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Why Beneful Is The Dog’s Favorite

We have tried feeding carrots to children. It does not work. They will put up a fight, throw a tantrum and tell us that they utterly and completely refuse to eat their carrots or other vegetables. This resistance may persist throughout the course of the night. Of course, parents cannot succumb to the temptation to remove vegetables from the diet of the children, because vegetables are necessary. Children need to receive all of their nutrients. The food that we feed the dog is just as important to his or her growth. Nestle Purina Store the makers of Beneful, has developed a range of food products that allow us to do that.
Healthy Weight
If you have ever tried to lose weight, you might wish that somebody else chose everything that you ate and that you had no say in the matter. Discipline can be difficult. Dogs do not have the luxury of giving in to temptation. They cannot eat anything they want. We choose their meals for them, and they are passive recipients. So if we want them to lose weight, we only need to provide a meal plan of Beneful‘s Healthy Weight dry dog food. They will be able to lose weight and enjoy their food (as it has real chicken).

Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice, & Spinach
While enjoying a Thanksgiving meal with the family, the dog is probably always at the dinner table, begging for a few scraps. Many of us did not realize that Thanksgiving Dinner can be converted into dog food! Beneful’s Turkey And Brown Rice dog food has all of the necessary elements to a holiday meal (maybe excluding the pumpkin pie).

Originals With Real Chicken
Since chicken is an essential ingredient in most diet plans, it is not surprising that Beneful has used real chicken in their dry dog food.

Baked Delights
Dogs love treats. They would probably eat a bowl of treats for dinner if the option were available. That is why it is easy to train a dog when using Beneful’s Baked Delight Snackers with peanut butter and cheese. These products can be found on stores like Wal-Mart. Visit for more information.