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Social Networking Made Easy With Applications

The world today has a lot of social networks through which people get to expand their social circle. Skout is a social network application that allows people to connect with each other both locally and internationally. More than ten million users of Skout are said to be using the application as a guide during their virtual journeys. Skout has given its users all over the world the ability to stay in touch with each other. The social network has been connecting people since its establishment in the year 2007. Skout application was initially expected to serve two major functions including a travel guide and as a means of connecting people located in different locations.

Skout enables you to meet new people from all over the world instantly. Skout helps people enhance their friendship network and chats through its exciting in-apps. The application has made it easier for people to expand their social networks just by a tap on the button. Some of the most interesting features found in Skout include the chat option, being able to see who checked you out, updates from people around you, being able to buy and send gifts. The others are the option of saving your favorite users, browsing through profiles and photos together with in-app features that allow you to promote your profile picture. Users are also capable of unlocking premium features and earn points for themselves.

GoPro App

Through GoPro application, users can create and share short video clips instantly. Users can transfer their short clips from their GoPro camera to their social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube among many others. The application also has a feature called live preview. Live preview allows users to be able to tune fine the camera settings together with the frame scene. Camera updates can also be acquired using the Highlight Tag. One is also able to create special moments by using the Highlight Tag. The key features include its compatibility with the Apple watch. It allows you to use Apple watch as the viewfinder to give the best shot. Other features in the Apple watch include the start/stop recording option, snap a photo, changing the capture modes from the convenience of your wrist. The user is also capable of pulling still high-quality photos from videos making it easier to share.

Amazon video

This amazing application allows users to stream movies and TV shows on Amazon video. Prime members are capable of gaining access to plenty of titles on Prime Video at no additional costs. Prime members are also able to buy or rent plenty of titles of their choice. Amazon video allows its users to stream many titles such as the award-winning Amazon Original Series including the Golden Globe-Winning comedy Transparent. Other interesting series users get to stream on Amazon video include Tumble Leaf, the Emmy-Award winning children series. These series can be streamed to devices such as iPhone and iPads. Users are also able to download select titles to watch offline whenever they cannot gain access to the internet. Titles bought or rented from the catalogue contains thousands of titles can also be easily accessed.

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Beneful Adult Dog Food Healthy Weight Formula

Finding the perfect dog food for your love can be a challenging situation. But looking doesn’t have to be a uneducated one. Beneful is a great brand on Facebook that offers dogs many different nutritional options the benefit every part of your dogs development. Beneful Adult Dog Food Healthy Weight Formula When it comes to the weight of your dogs, it’s so important that you help them keep a healthy one.
Beneful Adult Dog Food Healthy Weight is an amazing dog food that helps you keep your dogs at a healthy size. This food uses healthy ingredients and calorie-smart formula to help maintain the weight of your pet. With it’s 100% complete and balanced nutrition, Beneful Adult Dog Food Healthy Weight formula is perfect to not only keep your dog’s healthy weight, but keep them healthy as well.
Beneful Original Recipe Adult Dog Food Dog food doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be healthy. Beneful Original Recipe Adult Dog Food is great for your furry friends because it offers a formula that is healthy, tasty and fun in size and shapes. This balanced nutrition will help your dog florish and grow in a variety of ways, while letting your pockets breath. Beneful Playful Life Dog Food There is nothing like having an energetic playtime. Beneful Playful Life Dog food is perfect when it comes to fueling your dogs play. This dry dog food features protein and wholesome carbohydrates. It also consists of veggies and great nutrition. Beneful Prepared Meals Dog & Puppy Food
Beneful Prepared meals Dog and Puppy Food offers veggies, meat, grains that work to give your pet the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive. These resealable containers are extremely convenient meals full of healthy ingredients.

FreedomPop to Sell Smart Phones at Discount

FreedomPop is moving into the phone distributing field with their latest announcement of reduced priced smart phones. The freemium MVNO announced that they will be selling discounted, refurbished phones until November 27th in order to bring in new subscribers to their company. Along with these discounted phones new subscribers will receive one free month of premium FreedomPop, as reported by RCR Wireless.

The two phones that FreedomPop will be selling for the Holiday season will be the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Motorola E smartphone. The Galaxy S4 will be sold for just $100, a discount of over $350 from its sticker price. The Motorola E will be priced most competitively as it will be sold for just $40, a discount of almost $200 overall. These discounted phones are refurbs in pristine condition though they do not promise to be the latest models available. They’ll run on the premium FreedomPop plan for the first month (unlimited talk, text, and one gig of data) before reverting back to the standard plan that FreedomPop offers.

The decision to move into discounted phone sales makes complete sense for one of the nations most affordable mobile carriers available. We’ve seen FreedomPop continually push to expand their market outreach and this will definitely appeal to Holiday shoppers that are looking to get tuned into something affordable without sacrificing what they are used to. We’ve also seen FreedomPop move their company as a whole toward distributing hardware as the company announced a partnership with Intel.

Intel Capital paid an undisclosed amount to get in on the funding of FreedomPop and now the company is working on a WiFi priority smart phone. This smart phone will defer to WiFi at all times, only using mobile data as a last resort. The phone will be released through FreedomPop at some point in 2016 and it remains to be seen exactly what the specs and price point will be listed at. Knowing that FreedomPop is focused on saving money for the consumer we anticipate that it will be quite a bit cheaper than much of the competition.

FreedomPop has also begun a serious outward expansion toward other large marketplaces. A partnership with Axiata Group will have FreedomPop released in Asian markets at some point in 2016 all while they continue to grow over in the U.K. CEO Stephen Stokols has repeatedly shrugged off M&A rumors and appears well positioned to grow the company himself.

Kevin Seawright and His Business Ventures

Kevin Seawright is a financial advisor who works specifically with communities. He has been a member of the financial world since a young age when his parents first began introducing hime to the finances and the aspects of the world. They ingrained in him a want for a better financial world and they were able to help him make the right decisions regarding finances. They helped him through formal education as well as online education, both of which he is a big supporter of. He believes that formal education is able to make a difference in the way that people live their lives and it can have a great effect on a community.

In the beginning of his career, Seawright worked for an agency in Philadelphia and that was outlined in CrunchBase. This was a private sector industry that worked with the many communities in and around the city of Philadelphia. He did work with this agency to help improve the communities and rallied for the financial improvement of the communities that the agency worked with. Seawright was one of the leaders for the company and was able to bring a lot of good to the communities that the agency was involved with. He enjoyed working for these communities and did so in a private type of arrangement as opposed to one that was government run and governmentally based.

WorldClassMagazines wrote that the next career position that Seawright took was with a governmental agency based out of Baltimore, MD. He helped to make a difference in the communities that were associated with this agency. While this was an excellent career opportunity, Seawright knew that he belonged in the private sector instead of the government area of the community financial help. He made a great deal of difference for the people, but he knew that he needed to move onto different opportunities. The move from government run to privately run agencies was a good one and helped Seawright move forward in his career, to a place further than where he was ever at before.

Newark CEDC is where Kevin Seawright currently holds a position. He is the CFO and the Vice President of the agency. He has been able to help communities in and around Newark, New Jersey and has worked with other agencies in the area. The opportunities that he has had in Newark have been able to help him go even further with his career. He has been able to not only help himself, but has also been able to help the communities that he serves through the company. His 12 year old daughter serves as his inspiration and he hopes that she will want to begin a career in finances to continue the financial legacy he created.  His accreditation with the Notre Dame executive leadership course shows he’s going to be much more successful in the future.