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Finding the Work and Family Balance

Dr. Jennifer Waldren, an Austin aesthetic surgeon, grew up in Austin, Texas. From a family of medical professionals, she learned at an early age what it meant to take care of another person. Her empathy and drive is what has helped her go to the top of her field. She studied at the University of Texas and completed her fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat hospital. After completing her fellowship, she started her own successful practice in Manhattan. In 2011, she decided to return home to start over.


After achieving her career goals, she decided it was time to move onto a family. Dr. Jennifer Walden decided to have a child, or children, and wanted to return home to be with her family. She understands she is uncommon in her field. Of the 8100 board certified plastic surgeons in the States, there are only 851. Walden is a professionally recognized, media darling, who is at the top of her field. The move for her was seamless. She wanted to be close to her family to help her with the new babies. Dr. Waldren ended up getting pregnant with twins.


With a demanding career, it is hard to see how she managed to find the balance. Dr. Waldren found that work family balance. As a woman, she managed to maintain a highly recognized and awarded career while raising twins. Dr. Waldren has proven every day that she is a highly talented and motivated plastic surgeon who continues to work hard and find time for both her career and her family.


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