is the time Blair can understand the client’s individual goals and concerns, and establish clear expectations.


The second pillar is one Blair has designed to help him develop a long-term and effective investment strategy which fits into the client’s unique liquidity needs and individual goals. The role of Richard is to reallocate and manage assets for the client to capture the maximum performance during the period of upward market movement. Also, Richard has a role to ensure the impact is minimized on the client during adverse market periods. Blair has to keep the performance on the track and compare it to the client’s expectations whether historical or imaginary future goals.


The third pillar for Richard Blair is evaluating the insurance needs of his clients. According to Blair, no one can be able to predict when the storms will hit, but it is possible to stay prepared adequately just in case the storm hits. Richard has vast experience on insurance matters and advises his clients on life insurance, annuities, asset insurance, and long-term care insurance.


With many people looking for an extra income to meet their financial goals, many people have turned to short-term rentals to supplemental these needs. Short-term rentals you provide to travelers with companies such as Airbnb is good because it helps you get extra income and it helps the travelers to get a place to spend with lower rates than a stay in the international hotels. However, many people do not consider the implications of short-term rentals. Homeowners insurance do not cover any damages caused by renting part of your house for commercial purposes. To avoid such issues, it is important to get advice from an insurance professional such as Richard Blair.

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