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Perry Mandera Providing Hope so Other Can Realize Their Dreams

Perry Mandera is a successful business owner in the Chicago area; Mandera established The Custom Company decades ago as a young veteran. Perry established his company after an honorable discharge from the Marine Corp. Perry understands hard work and determination are required to reach your dreams which he learned in the armed services. The Custom Company has a solid reputation in the transportation and logistics industry. Perry Mandera has business interests throughout North American, Hawaii and Perto Rico (About). The Custom Company has revenue sales over 200 million dollars annually. Perry Mandera uses his resources to provide hope to his local communities through charitable efforts. Over the years, Mandera promoted special nonprofits that focus on veterans and children.


Perry Mandera established The Custom Care Charity that supports local, state and national charitable programs that focus on youth and veteran. The Custom Care Charity has successfully partnered with many nonprofits to target youth and veteran programs. A few such programs include, The Walter Payton foundation has supported many programs focused on youth such as toy and backpack drives. Many local youths have benefited from such partnerships. The Custom Care Charities had another opportunity to partner with a worthwhile organization. K.I.D.D.S. stands for “Kindness Is Doing Something Special for Kids” which focus on deathly ill children and their families. The families suffer when a child has a devastating illness; these charities provide needed assistance. The Custom Cares Charities supports, including the American Cancer Society and the Ronald McDonald House which also focus on children with devastating diseases.


Perry Mandera knows; life is sometimes difficult, and he uses The Custom Care Charity to help others. The Custom Care Charity sponsors nonprofit organizations and charities to benefit others. Perry Mandera has provided monetary assistance and support to these and more worthwhile causes. The community benefits from these needed causes.

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