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Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX Platform Brings Order to Virtual Asset Ecosystem

The current ecosystem present in the cryptocurrency industry is a helter-skelter mixture of regional and local marketplaces. Each marketplace constrained by the exhaustive restrictions of language use, security concerns, and payment processing. This fragmentation has the market divided between different providers or different provisions. Enter blockchains, the revolutionary application being pioneered by new P2P market WAX. The Blockchain has the potential to create an efficient market, without friction, free of fraud, and allows instantaneous selling of digital assets between players.

WAX, or Worldwide Asset exchange, is a new platform being launched by OPSkins. The WAX Platform allows for the tokenizaition of assets and currency, allowing trade and sale to occur without gamers having to even click off screen. The innovation is being presented by Malcolm CasSelle, the CEO and president of WAX. CasSelle is a digital genius, a masterful investor, entrepreneur, and top-level executive. He is also the CIO of OPSkins.

CasSelle started his career in ’95 by co founding NetNoir, one of the first media production websites. He has served in major management positions for companies like Xfire, MediaPass, and Tronc Inc. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from MIT, and a master’s degree from Stanford University in the same subject. He was an early investor in bitcoin and has been fascinated with cryptocurrency ever since. He sees WAX as the next inevitable step for cryptocurrency.

WAX’s blockchains are backed up by DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) algorithms. They are decentralized, fast, efficient, and flexible allowing electoral nodes to be assigned by users. The delegates receiving votes gain a rank, this rank serves as a designation of legitimacy. In this way WAX is able to operate in a decentralized markets without danger of fragmentation or fraud. It also creates a competitive and honest market.

The nodes, also referred to as guilds, work to better their rank through clean sales. As gamers are liable to deal with higher ranking guilds, this keeps everyone honest out of necessity. WAX allows gamers to trade and sell digital assets across a wide platform of games, their only requirement that they be a part of the same network.


Jeff Herman Devoted to Reducing Sexual Assault Crimes

Starting out attitudes
Jeff Herman believed that he had been sufficiently prepared to do the work he wanted to do and so when he began taking on cases for others he was spending most of his time at the service of the community, so he had little time to think about doubts. Furthermore, he carried within himself an image that the person who he wanted to be was one that others could count on. His clients had a particular belief that he was going to help them so when he took on the case he would just be there from start to finish.

At one point in Jeff’s career, he had to take a look at himself to consider how work was affecting his life. He realized he had to make some changes because of the stress of caring so much for others but less about himself. After some biometric training, he was able to come to a place of balance between empathy for his clients and commitment to his work.

Strategies for growth
One of the best strategies that helped Jeff Herman grown his business was to keep moving forward with the realization that he wanted to give his career to helping victims of sexual abuse. Some call it concentration, while others call it dedication or focus.

Also, getting out into the larger community, besides time spent defending cases, has been a great confidence builder. Jeff Herman says he enjoys speaking to groups, parents, non-profits, educators, anyone who can play an instrumental role in reducing the number of sexual abuses that take place every year. One instrumental way in which Jeff Herman has helped is to sponsor Continuing Education Classes for other lawyers. These classes establish how to go about litigating sexual abuse cases.

Also, Jeff Herman has learned a lot from the kids he works with and he sees how important it is to preserve the statement they make about themselves. It is amazing how adults can empower children by their attitudes and respect for their person. Jeff Herman also works with law enforcement agencies, competent intermediaries between the victim and witnesses. Lastly, always acting in accordance with the National Crime Victim Bar Association.

Vinod Gupta’s Sustainable Strategies

Vinod Gupta is an incredibly fruitful specialist who conceived on America’s Independence Day in 1946 India close New Delhi. He experienced childhood in a modest town that did not have current courtesies like running electricity, water, present-day framework, TV, or transportation.  Gupta got past the secondary school when all said in done instruction inside his town. However he at that point wandered out with the assistance of his family, and he set off for college.

Kharagpur, India. The story turned into an account of the American Dream when Mr. Gupta got a graduate assistantship alongside his confirmation at the Lincoln University of Nebraska. He at that point went ahead to get a Master’s good to go organization and designing degree. Not long after he found a specialty that had no opposition, establishing American Business Lists, which made records aggregated from databases and the business catalog all around the United States.

Everest Group where Vinod is chief is procuring organizations at an unfaltering pace inside the domain of personal investigations, digital printing, activities stages, and other specialty fields of data innovation. With the end goal for him to give the time expected effectively work with those organizations and bring them achievement, Vinod must have the capacity to assume that the tasks are running smoothly without his immediate hands-on contribution in activities. Needing to offer back to the network of the place where he grew up of Rampur Maniharan, set up in 2000 a ladies’ polytechnic school, and has empowered numerous ladies to procure postgraduate degrees in a brief time of two years.

Vinod Gupta gave $1 million to the improvement of the Polytechnic Ram Rati Gupta. Vinod’s commitment to shutting the instructive sexual orientation hole inside his nearby network was likewise a genuinely significant advance toward sex correspondence. The Polytechnic has offered zones of concentrate inside the fields of PC applications, material outline, website architecture and data innovation.

Stansberry Research Covers Trump’s Trade War With China

Stansberry Research has been making waves online lately with its most recent published news articles focused on US President Donald Trump’s aggressive trade war with the communist state of China. Donald Trumps has always offered tough words against China and what he claims to be a completely one-sided trade agreement between the two behemoth economies. For many years Trump has claimed that China is completely taking advantage of the United States by artificially lowering the strength of its currency in order to create an uneven trade flow. To help correct this issue and to boost sagging US manufacturing industries, Donald Trump has decided to place $100 billion dollars in tariffs on Chinese goods, particularly their steel and aluminum exports. $25 billion dollars in tariffs are aimed at Chinese steel exports alone, meaning the Chinese steel industry is about to take a massive hit. Chinese aluminum exports into the US will also see a $10 billion dollar tariff, another metal manufacturing industry in China that will be hit hard.


In retaliation for US President Donald Trump’s tariffs, China has already begun to execute $50 billion dollars in tariffs against US imports into China. Agriculture and automobiles are two of the targets, which could spell disaster for several US states that are heavily dependent on those industries to drive their state economies forward. While China has not announced additional tariffs above the $50 billion dollar marker as of yet, it is widely thought by trade experts that China will likely hit US imports with exactly the same dollar amount in tariffs that the US government places on their exports.


Be sure to visit Stansberry Research’s website if you are interested in learning more about all of the current events in world finance and trade. Stansberry Research is a privately run media company that specializes in publishing research on a variety of subjects such as finance, trade, mining, biotechnology, health insurance, alternative investments, green energy, the oil industry, ocean drilling, corporate bonds, and many other fascinating subjects. Stansberry Research employs leading journalists and research analysts in their respective fields, meaning you will always get up to the minute accurate information on any published article.



Dr. Dov Rand Can Help Aging Patients With A Special Diet

Like the sun rises each day, everyone ages no matter who they are. Aging is not always easy and comes with a slew of aches and pains. Luckily there are doctors out there in the world who know a thing or two about it. Dr. Dov Rand is passionate about helping patients through the process of aging by them with age-related issues. He not only provides health solutions, but also wellness solutions to make patient’s lives more comfortable and easy.


The New Jersey based doctor has been practicing medicine for over 20 years and has achieved a lot in his career. Dr. Dov Rand attended Howard University College of Medicine where he earned his medical degree. The uses an integrated approach and regenerative medicine to help each patient individually. This approach has been deemed very successful. Dov works from the Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey. Some of these age-related issues his patient’s talk to him about are fatigue, insomnia, low libido, anxiety, hot flashes, depression, and night sweats. With lots of research and experience Doctor Dov Rand learned that hormones were guilty of causing a lot of these issues. There are good and bad hormones, and with aging people lose more of the good ones. These include testosterone, DHEA, thyroid, human growth hormone, estrogen, and progesterone. Losing more of these hormones creates an imbalance and people of older age suffer from it. Also the bad hormone increase making the imbalance more polarizing.


So what can Dr. Dov Rand do for his patients to make the process of aging less painful and easier? He restores the balance of hormones by putting more good hormones into a patient’s system. In this process he uses bioidentical hormones to even the playing field a little bit. They are safe because bioidentical hormones are chemically identical to the ones already in the body. Dr. Dov Rand also recommends a certain diet to his patients called the HCG diet. This hormone used in the diet is released when a woman gets pregnant but also helps prevent. degenerative muscle deterioration. This diet has helped so many aging patients so they can live a better and happier life.


How Well Do You Know Anil Chaturvedi

The world of business has seen various transformations over years and certain pillars have been holding and giving the direction in which the business wave is to flow. When it comes to the banking field and professionalism, experienced people like Anil Chaturvedi have been on the forefront of making sure that the banking ethics are upheld.

Having been in the banking industry for more than 40 years, the renowned Anil Chaturvedi has a vast experience in private banking, investment banking and consequently commercial banking. He is a graduate of Meerut University, India with Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Economics. To add to his banking and economics knowledge, he went ahead and joined Delhi University in the School of Economics and received his Master’s Degree.

In his 4 decades in the banking industry, Anil Chaturvedi has served in various prestigious positions like being the Country Head at ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York City, in North America and also being the Branch Manager at the State Bank of India. Currently, he is serving as the Managing Director in the Private Banking for Hinduja Bank in Switzerland and Dominik Gyllensvard. In addition, he is the Founder and Managing Partner of Asian E-Commerce Alliance (AECAL).

AECAL primarily focuses on e-commerce where they make opportunistic investments in various sectors. Their portfolio companies are basically producers and not necessarily retailers. It controls the entire value chain of individuals and companies while mostly investing in founders who have worked and basically studied in the West but have moved back to India. AECAL educates them on pricing and branding which they have seen some improvements over time.

He has served as the Managing Director of investments at Merrill Lynch until mid-2011; he has also worked for over 18 years at BOA-ML specifically in the industrial finance. This was the largest wealth management bank in the world by the time.

Anil Chaturvedi has been focusing on Corporate Advisory branch in the banking sector where he facilitates partnerships between corporates in Europe and India. The arm facilitates mergers and acquisitions, raising capital and debt for those large projects. He is currently based in Geneva where he is working with other qualified teams of Hinduja Bank. He has brought his experience into the bank taking it to heights.

NGP VAN Delivering Innovation to Campaigning

NGP VAN has been providing tech and organizational solutions for democratic and progressive organizations and campaigns since 1997. The business is based in Washington, Columbia and has been leading the charts according to non-profits, political campaigns, and organizations, and campaigning apps and software for the past few years.

Founded by Stu Trevelyan, the company has more than a hundred employees. The company is also known as voter Activation Network. The business strives to bring innovation to campaigning such as raising money or prompting people to vote or sign petitions. The corporation provides clients with a robust platform integrated for organizing votes and signatures, causes and goals, and making it easy for people to make their opinion count and deliver their vote or signature, or donate money to a cause.

The NGP VAN has been providing clients with the means to progress with thousands of campaigns. National Democratic committees, political campaigns, and labor unions have been taking advantage of all that NGP VAN has to offer. Among the clients of the NGP VAN the names of Barak Obama, Clinton, and Sanders stand out.

The corporation is committed to proving their clients with innovation and the most powerful and reliable means for campaigning. Last year, the NGP VAN unveiled yet another iteration of their software before the midterm cycle had started. It was the eight edition of the NGP software. Paperless call time is among the most popular feature of the software, and it got some updating as well as additional functionalities. The update achieved a more streamlined ability to dial for dollars and made this somewhat hated part of campaigning feel less unpleasant and tedious. Not only that, but the feature also helps stave off the competition from some potential rivals.

The General Manager of the NGP VAN, Lou Levine, added that one of his favorite improvements was the ability to create custom build call sheets. Clients that are campaigning spend a lot of their time necessary organizing when that time could be spent raising awareness, votes, signatures, or money. Ths new organizational feature cuts down on that time, and so the campaigning clients could focus on interacting with potential supporters. That is the core of working a campaign or raising money for a case.

The NGP VAN continues to grow in popularity. Every year, thousands of clients use the integrated services. The company strives to deliver more functionality and innovation and make campaigning more successful and streamlined for their clients.

William Saito Creates a Positive Environment for Others

Since William Saito started helping people with cybersecurity, he felt he could make an impact on those who needed it. He also felt there were times when other people needed someone who could actually help them through the most difficult times. By looking at these opportunities, William Saito felt he was doing everything the right way. He didn’t worry about the things that were going on or what people were doing to become better at the options they had. William Saito liked making sure everyone saw him as someone who cared about the issues they faced and that was a big part of the career he created.

When other people began following him and doing things the right way like he did, he knew they were making the best choices possible. He also knew the choices he made had a direct reflection on the work he put into his business. As a cybersecurity specialist, it took William Saito a long time to help people the way he wanted. He always felt compelled to give them positive experiences and things they couldn’t get from anyone else in the industry. It helped him make a positive choice and make things easier for those who needed help.

Despite running into some issues, William Saito always felt he was doing things the right way. He felt things would continue getting better no matter what he did and he wanted to keep things working the right way for everything he did. He knew what it would be like to continue changing and continue making things easier, but he felt there were times when he would need to try things that were different for himself and for the people in the industry. It was his goal to keep giving back and showing others the right way to do things.

Because William Saito knew how to help, he felt good about the work he did. There were many times when people couldn’t get the help they needed and times when they had to deal with problems that would come their way. William Saito wanted to fix these problems and wanted everything to keep getting better. Because he spent so much time learning about how to help and learning what people were looking for, he could do a better job than most people were doing. For this reason, he started working with the government to come up with solutions.



How Sheldon Lavin made his into OSI Group, one of the largest food companies in the U.S

When Sheldon Lavin approached Otto & Sons in 1975, he only wanted to help the company to access funds from the lenders through his financial consultancy firm. However, when he got an opportunity to learn more about Otto & Sons, now known as OSI Group, he realized that it isn’t the typical food company in the U.S.

OSI Group has deep roots that run back in the early 1900s when a German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky established a butcher shop in Chicago. OSI Group was among the few companies that survived the great depression to dominate the food industry seven decades later.

How Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group

In 1975, the sons of Otto Kolschowsky approached Sheldon Lavin, who then owned a consultancy. They wanted Sheldon, through his consultancy firm to organize funds for the company from the lenders. Otto & Sons had just rebranded to OSI Industries and it was on a mission to expand to foreign markets.

After realizing the huge potential in the company, Sheldon did not only organize funds for the company, but he also became a business partner by acquiring a controlling 50 percent stake. Together with other executives, Sheldon led OSI Industries to set foot into new markets in Europe, China, India, and North America.

It was easy for OSI Industries to penetrate these markets since they had already built a reputation by offering high-quality products to their customers. The company focused on diversification to introduce new products for the new markets. As a result, OSI industries diversified its product line to include other products such as beef patties, sausage links, fish, pork and poultry products. The company’s revenues also shot upwards to the tune of $6 billion according to a recent report published by the Forbes.

Sheldon’s early career and education

Sheldon Lavin studied Accounting and Finance which led to him establishing a Financial Accounting firm. His consultancy firm focused on helping food companies in America to access funds for expansion from the lenders. That is how Sheldon landed a consulting deal with the Otto & Sons.

What are his achievements at OSI Group?

Sheldon is recognized for many great things at OSI Group. Among them include leading the company through successful acquisitions over the year. Thanks to Sheldon, OSI Group is now supplying food products to clients in more than seventeen countries across the world. Due to his outstanding commitment in OSI Group, Sheldon has won several awards that include the coveted Global Visionary Award in 2016.

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OSI Industries: The Fight to Supply the World with Meat

We love meat. The world consumes a massive amount of meat yearly, and every year that record is broken. Currently, there are over 7 billion of us on this planet and each and every one of us consumes around 75 lbs of meat apiece. That’s a lot of meat. Companies are struggling to keep up, and this demand is driving competition. The meat processing industry has become hyper-competitive and companies at the top of the ladder are waging war against one another to gain control of the market. Some companies are shining, other’s are not. OSI Industries is one of the companies that’s shining. OSI is shining bright.

One way that OSI is meeting the meat demand is through upgrading standing factories. In Spain, OSI Industries recently upgraded their Toledo factory to double its output of poultry products. Instead of producing 12,000 tons of chicken a year the factory produces a stunning 24,000 tons of chicken every single year now. That’s a lot of chicken. The factory also still produces pork and beef products. This gives the factory an overall production output of around 45,000 tons of chicken, pork, and beef products annually.

Also, that’s not the only factory that OSI has been upgrading. Recently, the company purchased a factory from Tyson chicken in the Chicago area for $7.4 million. This purchase gives OSI Industries another in a long line of factories in the Chicago area. Immediately after purchasing the factory, OSI had some work to do. See, the factory was producing chicken products, sure, but OSI needs a lot more than chicken if they are going to satisfy their clients. So, OSI set out to convert the factory into being able to spit out pork, beef, and OSI Industries chicken products. This gives OSI a firm leg to stand on for the aggressive needs of their clientele, which includes names such as McDonald’s and Papa Johns.

OSI leverages it’s factories production capabilities against the market’s demand. This gives them wiggle room when the demand hits heights. Of course, OSI isn’t alone. Many companies are upgrading their factories in the foodservice industry. Most of them aren’t spitting out 45,000 tons a factory, however. For that, you will need to take a look at OSI Industries.

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