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Clay Siegall Is A Man Focused On Research

Clay Siegall is someone who works hard as the Founder and CEO of a biotech firm that is based in Chicago. He has shared that he was always interested in medicine and that the interest that he had was the starting point to him getting where he is today. When he was asked about how he uses the company that he founded, Seattle Genetics, to make money, he shared that the company sells some of the drugs that it creates. They also have production partnerships that help them to bring in revenues and make money in that way. Clay Siegall credits a great sales staff to the success that he has found, and he mentioned that they got their first customer through the great sales staff that they have on hand. When he was asked about marketing that takes place for his company now, he shared that it is all about meeting with people and spending time with them.

Clay Siegall has a B.S. degree in Zoology. He received that degree after spending time studying at The University of Maryland. He went on to study at George Washington University. While he was at that second school, he earned a Ph.D. in genetics. He spent time obtaining an education that has served him well in the work that he has taken on and that has helped him to find success.

When Clay Siegall first started up Seattle Genetics, the company was small and it did not have a lot going for it. He had to help it grow, and he did that. He helped it to become a power player when it comes to the world of cancer research. This man has big plans for the future of his company, and he will push on until he finds all of the success that he wants.