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Stream Continues Their Momentum With Addition of New CFO, David Faranetta

Stream, originally known as Stream Energy, is a top provider of connected life services, which they achieved through one-of-a-kind direct selling techniques. To strengthen their company even further, they’ve introduced David Faranetta as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in November of 2017. His main responsibilities will include monitoring Stream’s economic strategizing and reporting, financial bookkeeping, tax requirements, as well as act as a treasurer. David has had an extensive career in the energy industry. Throughout his career, there are numerous examples of when he has used critical executive leadership to boost growth and success (REW). As a leader, he is seen as inspiring and is best known for strategically combining people and technology to push financial expansion. In the press conference announcing the move, Mr. Faranetta admitted he has been a fan of the company for many years, and that he is looking forward to being part of a group that is so energetic and constantly changing. He believes that his team, under his leadership, will help drive company growth and performance in the industry.

In addition, Stream’s Chief Executive Officer, Larry Mondry, expressed excitement to welcome David Faranetta to the company. He believes the experience Mr. Faranetta has will be vital to Stream’s long-term success, and that the company’s future looks stronger than ever. David Faranetta’s most recent experience is as Chief Financial Officer of another energy company that is also based in Texas ( He also has a strong foundational knowledge of business due to his Master’s in Business Administration, which was awarded to him from Lehigh University. Stream Energy is on the fast-track to become the number one provider of connected life services, thanks in large part to their top-of-the-line direct selling techniques. The company was created in 2005, in Dallas, Texas. Since then, they have gone on to bring in more than eight billion dollars in revenue. The overall goal of Stream is to help those who live on the go remain connected at all times. All of their services are available nationwide, except for their newer energy services, which are available in eight states and Washington D.C.

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