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Thor Halvorssen Offers His Opinion On Bernie Sanders

Famed human rights activist Thor Halvorssen went on Fox Business News and did a brief interview on his take on socialism and Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders. The founder of the Human Rights Foundation based in New York, said that Bernie Sanders would be a much better presidential candidate than current Democratic party front runner Hilary Clinton.

Mr. Halvorssen blasted Hilary Clinton saying that she and her husband accept donations from dictatorial regimes from Saudia Arabia, Qatar and numerous other countries. He called accepting such donations disgraceful and raised doubts on Clinton’s stance against human rights abuse and dictatorships abroad. If Clinton accepts such donations how can she stand up these human rights violating regimes as president Halvorssen brought up during the interview.

Switching to Bernie Sanders Thor Halvorssen said that the Independent senator from Vermont is a much better choice than Hilary Clinton. Halvorssen would much rather see Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee because he does not accept any donations from dictatorial regimes. Despite being a socialist, Bernie Sanders stands up for human rights and does not tolerate abuses abroad. This stance and his actions are vastly different than Hilary Clinton’s. This is why Thor Halvorssen says on Twitter that he has actually backed senator Sanders’ campaign. He admitted that he has donated the maximum amount allowed to Bernie’s campaign.

Halvorssen also blasted GOP front runner Donald Trump by stating that the the billionaire thinks Vladimir Putin is okay. Putin is known for cracking down on dissidents and censoring the media as well as distorting it to suit his purposes. Thor believes that both front runners must take a stand against human rights abuse and dictators.

Thor Halvorssen admitted that Bernie Sanders’ policies represent a radical shift and new ideas that are not part of the American mainstream in politics. Mr. Halvorssen got into a discussion with the news anchor about a socialistic country and socialistic policy. Halvorssen states that socialist countries like Sweden and his native Venezuela redistribute wealth. He admitted that the problem with trouble spots like Venezuala is not the socialist policy but the dictators in charge there. Halvorssen states that many countries have some socialist elements in their public policies and governments. People should not be afraid of socialist polices, they already exist to an extent in the United States. The real threat is the elimination of freedom and failing to stand up to dictators and rogue regimes.

Organo Gold’s Creation of a Healthy Product

Coffee is a popular product that has been consumed for thousands of years. The product of coffee comes from grinding together beans that are then combined with hot water to create a bitter yet satisfying taste. With today’s technology, coffee can now be manipulated in such a way to be consumed in multiple different temperatures, flavors, as well as textures. Coffee can now be enjoyed as a delicious treat during the hot temperatures of the summer or be enjoyed as a welcomed hot beverage during the cold mornings in the winter. With the exponential growth in coffee, new niches are being formed including the niche of promoting a coffee that encourages healthy living.

One coffee in particular that has been encouraging healthy living is that of Organo Gold. Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua who is a Filipino businessman. Bernardo Chua started Organo Gold on the premise of creating a new brand of coffee that would be both delicious as well as promote the importance of healthy living. Bernardo Chua has extensive knowledge of the business industry and has extensive experience within the multilevel marketing industry. Within his knowledge and experience, Mr. Chua has created a new brand that not only provides delicious products, but also provides relief to any particular ailment. Bernardo Chua created this company on the premise of a secret ingredient that has never before been used in Western culture.

This secret ingredient is called Ganoderma which is a wood-like fungus that has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years. Ganoderma is now used by Bernardo Chua to promote healthy living as well as a delicious cup of coffee. One of the biggest improvements that Ganoderma plays a large role in is the promotion of weight loss. Ganoderma increases the levels of oxygen within the body which in turn increases the amount of weight lost through a natural process. In addition to weight loss, Ganoderma also controls inflammation within the body, boosts the immune system, as well as detoxes the entire body.

The wood-like fungus of Ganoderma is transformed into a powdery substance through a natural process through lacks both chemicals or any added ingredient. The powdery substance is then added to a number of Organo Gold products such as Organo Gold’s gourmet coffee, assortment of tea, as well as Organo Gold’s hot chocolate. Thanks to  Bernardo Chua, there is now a healthy way of consuming coffee.  Bernardo’s official website has even more.

The Collapse of the EU: an Invitation Wrapped within a Warning


If a lifetime could resemble a carefully constructed doctorate program – a program that promised the ne plus ultra of experiential instruction in the subjects of vigilance, reinvention, penetratingly astute social and economic observation, and epically successful wealth building – that lifetime degree program would look like the life of George Soros, legendary financier, Nazi and Communist occupation survivor, internationally influential thinker and philanthropist. Mr. Soros has not only learned how to survive, but thrive, even in uncertain times.

So when George Soros speaks on Bloomberg, he does from a depth and a breadth of experiences that make us, if we are smart, sit up and listen. Any mentor who has mastered life as Mr. Soros has might reasonably excuse himself to the private enjoyment of his fortune far from the public eye and the eschewing scrutiny of critics and commentators. But not Mr. Soros, who is, in fact, driven by more complex and compelling forces and motivations. Among them is the desire to warn, to teach, and to guide. Oh, and “to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people” (“About Us,” 2016).

Now Mr. Soros is warning of the imminent collapse of the European Union. At the root of the headline-grabbing prediction that has put George Soros back in the hot seat and spotlight is a fundamental belief in humanity and change. And like any good prophecy, the point is not to instill fear and a catatonic sense of “pessimism,” a word far too often associated with Mr. Soros’ views. Rather the point is to alert us to change course, while there’s still time.

Since the 2014 release of his book The Tragedy of the European Union: Disintegration or Revival? Mr. Soros’ message has become more timely and pressing. And people are listening. Soros, whose book and predictions have been the focus of numerous interviews, essays, and articles in major financial and popular news outlets, is predicting the end of the European Union as we know it.

Collapse? Really? Soros, who well knows that to understand the complex, you must understand subtext and context, has carefully monitored the Greek crisis, the immigration crisis, terrorist attacks in Europe, and a number of the crises, unprecedented in scope and consequence, conspiring to test the viability, strength, resilience, and cohesion of the European Union.

But all is not without hope, or opportunity. Soros is not a man who indulges in hopelessness, nor is he a man without a plan. He believes the key to the EU’s survival is an intelligent, planned, and humane approach to Europe’s new wave of refugees from Syria and other countries, an approach that would be financed through the use of long-term bonds and the EU’s “largely untapped AAA borrowing capacity” (Kollmeyer, 2016). Soros also believes that the key to the EU’s survival may well be Germany and the leadership of Angela Merkel. Soros notes that Merkel, whose views and actions have not always aligned with his own, correctly forecast the immigration crisis and saw the real possibility of an EU collapse. Soros believes that the real test for the continued existence and promise of open society in the EU may well be in the hands of “The Chancellor of the Free World,” and her country.

The beginning of the answer may simply lie in the full embrace of Soros’ powerful warning. When interviewed recently on the possibility of the collapse of the EU, one interviewer told Soros, “You paint a bleak picture.’ Mr. Soros responded “But it is a biased view and deliberately so. Recognizing a problem is an invitation to do something about it” (Schmitz, 2016). And so it is.


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How Small Businesses Can Profit From CCMP Capital

Small business owners often say they have a sound financial plan, but only a few do. Most of these are on the back of the drawer or gathering desk in the corner. They are never gone through for years. Some businesses say they have everything written on their mind that they don’t have to review or keep the records in writing. Most of these plans fail the moment they are created.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a capital management and investment banking firm that offers a number of products and services for small businesses and large corporations. They have a strong and evolving plans for profits that will never fail its clients. These plans are designed to run the business on a regular basis, that are apt and ones that meet expenses related to the business. The plans are focused on where the client’s business stand and what to do in order to make it work for the long haul.

Most small businesses estimate sales, then figure out the cost of sales before arriving at the bottom number: the profit. And that is not an acceptable way of running a business if the business cared about making money. This residual budgeting is nothing but prone to failure as well. CCMP Capital will show its clients how to make the right budget and statements so the business owners don’t have to fail to react when budgets get out of line. The professionals working here provide the most detailed and active operating plans for their clients that are tailored to every situation. These plans are prepared by estimating sales levels, determining the cost and expenses and things that are needed to achieve the profit goal. The plans are apt and end up being success. The operating plans also depend on the owner’s commitment to the project.

CCMP Capital crunchbase professionals will make enough changes to the plans they devise to keep the bottom-line profit intact. They will make sure to avoid any issues along the way that would get in the way of fiscal discipline. The budget plans permit cost control as well. By doing this and making sure expenses never exceed the budget, the operating profit will be maintained throughout the business’s lifetime. They offer services and approaches that are the only concrete ways to ensure and measure performance among employees and departments. They will help businesses set profit target and make them stick to a prescribed budget in a timely manner.

Stephen Murray is the founder and the driving force behind CCMP Capital. He is a well-known philanthropist and a financial analyst as well. Stephen “Steve” Murray holds a degree in commerce from Boston College and masters degree in business administration from Columbia Business School.

Dog Food Production

Freshly baked and cooked meals are the ones that are the main dealings for this start up company and has now become the biggest of all producers in the . This company is the main company that has only the production of dog meals that uses the meals that are made of meat as well as the meat products. This company now has a reputation that it has because it makes only delicious and crunchy meals that all dogs as well as pets do enjoy dishing on.

Its name is Purina and has a very big line of production to meet the growing demand for its materials that is one of the best facilities in the in Bethlehem this very month and is situated in Pennsylvania Bethlehem in the United States of America. Freshet is the best company by far because of the success on Amazon that it has been able to achieve by now. It is now becoming the company that is an award winning company because it is now more than twenty billion net worth and that is just only in terms of the production of dog food it has been able to produce over the years.

Beneful has a very great ideally net cushion and is now becoming the forefront in making dog food. It is favoured in the eyes of many youtube fans and is willing to take out money to buy it in their cottages for their pets to feed on. It opens the wallets of many individuals. Dog’s and cats are also the most beneficial of the products of the company.

Richard is the manager of the company and has become the best asset that the company has jihad ever since it was stared. It ions the company that has become the key producer of the key factors that are now becoming key memory factors. He is only interested in the fresh products that can be able to be made by the company and he has only decided to preserve the products using the best preservative in the market today that is called eschews as well; as ensuring the products are sold in time.




Sergio Cortes And His Fight For Public Health

In mid-2013, floods hit Xerem district in the municipality of Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro state. Among the people who visited the most affected areas was Sergio Cortes, the State’s secretary of health. An article published in Extra explained that the government ran a Dengue hydration center at the Xerem health center, serving about 300 people daily. The Atanews said article can be found here

The move was seen as a preventive measure due to the large amounts of accumulated garbage in and around the city, heightening the proliferation of the dengue mosquitoes. After deliberations with Camilo Junquiera, the municipal health secretary along with the National Health Force Conception coordinator, the state agreed to deliver a second calamity kit as well as 3000 antibiotic tablets to tackle leptospirosis early.

The State Department of Health took measures aimed at preventing diseases such as hepatitis A and diarrhea that are caused by contaminated water, after rainfall such as dengue among others.

Lab tests showed that the samples collected were unsatisfactory and as such teams were involved in the daily disinfecting of water with the department of health urging people to take up the idea. The initiative received a major boost with the state government providing Caxias with 10,000 sodium hypochlorite bottles to be used in water tanks. Sergio Cortes reminded donors to include bottled water in their donations. Training people were deployed to the center to identify symptoms of major diseases early.

As the secretary of health,  niteroi reported Sergio Cortes has called for public awareness on  the differences between the dengue virus and zika virus that has in recent months been spreading through Brazil and other parts of South America and has followed closely the progress in the search for a cure to the virus.

Cortes has also issued warnings about other viruses like the chikungunya virus that has similar symptoms and is also spread by mosquitoes. A good preventive measure is avoiding stagnant water that allows the mosquitoes to reproduce.

Other publications by Cortes include child self-esteem and the effects that it has on the child’s later life as an adult. Similarly, Cortes expressed his concerns over Osteoporosis, a progressive illness that wears out the bones as well as the truth and myths about diabetes. Sergio also gave a few exercises that help eliminate and prevent back pains.

Sergio Cortes can be found on social platforms like twitter and linked in.

Brad Reifler, the Journey to Starting the Forefront Management Group, LLC

It has been a long journey but Brad has finally made a mark in the finance and investment industry. So far, more than three investment firms including Reifler Trading cooperation, Pali Capital, and Forefront Management Group, can credit their immediate success to his determination and so can many others on whose management boards and steering committees he has served. Brad has over 30 years of experience in the investment and financial world that makes him one of America’s best financial minds.
How did he start?

Wikipedia shows that Brad graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from the Bowdoin College in 1981. Instead of turning to employment, he set out on establishing an independent career and founded the Reifler trading corporation, a company that dealt with the execution of global derivatives. As the company’s CEO, Brad steered it to unprecedented levels until the year 2000 when it was sold to Refco Inc.

With the experience he had gained with Reifler, Brad founded yet another company in 1995, Pali Capital, a broker-dealer with a keen focus on equity markets. He served as the company’s CEO between 1995 and 2008 during which time he steered it to achieve the excesses of $1 billion in commission income and expand operations to over four continents. His shrewd stewardship of Pali Capital demonstrated his mastery of the financial markets. This not only earned him a name but also saw him gain popularity and trust in the finance industry.

The journey to Forefront management group
After leaving Pali Capital in 2008 and buying his beautiful farm home, Brad set out to starting yet another company. In June 2009, he registered Forefront Management Group, LLC that has under its wings several other subsidiaries including Forefront Advisory and Forefront Capital Markets. He plans to use his financial knowledge and innovativeness in steering Forefront Management to such levels that could only be imagined for Pali Capital.

He has come up with very friendly and innovative strategies of getting the unaccredited investors, who make up to 99 percent of the general population, involved in the capital markets through education and transparency. What makes him and his strategies stand out is his high level of transparency and integrity. Brad wants Forefront to be seen as the safe place where persons can find investment options and save for the future.  Brad has a popular following on Twitter, where he can be reached for financial commentary on most of the days issues.

Doe Deere’s Beauty Tips For Modern Women

Doe Deere has some great fashion tips for women looking for a change to their routine makeup and style. Her makeup tips come in all color, shape and size for beginners and advanced users. She specializes in colorful and cruelty-free cosmetics as well which is a great and safe move compared to many beauty companies that suggest and supply harsh chemicals containing cosmetic products. Doe Deere is unique in many ways. Her style has reached the heart and soul of many youngsters and celebrities. She has favorite fashion rules that will keep you interesting as well as attractive. She can prove that anyone can be stylish and unique in their own sense with her makeup products.

Doe Deere has sound advice for women who are tired of mundane task of applying the same colors and shades everyday. She suggests them to think outside the box with what they have. Her favorite fashion and beauty rules are highly recommended for anyone trying to apply makeup on themselves. According to her, the following rules should be broken when it comes to fashion and style.

Certain makeup products must be applied in the right manner in order to achieve greater results. For example, the rule suggests not to wear a bold eye with a bold lip color. People fall into the trap of applying bold color lipstick, eye shades and mascaras all the time. It suggests not to try bold on all makeup products. For heavy smoky eyes with bold shades, the rule’s advice is to pair it with clear or nude lips. A simple eye would work best for anyone planning to go with dark red or purple lipstick. Doe Deere while teaching makeup tips to her clients likes to break the rule of conventional makeup application on a regular basis. She likes to pair rusty red lipsticks with Venus eye-shadow palettes or a vibrant blue lipstick with light eye makeup. Her advice is to mix and match color but try a combination of dark and light shades. That is excitingly refreshing for women who think their choices are dull.

Another of Doe Deere’s tips for makeup is to break the rule that says not to mix too many colors. The rule says, how many colors to be used is up to the individual applying it. There are many color combinations to try but making too many color choices will make matter worse. The rule suggests not to look garish with many colors but go for something softer, more than anything, to trust instincts. The rule also has tips to what color would look best on someone. Her trick is to pull off multiple shades of same color and coordinate with one another. Her favorite combination of colors are green and pink, hot pink and lavender and peach and periwinkle. She suggests these colors to her clients and they love it. And yet another good thing can come out of these color combinations is the myriad choices that you can have with outfit, hair color and accessories. Doe Deere has many tips for those looking to have that perfect look.

A Full Analysis Of The New York City Housing Market From Town Residential

Town Residential is a real estate company that has been working with New York residents for the length of their career. The company has been able to provide the residents on with the best of all luxury housing in New York City and they have been able to have a strong handle on the way that the New York Housing market works. They have been able to provide the residents and the potential residents of the city with information on what they are going to do with the market and the different ways that the market is working to help make them better.

The agency provides a report called The Aggregate every quarter. They publish this report with Virtual Strategy Marketing to give people the chance to see the different ways that the market has changed in the past and the way that it is going to change in the coming months. The report is one that is comprehensive and gives residents most of the information that they need when it comes to New York City and living in it. The report always lists the current pricing trends of homes in the city as well as the moving trends from within the city.

The biggest trend that New York City has seen in the past quarter is the lack of people moving into the city. It has been hard for people to move into the city because prices have been rising. In the past, there was limited space for potential residents to move into, but his is no longer the case. People are not having trouble finding available housing, they are now having trouble finding housing that they are able to afford in New York City. The prices have risen by around 6% in all of the different types of real estate in New York City.

One of the things that have not changed about the city is that the developments are still being built. People are still trying to find places to put new housing even though people are not moving into them. In the past, new developments would be completely occupied before they were even finished. Now, the same type of developments are sitting vacant for months at a time because people simply cannot afford to move into them. Most potential residents are now opting for homes that are for sale in the city that were previously owned ones.

The Life and Charitable Giving of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos (conceived Richard Marvin DeVos, Jr., October 21, 1955) is a visionary business specialist from Michigan. The child of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos; he served as President of the shopper merchandise dispersion organization from 1993–2002. In 2006, DeVos kept running for legislative head of Michigan, however, lost to Fair officeholder Jennifer Granholm In 2012, Forbes magazine recorded him as the 67th wealthiest individual in the United States, with total assets of around $5.1 billion. 

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Almost 50% of $90.9 million the DeVos family gave away through their five family establishments in 2013 bolstered education initiatives.

This classification incorporates open and private colleges and Christian and open K-12 schools, and associations that give instructive administrations. 

In general, the family says its gifts fall into four general classes: instruction, wellbeing and group, arts and culture, and church and religious gatherings. 

With an end goal to see how the DeVos family portrayed its giving in 2014 for a story in Forbes Magazine, MLive broke down IRS filings of the family’s 2013 beneficent gifts, the most current record freely accessible. 

The IRS records are being partaken in the databases underneath to show how 567 gifts were classified, utilizing rules gave by family representative John Truscott. 

The databases incorporate beneficiaries, beneficiary area, gift sum and class for each of the five family establishments, including the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. 

In spite of the fact that the family is additionally broadly known for its backing of traditionalist political hopefuls and issues, these IRS 990-based figures do exclude political commitments. In any case, a segment of the altruistic giving appeared here is to conservatively adjusted establishments, for example, research organizations. 

MLive’s examination demonstrated $60 million, or almost 66 percent, of the family’s 2013 gifts went to associations in Michigan, with the lion’s share staying in the Grand Rapids territory. 

The order is convoluted by many associations with a double mission. 

For instance, Christian Learning Center, in Wyoming, Michigan, is a religious association that gives after-school mentoring. For this situation, MLive chose the class training as best portraying the association’s basic role. 

However, Dick regularly gives to his own aviation high school as well. He is an avid pilot of both various models of airplanes and helicopters. You can see his passion personified in the video of his spectacular landing in his Michigan hometown below.

Wellbeing and the group are a classification that demonstrated the greatest scope of projects, from gifts to youth associations like the Young Men and Young Ladies Club to political research organizations like the Legacy Establishment in Washington, D.C. 

In light of MLive’s examination of the family’s 2013 giving, 48 percent of gifts were spent on instruction, 27 percent on wellbeing and group administrations, 13 percent on chapel and religious associations, and 12 percent on expressions and society.

To learn more about the career of DeVos, check out his LinkedIn page. If you’re interested to see more of his life story, check out his personal website or you can keep up with him on social media as he has an active presence on Facebook and Twitter.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016