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No Lather? No Problem: The Hair Product Fact You Probably Didn’t Know

In this day and age, people are looking for more natural products. From the food at the grocery store to the ingredients in lip balm, customers are looking for organic, natural products instead of the chemically created products everyone is used to. Shampoo is no exception to this new trend. However, there’s one fact about shampoo that might be keeping you from purchasing a truly natural product.

If you ask women how they know their shampoo is really cleaning their hair, many of them will say that it’s because of the lather. It seems to be the case that most people believe the bigger the lather, the better the clean. However, if your shampoo creates a white, fluffy lather and claims to be natural – you might want to think again.

In fact, lather is created by chemicals, not by natural ingredients. Knowing which came first, the chemical or the conception, is a bit of a chicken and egg question. However, it’s a fact that many shampoo companies put more of this lather-creating chemical in their products because people think it means the product is really doing its job.

However, throwing a picture of almonds or thistle roots on the front of a shampoo bottle does not a natural product make. In truth, products that don’t lather are typically the more natural, healthy, and organic options.

Think a natural, latherless shampoo can’t do the job? Think again. Hair care giant and celebrity stylist Chaz Dean (see, is the creator behind WEN by Chaz. This product line is incredibly successful and has received rave reviews from celebrities and everyday women alike. It’s effective, smells wonderful, and has all the hallmarks of a wonderful, natural shampoo – but it doesn’t lather.

The reason that WEN by Chaz doesn’t lather is because it’s actually made from natural ingredients. In the place of hard-to-pronounce chemicals, you’ll find things like rosemary oil, shea butter, and wild cherry bark. Chaz Dean’s commitment to truly natural products has helped to change the conception that an effective cleanser has to lather. So remember: no lather, no problem. Visit the Wen Facebook page and Twitter for more info as well as updates!


Emily McClure loves Wen by Chaz

Women deserve the best possible hair. Having great hair can get you a great job, make a new friend, or get you your next date. Women will take extraordinary measures to get the hair they deserve. They will make multiple appointments with their stylist and try almost every product to improve their hair. Unfortunately, many women are stuck with hair that is thin, greasy, and hard to tame. Women have been disappointed by hair care products in the past, and many have stopped trying new products.

Chaz Dean is one of the most popular stylists in the world. He has helped numerous celebrities achieve a red carpet look, but he has always wanted to help ordinary women achieve an extraordinary look. Recently, Chaz unveiled Wen by Chaz on Amazon, a new conditioner that promises to add volume and shine to your hair. The product quickly gained popularity with stylists, but many women remain skeptical.

Emily McClure is an extremely successful reporter. She has worked at Bustle for many years, and she has a bright future ahead of her. Unfortunately, Emily has always felt insecure about her hair. Her hair was thin, and sometimes it felt greasy. Emily wanted her hair to improve, but she did not think it was possible. She decided to try Wen by Chaz for several days to see if it can help.

After using Wen by Chaz once, Emily was shocked at the results. Her hair had an incredible shine and it was very voluminous. Emily was extremely impressed, and the results just got better throughout the week. When she finished testing the product, Emily knew that Wen by Chaz was the ideal product for her.

Wen by Chaz is changing lives around the country. Millions of women have been impressed by the results, and the brand continues to grow. Check out for more info. Visit their YouTube channel for testimonials.


Makeup and Beauty NewsFact or Fiction: Brushing Your Hair Stimulates Growth

Long and beautiful hair has been the desire of women for centuries. Often affiliating gorgeous locks with a healthy lifestyle, studies attempt to demonstrate what exactly makes hair grow. Yes, the public knows that vitamins and nutrients stimulate hair growth, and everyone has heard about refraining from overwashing your hair, but a new study eventually comes along that makes growing your hair seem like a breeze. What is the public to believe, though? Perhaps the newest theory on the block, which is properly brushing your hair, is the answer people have been searching for.

Allure recently published breaking beauty news exclaiming that brushing your hair with a boar bristle brush will stimulate healthy growth. The concept circulates the theory that brushing in this particular manner will massage the scalp, and distribute the hair’s sebum oils to each strand. While professionals agree with the scientific aspects of massaging your scalp and distributing the essential vitamins and oils, they are skeptical that brushing your hair really is, in fact, responsible for stimulating growth. They simply state that no studies exist to support the hypothesis. Another standstill for the public, indeed.

As the public suffers from confusion on who to trust for their beauty news, one constant remains the same. Wengie, an Australian beauty blogger, is popular amongst the fashion world. Offering regular updates and postings as to what is new in the makeup and fashion industries, how-to videos, and opinion blogs, Wengie, is a beloved icon.

Without a doubt, the public turns to the blogging guru for fashion and beauty advice. Her unique approaches to skin care, weight loss, and makeup application sets her apart from the rest. Conclusively, her vibrant attitude and personality certainly make her a positive influence.

Youtube Video Sensation Wengie Shares Her Story Of Success

Wendy Huang has unexpectedly become a YouTube sensation. What started out as a blog post about health and beauty products would turn into a highly successful and popular YouTube Channel that has become Wendy’s Huang’s full time occupation and source of livelihood. Wengie’s blog posts received so much attention and viewers, that it caught the attention of health and beauty companies who wanted Wendy to review and mention their products in her blog.

Seeing the popularity of her blog, and the interest it generated from health and beauty companies Wendy launched her own Youtube Channel which she nicknamed Wengie. Like the blog preceding it, her YouTube Channel proved to be a hit. It recently capped 1 million subscribers and has close to 30 million views. In honor of this extraordinary milestone, Wendy Huang agreed to sit down and do an interview with TubeFilter, which covers YouTube sensations from all over the world. Below is a summary of the key points in the interview.

When asked how she felt about reaching over a million subscribers, which is a major landmark, Wengie seemed indifferent. She replied “Don’t get me wrong it feels great, but it is like a birthday. “You feel excited in anticipation, but when it happens it is just like any other day.” Wengie also described how she left a comfortable six figure salary to pursue managing her Wengie YouTube channel full time. It was a big risk, says Wendy, but she says the satisfaction she derives from it is well worth the risk she took to become independent.

Wengie discussed how she tries to keep the content of her channel positive. She provides advice to her younger viewers on things such as bullying and relationships. The YouTube star also tries to promote a healthy lifestyle by sharing healthy diet tips and exercise tips.

Of course the hallmark of Wengie is her immense number of videos on a large variety of beauty and skincare products from all over the world. When asked if she felt unique due to her background and having grown up in Australia, Wengie replied she doesn’t feel any more special that anyone else.