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Omar Boraie Supports Cancer Research

Rutgers University has established a very exciting program designed to fight the battle against cancer. Known as the 18 Chair Challenge, an unknown donor will match a donation of $1.5 million with another $1.5 million to create a $3 million endowment for each chair. This gift will enable the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey to take the field of precision medicine to an even higher level, explains As part of the 18 Chair Challenge, they recently established the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. Omar is a well-known New Brunswick developer who has long been an advocate of making New Brunswick the health care city. Endowed chairs are considered the gold standard in higher education and have brought the commitment to Rutgers to a level of excellence that will ensure continued support and progression.

Genomic science, while still comparatively new, is changing the way medical professionals are diagnosing cancer and determining treatment. Genomic science means studying and treating tumors on a genetic level; this makes it possible for the oncologist to prescribe an individual treatment plan for a better outcome. Confirming the importance of precision medicine, in a recent State of the Union Address, President Obama announced the Precision Medicine Initiative that will focus on finding cures for cancer and other diseases.

While other cancer centers are already conducting research on tumors for next-generation gene sequencing, Rutgers Cancer Institute is among the first facilities in the country and the very first in New Jersey to study genomic sequencing as a precision medicine. Genomic sequencing is being used to find new therapies for patients who suffer from rare forms of cancer with a poor prognosis and when other types of treatment have resulted in limited or ineffective results. With the advancement of precision medicine medical professionals better able to organize cancers into different categories with similar properties; different genetics make it possible for them to predict patient results and individualized treatment.

According to, the Cancer Institute of New Jersey Network is composed of hospitals located throughout the state of New Jersey dedicated to providing high-quality cancer care and rapid circulation of recent discoveries into the community.

Mr. Boraie notes the advances being made by the Rutgers Cancer Institute in precision medicine and looks forward to applying this science to all cancer patients. Omar Boraie has a background in chemistry and an ongoing interest in cancer research and hopes his families donation will inspire others to do the same. Please visit NewsWise to read the entire article.

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