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Scott’s Mind

Scott Rocklage of 5AM Ventures believes in certain things as he shares his mind. First, Obama’s education system has failed. This is not the case with Pres.

Donald Trump: He firmly believes in education; in fact, that’s why his new educational needs assessment plan incorporates second department secretary Betsy DeVos, who he personally appointed for her current role.

Secretary DeVos’s previous donations to multiple educational needs assessments and schools across the world are alarming behold – in the most positive sense possible. She is a firm education secretary who believes in the importance of properly learning the tools that one will need for a lifetime, in hard work and in doings things the right way – the very first time.

Perhaps that’s what our president loves so much about her, in addition to her good lucks, her wit and charm and the level of involvement that she carries across multiple school boards.

Does Educational Management Improve the Quality of Lifelong Learning?

Most would argue that educational management has a 100% effect upon the quality of one’s lifelong learning process, especially among younger students. The younger they are and have this implemented into their daily functions, the wiser and more educated they will become in years to come. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

The fact of the matter is this: If no one manages the way in which the current education system is run in most schools across America, then chaos will result. Eventually, older generations will become far less versed, knowledgeable and even useful as a society.

We must correct this issue now in order to save the future generations in all aspects of business. Just imagine: Our current schools hold our future astronauts, teachers, diplomats, presidents, kings, secretaries, scientists, doctors, lawyers and so many more people of potential – those who will change this world for the good.

It all begins in the school: I believe that educational management does improve the quality of lifelong learning. It can do so as a teeter totter, though, and of this we must be wary: A management structure can either be used well or used badly. You choose.

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