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Whitney Wolfe Love for Humanity and Her Journey to a Successful Bumble App CEO

Whitney Wolfe is a famous American daughter who has stood all odds and has made it in the male-dominated world. She happens to be the founder of the world’s most famous dating apps. She happens to be an entrepreneur, technologists, and a great philanthropist. She is the famous founder of Bumble which she established after leaving the famous Tinder. She is also the co-founder of the famous company called Tinder and has been on the frontline working for perfection in the dating and courting technology. Tinder is ranked at position one amongst the best companies in the world while Bumbles is at position four after being in the service for about one year.

Wolfe is a very innovative woman in the tech industry, and definitely, she is going far. She has subsequently been awarded because of the many achievements in the field. After the monthly user base recognition at top four, she had also been rewarded by the famous business insider ad top 30 important women under 30 in the technology industry in 2014. Elle’s Women also recognized her prowess in technology in 2016 and had been rated very well. Whitney has also been recognized by Forbes recently in top 30 under 30 in 2017 meaning that her star is shinning brighter every day. She has not been left out in the tech industry and is on the frontline working for success.

Andrew Andreev is the active founder of Badoo and has also contacted Wolfe severally for the advancement and creation of a new platform in the year 2014. Bumble currently has more than 18 million users, and it was established and also launched in the year 2014. The company numbers keep on rising every day and likely to be the leading platform shortly. Bumble has since then launched very crucial verticals on their platform known as BumbleBizz and also BumbleBFF that users can find new friends. Currently, the company is now valued at $500 million, and the figure keeps on rising.

Whitney was born and raised in the famous salt lake City, Utah and has caring parents who took every moment of their time to take care of her. She has been on the frontline working with her company’s success and has tremendously succeeded in Whitney’s endeavors because of the support and motivation she gets from parents. She is a great scholar and has been on the frontline working for her success.

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Social Networking Made Easy With Applications

The world today has a lot of social networks through which people get to expand their social circle. Skout is a social network application that allows people to connect with each other both locally and internationally. More than ten million users of Skout are said to be using the application as a guide during their virtual journeys. Skout has given its users all over the world the ability to stay in touch with each other. The social network has been connecting people since its establishment in the year 2007. Skout application was initially expected to serve two major functions including a travel guide and as a means of connecting people located in different locations.

Skout enables you to meet new people from all over the world instantly. Skout helps people enhance their friendship network and chats through its exciting in-apps. The application has made it easier for people to expand their social networks just by a tap on the button. Some of the most interesting features found in Skout include the chat option, being able to see who checked you out, updates from people around you, being able to buy and send gifts. The others are the option of saving your favorite users, browsing through profiles and photos together with in-app features that allow you to promote your profile picture. Users are also capable of unlocking premium features and earn points for themselves.

GoPro App

Through GoPro application, users can create and share short video clips instantly. Users can transfer their short clips from their GoPro camera to their social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube among many others. The application also has a feature called live preview. Live preview allows users to be able to tune fine the camera settings together with the frame scene. Camera updates can also be acquired using the Highlight Tag. One is also able to create special moments by using the Highlight Tag. The key features include its compatibility with the Apple watch. It allows you to use Apple watch as the viewfinder to give the best shot. Other features in the Apple watch include the start/stop recording option, snap a photo, changing the capture modes from the convenience of your wrist. The user is also capable of pulling still high-quality photos from videos making it easier to share.

Amazon video

This amazing application allows users to stream movies and TV shows on Amazon video. Prime members are capable of gaining access to plenty of titles on Prime Video at no additional costs. Prime members are also able to buy or rent plenty of titles of their choice. Amazon video allows its users to stream many titles such as the award-winning Amazon Original Series including the Golden Globe-Winning comedy Transparent. Other interesting series users get to stream on Amazon video include Tumble Leaf, the Emmy-Award winning children series. These series can be streamed to devices such as iPhone and iPads. Users are also able to download select titles to watch offline whenever they cannot gain access to the internet. Titles bought or rented from the catalogue contains thousands of titles can also be easily accessed.

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