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NGP VAN Delivering Innovation to Campaigning

NGP VAN has been providing tech and organizational solutions for democratic and progressive organizations and campaigns since 1997. The business is based in Washington, Columbia and has been leading the charts according to non-profits, political campaigns, and organizations, and campaigning apps and software for the past few years.

Founded by Stu Trevelyan, the company has more than a hundred employees. The company is also known as voter Activation Network. The business strives to bring innovation to campaigning such as raising money or prompting people to vote or sign petitions. The corporation provides clients with a robust platform integrated for organizing votes and signatures, causes and goals, and making it easy for people to make their opinion count and deliver their vote or signature, or donate money to a cause.

The NGP VAN has been providing clients with the means to progress with thousands of campaigns. National Democratic committees, political campaigns, and labor unions have been taking advantage of all that NGP VAN has to offer. Among the clients of the NGP VAN the names of Barak Obama, Clinton, and Sanders stand out.

The corporation is committed to proving their clients with innovation and the most powerful and reliable means for campaigning. Last year, the NGP VAN unveiled yet another iteration of their software before the midterm cycle had started. It was the eight edition of the NGP software. Paperless call time is among the most popular feature of the software, and it got some updating as well as additional functionalities. The update achieved a more streamlined ability to dial for dollars and made this somewhat hated part of campaigning feel less unpleasant and tedious. Not only that, but the feature also helps stave off the competition from some potential rivals.

The General Manager of the NGP VAN, Lou Levine, added that one of his favorite improvements was the ability to create custom build call sheets. Clients that are campaigning spend a lot of their time necessary organizing when that time could be spent raising awareness, votes, signatures, or money. Ths new organizational feature cuts down on that time, and so the campaigning clients could focus on interacting with potential supporters. That is the core of working a campaign or raising money for a case.

The NGP VAN continues to grow in popularity. Every year, thousands of clients use the integrated services. The company strives to deliver more functionality and innovation and make campaigning more successful and streamlined for their clients.

Thor Havlorssen Discusses Socialism and Bernie Sanders With Fox News

Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights Foundation recently did an interview on Fox News with Trish Regan where he was asked about about socialism, its effect on human rights, and Bernie Sanders. The interview on ‘The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan’ began with a typical introduction and then Halvorssen was asked about the relation between socialism and violations of human rights. Thor Halvorssen quickly qualified the discussion by saying that countries that are not socialist can obviously also violate human rights and that just having a socialist government is not an automatic violation of rights. As long as there is a proper separation of powers, he said, and constitutional rights are enforced, a socialist government can be “perfectly OK”, and noted examples like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. He then went on to say that the issue was when socialism is co-opted as cover by authoritarians. Socialism can easily be used to mask dictators and populists who will use socialism as an excuse and end up exploiting the country and taking money for themselves.

Trish Regan then turned the discussion back to Bernie Sanders by saying that she believes that Bernie supporters don’t really understand how socialism works as a system of government. Halvorssen countered by saying that many if not most democratic countries have some socialist policies and that although some people believe socialism, communism, and Marxism to be the same thing, this is incorrect and socialist policies can be well implemented and popular. Regan then tried to turn the discussion back to Halvorssen’s objections with socialism, asking what him to define his major objection to the way socialism is practiced in some countries. Halvorssen explained his major objections were not only the looting of wealth from a country by authoritarians, but the way trying to control prices causes shortages and crises.

Regan then went more personal and asked Halvorssen about personal experience with socialism. Halvorssen recounted that his father had been a political prisoner and his mother had been shot by the government of Hugo Chavez, and that his views on dictators were based on personal experience. He went on to say that in general he believes the important point is the rule of law is essential and socialism can work under that, however he doesn’t believe redistribution of wealth is the answer, rather the creation of more wealth is the best way forward.

Thor Halvorssen Offers His Opinion On Bernie Sanders

Famed human rights activist Thor Halvorssen went on Fox Business News and did a brief interview on his take on socialism and Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders. The founder of the Human Rights Foundation based in New York, said that Bernie Sanders would be a much better presidential candidate than current Democratic party front runner Hilary Clinton.

Mr. Halvorssen blasted Hilary Clinton saying that she and her husband accept donations from dictatorial regimes from Saudia Arabia, Qatar and numerous other countries. He called accepting such donations disgraceful and raised doubts on Clinton’s stance against human rights abuse and dictatorships abroad. If Clinton accepts such donations how can she stand up these human rights violating regimes as president Halvorssen brought up during the interview.

Switching to Bernie Sanders Thor Halvorssen said that the Independent senator from Vermont is a much better choice than Hilary Clinton. Halvorssen would much rather see Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee because he does not accept any donations from dictatorial regimes. Despite being a socialist, Bernie Sanders stands up for human rights and does not tolerate abuses abroad. This stance and his actions are vastly different than Hilary Clinton’s. This is why Thor Halvorssen says on Twitter that he has actually backed senator Sanders’ campaign. He admitted that he has donated the maximum amount allowed to Bernie’s campaign.

Halvorssen also blasted GOP front runner Donald Trump by stating that the the billionaire thinks Vladimir Putin is okay. Putin is known for cracking down on dissidents and censoring the media as well as distorting it to suit his purposes. Thor believes that both front runners must take a stand against human rights abuse and dictators.

Thor Halvorssen admitted that Bernie Sanders’ policies represent a radical shift and new ideas that are not part of the American mainstream in politics. Mr. Halvorssen got into a discussion with the news anchor about a socialistic country and socialistic policy. Halvorssen states that socialist countries like Sweden and his native Venezuela redistribute wealth. He admitted that the problem with trouble spots like Venezuala is not the socialist policy but the dictators in charge there. Halvorssen states that many countries have some socialist elements in their public policies and governments. People should not be afraid of socialist polices, they already exist to an extent in the United States. The real threat is the elimination of freedom and failing to stand up to dictators and rogue regimes.