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Ted Bauman Suggests Ways to Speed Up Bitcoin

Visa is able to process up to 20,000 transactions a second. Even at peak hours, a retailer knows in a matter of seconds if a Visa charge has been accepted. In the second that Visa is handling tens-of-thousands of transactions Bitcoin handles six or seven. During peak usage times an answer from Bitcoin can take 40 minutes. Financial Expert Ted Bauman warns that completing transactions at a glacial pace could be Bitcoin’s undoing.

During the quarter century that Ted lived in South Africa, he earned a degree in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town. He would further his education at Georgia State University and The State University of New York receiving an MBA in Finance from the former and a BS in Business Administration from the latter.

Ted Bauman spent the first 25 years of his working life employed by nonprofit organizations. Fourteen million people benefited from his efforts as a fund manager for Slum Dwellers International. A job with Habitat for Humanity as Director of International Programs brought Ted back to the States.

In Bitcoin jargon, a record of transactions is known as a mining block. These blocks are linked together to form a blockchain. Ted Bauman believes that speeding up Bitcoin’s transaction completion time is a matter of fewer data in each mining block or making blocks larger.

Bitcoin enthusiasts believe the cryptocurrency is the future of money. Ted Bauman is cautiously optimistic about Bitcoin’s future citing fluctuations in its value. This summer the value of a unit of Bitcoin dropped $3,500 in one month. Ted’s authority to speak on the subject of cryptocurrency comes from his track record of successful investing and experience as a financial consultant and fund manager.

Banyan Hill Publishing produces newsletters devoted to the subject of investing. In 2013 Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill. He edits the “Bauman Letter” as part of a commitment to help the small independent investor grow and keep more of their wealth. The combined readership for the three newsletters Ted edits, the other two are “Plan B Club” and “Alpha Stock Alert”, is 100,000.

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Southridge Capital Champions Innovation and Growth

Stephen M. Hicks, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital, has over thirty years of experience in the investment world. Founding the company in 1996, after working for a small hedge fund in New York, Mr. Hicks was granted the opportunity to strike out on his own and hasn’t looked back since. Today, he spends the majority of his time planning the trajectory of Southridge Capital, ensuring that each endeavor is beneficial to the company’s overall success and growth for the long term. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Stephen M. Hicks is a graduate of Kings College in Briarcliff Manor, New York, where he garnered a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, before pursuing his postgraduate career at Fordham University. The success of Southridge is largely predicated upon the company’s ability to remain productive, as well as progressive. Each day, Mr. Hicks begins with a review of the existing companies within his portfolio, followed by the creation of a list detailing the necessary goals, and actions to complete them. He largely relies on his accrued knowledge and experience within the field to bring his ideas to life. Southridge Capital’s reputation within their section of Wall Street has created a strong level of visibility for the company, which, in turn, allows many of their clients to seek out their services.

As an entrepreneur, as well as the head of Southridge Capital, Stephen M. Hicks utilizes reliable news outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal, to seek out new opportunities. In recent years, he’s begun placing significant emphasis on the future of cryptocurrency and the budding legal marijuana industry. Despite the significant differences between the two markets, they share a number of common characteristics, most notably, their tremendous profit potential. By Mr. Hicks’ estimation, these two sectors have already begun showing signs of significant growth, but have only begun to scratch the surface. While Stephen M. Hicks has experienced a number of successes over the years, a bad investment in a company called Petals, which resulted in a significant financial hit, caused him to change his investment strategy, which now focuses more heavily on cash proceeds, than returns on investment. Check out


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Sightsavers Impacts on the World

Sightsavers is an organization based out of the UK. The mission of the company is to improve the lives of those who have medical conditions and disabilities. Their workers can be found all across the world from Africa, Asia, and even to the Caribbean. They will go out of their way to help as many individuals as possible. As part of their ongoing efforts, they recently had a heavy presence at the Global Disability Summit. A recent article on the website Gazette Day goes into greater depth about what happened at the event.


The summit was built around improving the lives of disabled individuals in four key areas: Respect, Education, Economic, and Technology. Sightsavers fully believes that disabled individuals deserve the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. Studies have shown that over 1 million individuals live with a disability, while an additional 80% live in underdeveloped areas. Going into this event, Sightsavers was determined to get a commitment from all parties to allocate more resources to this global epidemic.


After days of discussions, the summit did produce substantial outcomes. Starting with the most pressing matters, 33 countries vowed to better support citizens in global conflict zones. 18 counties promised to create plans that took into account, disabled individuals. While 9 countries will make better efforts to give disabled individuals the required technological advancements, and begin working on developing laws that factor in the disabled. This is a massive step forward in the right direction for Sightsavers, and for those who have worked for years to see this shift in the world.


In our modern society, there are some places that are simply better than others due to a variety of factors. Sightsavers is an organization who is trying to make the world a fair place for those less fortunate. They have invested countless hours in information campaigns, discussions, and service work around the world. It all culminates when world powers meet at events such as the Global Disability Summit. There is now a conscious effort by many of the world leaders to help disabled individuals. It may take years or generations, but the world is changing one step at a time.

Steve Ritchie, CEO of Papa Johns Getting Feedback from Team Members

In the past few weeks, Steve Ritchie has been traveling in the country to meet the Papa John’s franchisees and team members. At Papa John, they have often trusted that People Are Priority Always (P.A.P.A) and the new CEO wanted to get the first-hand information on what they needed, how they feel, and how Papa John can improve its services.

As part of the nationwide listening tour, Steve Ritchie, the new President, could be seen talking to a team member at a Detroit store. Some of the parts he visited include Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Dallas where he got a chance to speak with the people who operate and work in Papa John’s restaurants. The new CEO acknowledges that without the people outside there, Papa John cannot exist since they are the center for the organization’s business.

Part of what Steve Ritchie listened from franchisees is their preference to make the teams an extension of their families. He also got a chance to hear from people working in Papa John’s stores talking tough to their customers and which was attributed to the lack of trust with the firm. However, the managers elaborated of how they supported local schools and charities in their communities since they are part of the community and more so they care.

According to Steve Ritchie, the conversations were tough although he believes they have a shared optimism for a new beginning. More essentially, the Papa John’s CEO confirmed that the teams are more than dedicated to moving the Franchise Company forward notwithstanding that Papa John will always remain bigger than one person. The firm is composed of store managers, pizza makers, and drivers just to mention a few and the people in the restaurants are representatives of the communities in which they serve.

As the company strives to become a completely rooted brand according to its purpose, the commitment and passion of team members to the quality of products and company will only grow. Advancing and doing better implies that the leaders should continue listening and understanding the feedback even when it’s difficult to hear in addition to taking the necessary steps to create a better company.

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Wes Edens is a successful businessman and entrepreneur

Wes Edens is a great investor from the United States of America. He is renowned in the investment world for being one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group. Apart from being a partner and working at Fortress Investment Group, he has several sports teams. FlyQuest and Milwaukee are his teams. The talented entrepreneur is a graduate of Oregon State University. At the university, he pursued a degree in Business Administration and Finance. After his graduation, he launched his career by looking for a job and landed a position at Lehman Brothers. He worked at the company for more five years and was even promoted to become the managing director. Throughout his journey in entrepreneurship, he has learned a lot of things, and that is why he can successfully invest his money. He moved to work at BlackRock and worked there for four years gaining experienced and skills needed to run a large organization like Fortress Investment Group.

It is through the experience Wes Edens gained from these companies that he discovered he could start a company and even acquire more profits. He met a group of individuals like Randal Nardone who had similar goals, and they set to start a company that would later become a global one. They began Fortress Investment Group in 1998. They had the knowledge and skills on how to manage a startup. They used these skills and made the company successful. It has been growing under their leadership and has attracted customers from around the world. Formerly, it was a private equity firm, but in 2007 it became public and sold shares.

Since it became public Wes Edens has continued to work as the chairman, and he has helped the company in many ways. The company has sections like hedge funds, real estate and equity and they all went to the general public in 2007. Wes Edens is serving on the board of directors, and through his services, Fortress Investment Group is heading in the right direction. His ability to learn the market trends has helped Fortress Investment to be one of the best alternative asset management. That is why customers are happy with the services they get.



Krishen Iyer is the architect behind Quick Link Marketing that is now rebranded as Managed Benefits services. The company is headquartered in Carlsbad, California and provides consultancy services in dental, health and insurance fields. He graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in public administration and urban development. He is identified with his expertise in marketing that has seen the company maintain an edge in the market.

As the founder of Managed Benefits, searching for new lucrative opportunities and innovative solutions has been his main focus. He is driven to achieve the firm’s objectives by coming up with better concepts and strategies towards success. With a passion for management and consultancy, he seeks to understand the short and long-term potential of the organization and thereafter apply suitable approaches.

Krishen Iyer owes his success in academics and career to qualities such as detail-oriented and commitment to intellectualism. He has a busy schedule that entails client networking, technical bolstering, and marketing. For optimum productivity, he prefers to start the day by focusing on clients’ needs and with that in mind, take on other responsibilities. He considers communication as crucial in bringing ideas to life stating that great ideas are the result of several viewpoints arrived at through communication. Additionally, he views communication as a talent and a skill requiring to be improved with time.

He is fascinated by the recent marketing analytics that has enabled them to improve their concepts in fulfilling the clients’ needs. Furthermore, he shares that latest techniques in data collection and analysis have occasioned business growth by reducing risk and boosting efficiency. Indeed, he regards his past experiences as an opportunity to thrive through setbacks and barriers.

Krishen Iyer mentions technological innovation as a viable business idea considering that it has made it easier to connect with different parties. He goes on to declare data analytics program as his favorite software for allowing efficiency in their operations. Besides his busy schedule, Krishen Iyer is involved in community services and humanitarian initiatives.

Organo Gold University Helps Its Distributors Succeed in Their Own Business

Organo Gold was founded by Bernardo Chua in 2008. He had a vision for the company to market a line of healthful bioactive coffee beverages. All of the products that he produces contain ganoderma lucidum, ingredient that comes from the lingzhi mushroom. It is believed to have benefits that promote good health when consumed. The company has expanded to include other beverages such as teas and lemonade.

Bernardo promotes and sells the Organo Gold family of products through a multi-level marketing network. The network consists of distributors who can receive the products on a wholesale basis, and they then sell the products at retail price to their customers. The company has been offering this business opportunity since its inception. The distributors have the opportunity to be in business for themselves and to grow their own business at their own pace.

Organo Gold provides online training to its distributors. Bernardo Chua created the Organo Gold University to help his distributors increase their sales, learn about new products, learn helpful tips on marketing the products, and more. Distributors can sign up and sign in to the Organo Gold University website. It also teaches distributors how to increase their level of sales by signing up new distributors to their network thereby creating the opportunity of multi levels of revenue. Mr. Chua is an experienced trainer and leader of multi-level marketing companies.

The Organo Gold brand has a large following of loyal customers, and most of them give the products high reviews. According to, 79% of review writers gave the products 5 stars and 12% rated them 4 star. There are 1186 positive reviews posted on Amazon. A reviewer found that the 30 pack of sachets is a particularly economical purchase, and she like the “aromatic, earthy and pungent” taste of the coffee.

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End citizens united agenda real

The 2010 supreme court of America ruling in citizen united VS FEC opened the floodgate of special interests and wealthy individuals to control the political elections in America. The political activities revolved around the few special interests ignoring the real voters and agendas of the state left in the hands of a few people who could afford to buy public offices through substantial funding. It remains the only hope for the majority grass root citizens who have been ignored by political leaders.

End Citizens United a political action committee which is funded by grass root donors was formed in March 2015. Its main agenda is to take back power from the few wealthy individuals and take it back to the people where it belongs. In mid elections of 2015 three months after it was started a total of $ 2 million was raised from grass root to fund activities of politicians who supported the noble course

There has been increased membership every year, and more pro-reform candidates have joined End Citizens United course of grass root lobbying and financial reforms in America electoral system. Members only pay an average of $14 which attracts many citizens to fund election-related activities. The critics have been defeated, and three years down the line political action committee has been able to attract more than 400000 members and a target of between $25 million to $30milion reached. View the group’s profile on linkedin.

In the coming mid elections, End Citizens United has attracted several candidates who are ready to be identified with grass root donors refusing to be hoodwinked with wealthy interest groups and dark money circulating in America elections. Andy Kim a Congress candidate who is vying for a third congressional district of New Jersey has been endorsed by End Citizens United. However, he has stated that though he supports the grass root idea, he won’t bother asking for funding either from PAC or corporate. Another already endorsed candidate is Illinois state attorney Brendan Kelly who is known for fighting particular interest, and corporates in support of rights of people.

End citizens united has done marvelously with grass root support of only $14 dollars from ordinary citizens with the aim of making elected leaders accountable to the grass root citizens as opposed to a small group of special interests and wealthy corporate.

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How Victoria Doramus Came Up with the Idea of a Network

Victoria Doramus is a renowned expert in drug addiction psychology and behavior. She has managed to deal with various habits related to drug addiction. She has been able to overcome and eliminate them. Victoria discovered that she requires a network of close friends, especially the fully committed individuals in fighting drug addiction at all costs. She realized this after experiencing great challenges in her mission. She gave a comprehensive and detailed explanation of her experience in her tough task of fighting drug addiction. In her story, she stated that in 2011, she visited rehab for her first time. She spent 45 days at the rehab in Arizona, and they specialized in two drugs, Cocaine and Adderall. Adderall is at times meant for the ADHD patients. However, it’s highly addictive, and its effects are tremendously fatal.

Victoria Doramus learned a lot about the process involved and left with high hopes for the future. She did not wholly understand the nature of addiction and that she was suffering from a disease that required unique treatment since it was not quickly dealt with. In the next five years, she changed jobs, states, and friends but this never worked out for her. In 2016, she got to the lowest point of her life and finally discovered the nature of her problems. Doramus was ready to engage in everything that would get her better. She affirmed that an addict was mandatory in her recovery. She also noted that addicts never commit to things that they are they are not willing to. This is regardless of the tools used and the support. She stated that responsibility and personal resolve are not easily recovered.

Victoria Doramus went back to New York in 2016 where she was highly devoted to fighting her demons severely for her success. She wanted to prove to her mother who was sickly and dying of cancer that she was capable of handling this dreadful issue. Unfortunately, she failed in getting sober by herself. She enrolled for Manhattan doctors for mediation, but they were not reliable since their main aim was making profits at the expense of their clients. Being in Manhattan homeless and with no family nor friends opened her mind, and she realized that she needed a network to help her sail through. She could not do it all by herself.

Betsy DeVos Serves The Educational Needs Of The American People And Hopes To See Educational Choice Available To All

Betsy DeVos was born into a wealthy family in the town of Holland, Michigan. The community she was raised in was a Dutch community, which valued educational choice very much. DeVos attended a private Christian school during her younger years and also studied at a private Christian college by the name of Calvin College. There, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics and was drawn to the politics that took place on the campus. She later married Dick DeVos, and the two of them, together, have done a lot to improve the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan and the state of Michigan, itself.


Betsy DeVos was recently made the Secretary of Education for the United States, and many politicians in Washington D.C. had believed she would be a passive player during her time of service. When president Trump rescinded a law that allowed people to use a bathroom of their choosing based on the gender they identified with, it was said she didn’t necessarily agree but that she remained silent. This caused people to think that she would continue to be this way, but they couldn’t be any more wrong. As soon as she was confirmed, she began a tour of Florida to visit a spread of schools and also contacted the heads of the largest teachers’ unions to set up a meeting.


In the state of Michigan, Betsy DeVos has never backed down from a political fight, and she served the state as the chairman of the Republican Party of Michigan for six years. Many politicians have gone on record stating how much of a determined and dedicated woman she is and that her opponents should be wary. Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, commented that DeVos was dangerous and that while many people underestimate her, she is a woman to be aware of.


Betsy DeVos is used to facing opposition everywhere she goes, and her opponents have tried to make her look ignorant about the inner workings of the American school system. During her confirmation hearings, she was pelted with accusations that she has never been connected to public schools or colleges because she only attended private schools. In response, Mrs. DeVos stated that most kids would probably continue to attend public schools under her watch but that she also wants to support private and charter schools.


The people closest to Betsy DeVos and Mrs. DeVos herself have had to listen to her detractors talk nonsense about her beliefs for many years. Many people mistakenly assume because she is wealthy that she is working for the wealthy. This could not be further from the truth. Instead, Betsy DeVos has always fought the good fight for those who could not fight it for themselves. Her work with passing legislation that benefits poor families has gone a long way towards seeing more Latino children in private and charter schools. Mrs. DeVos does not work for one segment of the American population; she works to provide educational choice for every single citizen of the nation she loves.


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