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What Does Jeunesse Global Value the Most?

If the health industry on its own seems corrupt to you, then it will probably be reassuring to hear of a company that is involved with it and does not actively distribute useless or harmful products. After all, these types of companies do seem to be running out these days. Regardless, it is important to respect them when they pop up. When there is a company involved with the health industry that has practical and ethical business practices, giving it attention will incentivize future businesses to act in similar ways. The company I am references, of course, is Jeunesse Global, a multimillion-dollar industry that utilizes their platform to better the world as best they can.

The first step in the Jeunesse Global process is to actually create a product that is worth selling to people. They hire scientists to experiment and study the human body and what nutrients it needs that it may lack. Because of their intense research, it would seem that all of their products have some demographic that could benefit from using it.

Again, it is impertinent to stress that the people who are contributing negatively towards the health of our communities are not the people within the communities themselves, but the evilly-charged health corporations out there that have been feeding the public false research. With Jeunesse Global, you are guaranteed not to become such a victim, as a product is researched for hundreds of hours before Jeunesse employees even think about releasing it to the public. That is the Jeunesse way; that is what makes them stand out in a sea of health and wellness businesses.

Of course, it would be just about criminal to mention the Jeunesse name without also bringing up their ability to create effective and realistic anti-aging products. Jeunesse Global knows that there is no true way to reverse the process of aging; it has already happened. However, they have funded thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of research to discovering any sort of methodology for slowing the process down, and the result of their studies is amazing. Just like with every other one of their products, Jeunesse Global delivers on their promises.

The Nevo Energy Drink Revolution

Almost everyone is stretched to the limit with their scheduling these days. We simply try to pack as much as humanly possible into our day, but we do not necessarily stop to smell the roses as much as we should. That being said, life is expensive and we have to keep progressing towards taking care of what has to be taken care of. Therefore, we may feel the need for an energy boost from time to time.

These days, a lot of people are turning to energy drinks for the kind of boost that they need. They want something that is easier to drink than coffee and often has a stronger caffeine punch to it as well. That is why they go for the energy drinks. What is left out of that conversation though is how many negative ingredients there are in a lot of energy drinks in terms of your health. There are things like a lot of calories, artificial sweeteners, and so much more. These are all things that you should not be mainlining into your bloodstream, and yet people do it.

Now there is an alternative to that. Jeunesse Global has their own version of an energy drink that they call Nevo. This is an energy drink that promises no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or ingredients. It also has just fifty calories per can. That also makes it special because it means that even those who are trying to watch their weight can still enjoy this particular beverage if they choose to do so. Jeunessee Global is trying to make that a reality for as many people as they possibly can.

This is just part of the overall products that Jeunesse Global has to offer. There are others that do other things for your health as well. Each of these is worth a look if you have the time. You just might be surprised by what all they have available.

Shea Butter Works Miracles On The Hair


Shea butter has many applications but one of the best applications is for the hair. It is a richly moisturizing butter that comes from the nut of the African Shea Tree. It works wonders on the hair and can be applied in many different ways. It can be used to tame curls, keep frizz at bay and will lock up the curls into beautiful and glossy ringlets. It can also be used as a detangling emollient when applied to the hair with just a few strokes of a wide toothed comb. Detangling can be taken one step further by simply leaving the conditioner on a while longer for a deep conditioning treatment to combat dryness and restore life to the hair. Shea butter can be applied directly but it is very easy to make detangling, scalp, and deep conditioning treatments by mixing a bit of the shea butter with other natural ingredients like sweet almond oil, olive oil, honey, and possibly some tea tree oil to clear up any irritation on the scalp.


Eu’Genia Shea is one of the best shea butter products on the market. It is made with a very high concentration of shea butter giving the consumer the best price per dollar based on the concentration of shea in their product. A similarly priced product containing just a fraction of shea and added chemicals can be found at any beauty, drug, or grocery store. Eu’Genia Shea is a high concentration of unrefined shea which is a higher quality and a more concentrated and substantial product.


Eu’Genia Shea also gives back to the community where they are doing the work. Often times, companies will use a product they harvest from the land while taking away from the land and the people. Eu’Genia Shea harvests it’s nuts for shea butter in Ghana and has created jobs for the women there, paying above average wages so they can help themselves and their children financially. 15% of their funds also goes back to the women in the form of an educational fund to give them access to an education they may have never had before.

Advantages of Using Wen by Chaz Hair Products

It is not always easy to find the right hair care products especially if you have no idea on what to look for. It can be very challenging since you want to be sure you are purchasing the best item which will not cause harm to your hair. Make sure you are aware of what your hair needs before you any buy any product. A line of haircare products known as Wen by Chaz is very reliable and can be used by anyone no matter their hair care needs. This means you can purchase these Sephora endorsed products and use them whether you have damaged and weak or strong hair. They do not cause any harm to your hair and you can use them for as long as you want.

Women who have dyed their hair before may experience hair breakages and weakening. This can be very stressful especially if you do not have the right product to prevent further damage. Wen by Chaz Dean products will work best for your hair to restore health without tampering with the color. Frequent use of these products will ensure your damaged hair is in good condition after sometime. They also help you style, comb and even maintain your hair much easily without the use of hot devices which weakens your hair.

Benefits of Shampoo and Conditioner

These are very common hair care products which can be used on all hair types. They help manage your hair b keeping it clean, nourished and strong all the time. Conditioners works best for women who have damaged hair by restoring its health and making it strong to prevent breakages. You can use these product as frequent as possible to keep your hair in the right condition. Shampoos are highly recommended and you can use them every day while cleaning your hair. It cleans your scalp leaving it free from germs and dandruff which may cause itching.


Increased Mystique Behind EOS Generated Sales

Lip balm has been the same for a long time. The mundane pots of balm, or tubes of generic chap stick were getting boring and lame. The two founders of EOS lip balm, Jonathan Teller, and Sanjiv Mehra, also saw this lack of creativity and decided they had the background, skills and drive to turn lip balm on it’s head.

They started by really investigating the market. What did people really want when it came to a lip balm? Females were the main drive behind the market and they said they wanted something easy to use that could be incorporated into their daily beauty routine. This meant beautiful packaging, something that could complete their collection of beautiful packaging comparable to golden compacts, pink handled makeup brushes, and silver lipstick tube sheaths. The colorful spherical orbs that resulted from this packaging innovation fit right into the hands, purses, and makeup collections of females everywhere. They were enthusiastic about the way it soft clicked closed like a well made dresser drawer, and how easy it was to apply without getting their fingers sticky.

After their first success selling at Walgreens and Lucky Vitamin they decided to invest in their own machinery to get their products moving at a faster rate for the increasing demand. They had their own machinery made and invested their money in this rather than in hype and marketing because the product was really selling itself. Later on, they developed marketing that complimented the product’s success, not only using celebrity endorsements, but those products being featured in edgy music videos that everyone was watching with the same wonderment as they felt about the EOS lip balms. What was it all about? What was EOS? What were those brightly colored pods? Increasing the mystique behind the brand was actually a genus move on their behalf.

For more information about EOS lip balm products, visit their Facebook page and website at

Boosting Confidence with WEN by Chaz Products

Beauty lies on the hands of the beholder. It’s about feeling all right. But does it really come so naturally? I never know and perhaps I deserve an answer to that. Beauty means lifestyle, and lifestyle means a way of living. Talking about health hair lifestyle, this is something Chaz Dean – the creator of Wen, has definitely sorted out. He is a hair stylist who does it really well and takes pride in it. He offers amazing products that brings out magic when tried out. They are of standard quality and perfect I would say. The fact that they want to see their clients experience amazing results with the products they offer, is the aim of his company.

Wen is an incredible hair line with a spectacular fan following. Its magic is a trending thing on social media platform. The WEN Cleansing Conditioner from is a greatly worked formula that speaks volumes of what beauty is when tried out, a magical experience I would call. It brings change to fine hair and transforms it into a much coveted experience. The Fig Version gives the hair a voluminous, moisturised, bouncy and shiny look. It brings out that amazing look that calls for nothing but acceptance and a lot of cheers. About the recommended amount to be used is labelled and it should not call for any alarm.

On how to use WEN, pour the required amount into your hands, uniformly spread it on the hair, thoroughly massage it into the scalp and pull it through across the ends. Let the conditioner soak in for some time and then rinse with clean water.