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Top Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden has established herself as one of the very best cosmetic surgeons in the United States. She is also a renowned author who has written books about the medical field. Therefore, she is one of the leading experts on cosmetic surgery as well as being one of the top practitioners. For many years, Dr. Walden has been a practicing cosmetic surgeon who has helped a number of people restore their appearance and make them feel better about themselves. She attended medical school in her home state of Texas and then went on to complete her residency in New York City. After completing her residency, Dr. Walden went on to start up her private practice.


When Dr. Jennifer Walden decided to become a physician, she looked to attend and complete medical school. She was able to get through the program and then look towards getting a residency. Jennifer would get the opportunity to complete a residency program in New York City where she worked with a number of leading cosmetic surgeons in the United States. Her experience during her residency allowed her to learn many things about cosmetic surgery and how to be a top practitioner in this medical specialty. Once she completed her residency, Dr. Walden began to practice independently with her own cosmetic surgery practice. During this time, Dr. Walden would be able to build a reputation of being one of the very best cosmetic surgeons.


After practicing in New York City, Jennifer wanted to be closer to her family. As a result, she decided to move back to her home state of Texas. She would continue to practice medicine in Texas as a cosmetic surgeon. While Jennifer has gotten a lot of fulfillment practicing medicine, she is glad to be by her family again and is therefore enjoying her return to Texas. Along with being a practicing physician, Dr. Walden is also a mentor to a number of aspiring physicians. She has provided a lot of support and encouragement for those who wish to become doctors in the near future. With her mentorship, a number of medical students will be in great position to have successful careers in medicine just like her.

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