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Perry Mandera Providing Hope so Other Can Realize Their Dreams

Perry Mandera is a successful business owner in the Chicago area; Mandera established The Custom Company decades ago as a young veteran. Perry established his company after an honorable discharge from the Marine Corp. Perry understands hard work and determination are required to reach your dreams which he learned in the armed services. The Custom Company has a solid reputation in the transportation and logistics industry. Perry Mandera has business interests throughout North American, Hawaii and Perto Rico (About). The Custom Company has revenue sales over 200 million dollars annually. Perry Mandera uses his resources to provide hope to his local communities through charitable efforts. Over the years, Mandera promoted special nonprofits that focus on veterans and children.


Perry Mandera established The Custom Care Charity that supports local, state and national charitable programs that focus on youth and veteran. The Custom Care Charity has successfully partnered with many nonprofits to target youth and veteran programs. A few such programs include, The Walter Payton foundation has supported many programs focused on youth such as toy and backpack drives. Many local youths have benefited from such partnerships. The Custom Care Charities had another opportunity to partner with a worthwhile organization. K.I.D.D.S. stands for “Kindness Is Doing Something Special for Kids” which focus on deathly ill children and their families. The families suffer when a child has a devastating illness; these charities provide needed assistance. The Custom Cares Charities supports, including the American Cancer Society and the Ronald McDonald House which also focus on children with devastating diseases.


Perry Mandera knows; life is sometimes difficult, and he uses The Custom Care Charity to help others. The Custom Care Charity sponsors nonprofit organizations and charities to benefit others. Perry Mandera has provided monetary assistance and support to these and more worthwhile causes. The community benefits from these needed causes.

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Stream Continues Their Momentum With Addition of New CFO, David Faranetta

Stream, originally known as Stream Energy, is a top provider of connected life services, which they achieved through one-of-a-kind direct selling techniques. To strengthen their company even further, they’ve introduced David Faranetta as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in November of 2017. His main responsibilities will include monitoring Stream’s economic strategizing and reporting, financial bookkeeping, tax requirements, as well as act as a treasurer. David has had an extensive career in the energy industry. Throughout his career, there are numerous examples of when he has used critical executive leadership to boost growth and success (REW). As a leader, he is seen as inspiring and is best known for strategically combining people and technology to push financial expansion. In the press conference announcing the move, Mr. Faranetta admitted he has been a fan of the company for many years, and that he is looking forward to being part of a group that is so energetic and constantly changing. He believes that his team, under his leadership, will help drive company growth and performance in the industry.

In addition, Stream’s Chief Executive Officer, Larry Mondry, expressed excitement to welcome David Faranetta to the company. He believes the experience Mr. Faranetta has will be vital to Stream’s long-term success, and that the company’s future looks stronger than ever. David Faranetta’s most recent experience is as Chief Financial Officer of another energy company that is also based in Texas ( He also has a strong foundational knowledge of business due to his Master’s in Business Administration, which was awarded to him from Lehigh University. Stream Energy is on the fast-track to become the number one provider of connected life services, thanks in large part to their top-of-the-line direct selling techniques. The company was created in 2005, in Dallas, Texas. Since then, they have gone on to bring in more than eight billion dollars in revenue. The overall goal of Stream is to help those who live on the go remain connected at all times. All of their services are available nationwide, except for their newer energy services, which are available in eight states and Washington D.C.

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Jorge Moll Understands Ethics and Morals

Jorge Moll is a highly distinguished neuroscientist who has been dazzling all of his colleagues with his exemplary work for many years so far. He manages a lot of roles, too. He’s the Director and President of IDOR or “D’Or Institute for Research and Education.” He’s a governing board member for the acclaimed institute, too. Moll is equipped with a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) that enables him to shine in his field each and every single day. He’s a skilled research group leader who has an enthusiasm for both neural and psychological mechanisms. He cares insignificant detail about the mechanisms that are responsible for all of the decisions that human beings regularly make. He has a dedication to understanding human beings and all of their social tastes. Moll has a strong grasp of the influence and power ethics, values and morals have on humans in this world. He thinks that these things may relate to neurotechnological and cultural experiences (vivendodebemcomavida). He even thinks that they may be tied in with specific experiences in life. Moll has penned many publications that discuss all of his findings and discoveries. These publications have covered a lot of territories. They’ve discussed diverse and comprehensive subjects such as moral sensitivity, moral cognition, moral values, neuropsychiatry and moral feelings, families and beyond.

Jorge Moll is a thorough scientist who understands the things that make people tick day in and day out. He devotes his entire existence to this massive concept. He has substantial knowledge that spans many interesting and detailed categories. These categories include morality, the prefrontal cortex, fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging), neurology and behavioral neuroscience ( He spends his busy days taking on all sorts of research duties. He spends his time at work guiding and advising other people who are part of his field, too. Moll’s colleagues trust him for a range of reasons. They know that he’s a scientist who has an interest in the neurology world that has no competition. They’re keenly aware of the fact that he lives and breathes neuroscience, too. His love of his vocation is strong.

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Jason Hope is Passing on Hard-Won IoT Knowledge in His New E-Book

Have you ever dreamed of owning a smart home? The kind of home that greets you when you come home at the end of a long hard day, and with the push of a button dinner is on its way. This is the fantasy held by many Americans, but they don’t realize that it is closer than they ever imagined. In fact, smart homes are already being developed today. There are even home assistants available for those few people that aren’t ready to commit to a pricier system. There are adapters for lights and blue tooth speakers that work on voice commands. The future looks bright for these technologies.

Business tycoon, Jason Hope wants to discuss what makes these objects tick in his new e-book “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era”. You see, the objects that work on a smart system are connected to the internet and they work off communication between themselves and a server or even through commands made by the user from another device. Hope explains that this network that these objects use to communicate is called the Internet-of-Things. This IoT, as it is often called, includes a myriad of different items from transportation to vacuums. If the item can connect to the internet and communicate with other objects or servers, then it is IoT enabled.

Hope sees the future of the IoT very clearly. He knows that the demand for IoT objects will go up. There are some things that consumers should be aware of with this, however. The first is that, as with anything that can be connected to the internet, security is a very big concern. Hope covers this in his e-book and helps ease the minds of his readers. The second is that sometimes usage of such objects can come slower. Hope also anticipates this and discusses usage with his readers as well. There is no reason that users need to feel as though they are alone with these products. Hope has presented himself as an expert on the matter and wants to help usher them into the next era.

Hope, himself, is an avid IoT device user. He relies on his years of business education and experience to inform his work with IoT. He started his very own company at a young age and has defined himself within the tech industry. With this new e-book, Hope is wanting to pass on his hard-won knowledge to you. If you are interested in Hope’s new book, it is available immediately at

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Rocketship Education is Revamping Education in Many Places

Rocketship Education is a focused public charter school organization that locates primarily in lower socioeconomic neighborhoods where there is little to no quality school system. The focus is on a partnership between the community, the parents, the teachers and the students.

When students in traditional schools sit through 4 or 5 hours of lectures in classrooms, by the end of the day their minds are numb with details that they find difficult to remember which results in a hodge-podge of knowledge. Rocketship Education breaks up the day for the students with some general sessions, but also with small groups and digital learning.

Small groups facilitate more concentrate learning where questions can be asked in a small group setting and the students can participate fully in projects that are based on the subject at hand. Digital learning is great for the dissemination of facts such as math, history, languages, English and similar subjects. The students use devices that they are already familiar with such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Rocketship Education believes that every child has potential and that it is their job to help the student uncover that potential. The heavy involvement of parents in just about every activity that the school employs goes a long way in solidifying the entire learning process. Parents are involved in lesson planning, activities, and suggestions for the school year roll on. The parents even get to choose the name of the school.

When the stakeholders realize that the success of the students is really a success for the community and everyone else. Each student is very special and the instruction is individualized to a great degree. Students are taught the importance of persistence, accountability, empathy, and respect.

The three pillars of Rocketship’s initiative includes personalized learning, the development of talent, and parental power speak to the core of the organization’s platform. Each student has the chance to develop his or her own learning experience. The teacher-led instruction is applied at the individual level so students can grasp the meaning for themselves and see how it applies personally.

It is no wonder that the average Rocketship Education student acquires enough credits and knowledge to graduate a full year ahead of the average public high school student.


Lori Senecal Offering Leadership Mentorship

Lori Senecal is the global chief executive officer of Crispin Porter & Bogusky. She has a sales and marketing degree. Lori has gained popularity due to her leading talent. She commits to bringing out the best in organizations and people.

Career Journey

In 2003, Lori opened TAG Ideation, a marketing facility. The innovator is conversant with multinational accounts and data analytics. She has worked with popular brands like Staples, Molson, InBev, Nabisco, Weight Watcher’s, Xbox, Sprint, Nestle, and Applebee’s. She has served as the Global Accountant Director of Coca-Cola for three years. Lori was a chief marketing officer at DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc.

Lori Senecal was the co-managing director of TAG- New York. At McCann Worldgroup, he was appointed the vice president and the accountant management director. She served as the Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners president, partner, and CEO. The career woman has worked as a chief executive officer and director of MDC Partners. Check out Adweek to see more.


Working in these positions have helped her acquire competitive leadership and innovative skills. She won the AWNY Game Changer Awards in 2014 due to her impressive leadership and creative skills. Lori has proven that she can start and grow a business within a short period. She recently received the title, Most Creative People in Business in 2017, from Fast Company. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Lori Senecal led to the listing of kbs+ among the companies to work in New York. Under his tenure, the entity grew to 900 private agencies from 250 people across the universe. She has modernized the trading methods and agency culture that has increased the company collaboration and agility. Her leadership has fueled and lifted entrepreneurship spirits in the firm.

Lori led her teams in partnering with customers to optimize structures across partner skills. She focuses on kbs+ overall growth and global vision. Lori offers thought leadership and industry insights through motivational program seminars, meetings, and media interviews.

Other skills

Lori is a digital strategist, integrated marketing, and advertising expert. The outstanding woman is also brand architecture and is familiar with E-commerce, developing and actualizing business ideas, and providing creative directions. She mentors business-minded people.

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Contribution of Ricardo Tosto in Brazil law field

The fact that Brazilian legal system poses a challenge in navigating through makes law profession Brazil a reasonably popular job there. Many people in Brazil require a professional to pass through it. The Brazilian constitution which was promulgated in 1988 form the basis of the law in Brazil. Mostly, lawyers in Brazil kick off their profession at an average age of twenty-three years after thorough six or five years of schooling and interning. Certified lawyers are those that have successfully excelled in Brazilian bar exam.

There are many lawyers in Brazil. There are those who have cleared schooling and examinations and are yet to be licensed. When a lawyer completes the bar exam, they can work in any law-related field. The young lawyers assist clients with contract laws, tax laws, class actions or any other lawsuits that are important.

The largest Brazil firms have over five hundred lawyers. The best examples of large law firms in Brazil include PinheiroNeto and TozzinFreire. Those law firms that focus on one area are operated by less than fifty people. As per the statistics, law firms hire fewer lawyers as compared to the available ones because more lawyers graduate than the open law positions.

In Brazil, lawyers who work in law firms are categorized into three distinct groups. They are either partners, associates or interns. In a law firm in Brazil, there exist more interns than the associates. Partners receive salaries depending on the number of businesses they bring to the company. Associates receive wages too. Clients who seek legal services are charged on hourly basis. As per the recent report, Brazil comes second as having the most significant number of lawyers’ representation in the world after the United States.

One of the most sought prominent Brazilian lawyers is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He has extensive experience as a legal practitioner in Brazil since he has been practicing law for about twenty years. He is the pioneer of litigation model which is widely practiced in Brazil. He has been hired by several large organizations to represent them in cases. His office applied for an efficient way of doing mass litigation, and this brought reputation to the firm. For many in Brazil, he is famous for taking care of the issue of Ricardo lacrosse camp.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho set off his law career about twenty-six years ago after completing his law degree from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He has established himself through litigation. His real clients include governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations. He is a renowned senor litigant at Leite, Tosto and Barros AdvogadosAssociados. Leite, Tosto and Barros AdvogadosAssociados and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp are where most successful lawyers in the country emanate.

The Success Story and Achievements of Roberto Santiago

Being in business and succeeding in it are two different things. Roberto Santiago is one unique man who has proven to be a guru in business. In short words, he can be described as a man of entrepreneurial and combining vision. When other business people are struggling to set up businesses comparable to those of other successful investors, Roberto Santiago is always searching for a perfect opportunity that has not been noticed yet.


Starting with a small and humble beginning, Roberto Santiago’s career can be traced back to Café Santa Rosa. Since he was a visionary man, he soon left the company to create Cartonnage Company. In the initial stages, this company specialized in the sale of cartons that were primarily made out of cardboard pieces. Within a short time, the company grew significantly and diversified in its production by starting the production of decorative products.


Roberto Santiago is only 58 years old. After being born in Joao Pessoa, he was raised greatly while acquiring quality education which he uses to set up and manage his businesses. He was a student at Pio X-Marist college, and later joined the University Center of Joao Pessoa. It is in this institution that he acquired a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Nowadays, he is recognized for being the sole owner of the Manaira Shopping Mall which is one of the largest shopping malls in Paraiba. It stands out as one of the complex establishments whose investment majored in enhancing people’s leisure and fun moments. In a short summary, the mall is comprised of eleven movie theaters that are popular for being fitted out with some of the most modern cinematic projection technology.


Apart from the Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago is also the man behind the development of Mangeira, a mall in Joao Pessoa that he developed in 2013. The two malls are some of the best contributors to social and economic aspects. He has helped hundreds secure good jobs in the two malls, and this is an incredible way of helping the society. Also, his massive investments have helped in increasing the appreciation rate of land in the areas he has invested in. The size of Manaira mall is estimated to be a ground area of about 75,000 m2.


The enterprise of Roberto Santiago is not only based on pure entertainment. It also includes exhibitions that represent culture in the best way possible. The diverse exhibitions are arranged accordingly in respective fields that are perfect in the fosterage of knowledge and culture. From time to time, children from different schools tour the mall whereby they major on the exhibitions to learn as well as enjoy a good time. Since he feels that he is yet to retire from business, Roberto Santiago plans on more development projects.


Desiree Perez’s Endeavors at Roc Nation

The $150 million Jay Z deal with Live National is almost coming to an end. This will enable the reputable rapper to take up his share at Roc Nation. Jay Z signed the 10-year contract with Live Nation back in 2008. Live Nation purchased Jay Z’s copyright and recorded music for a period of ten years. Jay Z and Live Nation will either sell their Roc Nation stake to the other or buy it. Live Nation will be leaving the recorded music business but might still work with Jay Z although their deal has neither been extended nor renewed. Live Nation wants to continue with their touring deal with the rapper.

Roc Nation boasts having several talented and successful musicians including Rihanna, Fat Joe, Shakira and Meek Mill not forgetting Jay Z. Jay Z and his Roc Nation counterpart Desiree Perez recently had a meeting with Lucian Grainge, the CEO and Chairman of the Universal Music Group (UMG). UMG could be buying Jay Z’ stakes in Roc Nation. The purchase could give the rapper an opportunity to nurture new artists and boost Tidal, his streaming services which is currently competing with Apple Music as well as Spotify in the industry.

Desiree Perez commonly known as Des Perez is the current Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. She has been holding the position since 2009. Being among the executive officers at ROC Nation, Desiree has been involved in labeling operations, publishing, and management operations at the recording studio. She runs the operations of Roc Nation alongside other people and collectively they are referred to as the Hover Circle of Influence. The other people include Jay Brown and Jana Fleischman. Desiree Perez has been a close associate to Jay Z for almost two decades. She is a fearless negotiator and has a history of sealing groundbreaking deals in the music industry. She sealed a deal between Rihanna and Samsung.

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The Best Prep For A LifeLine Screening

Preparing for a Lifeline Screening can be one way to save your life and prevent some small and innocuous from becoming a bigger problem later on in life. The experts at Lifeline Screening will make sure that the patient goes through a proper procedure before, during and after the test in order to ensure optimal results for the patient. In the following paragraph here are some tests that people can take, what do wear to the screening and what to do prior to taking the test.

The first test is carotid artery disease due to a stroke. For this screening, a person should wear a shirt that is open at the collar and has short sleeves. The patient should advise against wearing a turtleneck for this procedure. A second test that people can take is called atrial fibrillation due to a stroke. The patient should wear a two-piece outfit that consists of loose clothing. Women taking the test should not wear pantyhose while taking the test. Men and women should not wear a watch while taking the test. Patients that are taking the test should also remember to turn off their cell phones during the test. One final thing to be cautious of is for the patient not to have any oil or lotion on their skin. A third test that people can take is called an abdominal aortic aneurysm. As with the previous test, a patient should wear a two-piece outfit that consists of loose clothing. For this test, a patient should fast for four hours before taking the test. This will help with the accuracy of the results. If the patient is on medication before taking the test it should be taken as prescribed by the patient’s doctor. If the patient is a diabetic, the plan the person has should be followed as usual for best results. Finally, if the patient eats a meal before taking the test it should be a light one. It also must be at least half of what the patient normally eats and the meal should not have any gassy foods.

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These are just a few tests and tips for people who are preparing for a Life Line Screening. If the patient follows these tips then he or she will be in the best position to have the most optimal results after the test is completed. Getting a screening now can save a person’s life.

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