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George Soros States Struggling Chinese Economy is Eerily Familiar

If you don’t know who George Soros is, he is one of the richest men in the world, racking up his staggering net worth of just over twenty seven billion dollars on through wise investments and his hedge fund firm. His hedge fund firm grew at a solid twenty percent throughout the majority of his career, and his solid understanding of the economy has made him a truly wealthy man. However, the bulk of George Soros’ success has really come from analyzing the current economies and monetary systems in the World, and using that developed skill to make a lot of money. He made a cool billion dollars by predicting that the United Kingdom was going to have no choice other than to devalue their pound. This prediction and decision is important when it comes to talking to George Soros, because he not only predicted that the UK was going to have to devalue the pound, but he put a huge amount of money on the line to back that prediction.

George Soros came out before the 2008 economic disaster that has caused so many problems in the United States, as well as other areas of the World. At the current moment on, China is facing major problems economically, as they are struggling to figure out a way to expand and is seeking out a growth model that will rectify their situation, but things are not looking good for them. They are devaluing their currency, which is directly going to affect the economies of countries all over the World. China exports massive amounts of products to the entire Western World and the fact that a huge amount of countries do business with China, coupled with their devaluation of currency and economic growth problems, there very well may be catastrophic events in the future.

George Soros has stated that after analyzing the current situation in China and the rest of the World that it is very reminiscent of what took place in 2008. Because of this, he asserts that it really does appear to be a crisis and has warned investors to really think hard about any type of investments that they may make during this time. Soros also warned in 2011 that there was a bigger threat of crisis than in 2008, which was rooted in Europe, but things did not end up being as bad as they could have been. In essence, there was a greater problem in 2008, but a major crisis ended up being for the most part avoided, but that does not take away from the fact that George Soros was right about the potential of a disaster. The current situation in China is absolutely troublesome, and without approaching it the right way, there is no question that we could end up ultimately experiencing a disaster as big, or potentially bigger than in 2008. When it comes to accurate predictions, Soros has been on point, so it may be a great idea to keep an open ear out to what he has to say.

Boosting Confidence with WEN by Chaz Products

Beauty lies on the hands of the beholder. It’s about feeling all right. But does it really come so naturally? I never know and perhaps I deserve an answer to that. Beauty means lifestyle, and lifestyle means a way of living. Talking about health hair lifestyle, this is something Chaz Dean – the creator of Wen, has definitely sorted out. He is a hair stylist who does it really well and takes pride in it. He offers amazing products that brings out magic when tried out. They are of standard quality and perfect I would say. The fact that they want to see their clients experience amazing results with the products they offer, is the aim of his company.

Wen is an incredible hair line with a spectacular fan following. Its magic is a trending thing on social media platform. The WEN Cleansing Conditioner from is a greatly worked formula that speaks volumes of what beauty is when tried out, a magical experience I would call. It brings change to fine hair and transforms it into a much coveted experience. The Fig Version gives the hair a voluminous, moisturised, bouncy and shiny look. It brings out that amazing look that calls for nothing but acceptance and a lot of cheers. About the recommended amount to be used is labelled and it should not call for any alarm.

On how to use WEN, pour the required amount into your hands, uniformly spread it on the hair, thoroughly massage it into the scalp and pull it through across the ends. Let the conditioner soak in for some time and then rinse with clean water.


Youtube Video Sensation Wengie Shares Her Story Of Success

Wendy Huang has unexpectedly become a YouTube sensation. What started out as a blog post about health and beauty products would turn into a highly successful and popular YouTube Channel that has become Wendy’s Huang’s full time occupation and source of livelihood. Wengie’s blog posts received so much attention and viewers, that it caught the attention of health and beauty companies who wanted Wendy to review and mention their products in her blog.

Seeing the popularity of her blog, and the interest it generated from health and beauty companies Wendy launched her own Youtube Channel which she nicknamed Wengie. Like the blog preceding it, her YouTube Channel proved to be a hit. It recently capped 1 million subscribers and has close to 30 million views. In honor of this extraordinary milestone, Wendy Huang agreed to sit down and do an interview with TubeFilter, which covers YouTube sensations from all over the world. Below is a summary of the key points in the interview.

When asked how she felt about reaching over a million subscribers, which is a major landmark, Wengie seemed indifferent. She replied “Don’t get me wrong it feels great, but it is like a birthday. “You feel excited in anticipation, but when it happens it is just like any other day.” Wengie also described how she left a comfortable six figure salary to pursue managing her Wengie YouTube channel full time. It was a big risk, says Wendy, but she says the satisfaction she derives from it is well worth the risk she took to become independent.

Wengie discussed how she tries to keep the content of her channel positive. She provides advice to her younger viewers on things such as bullying and relationships. The YouTube star also tries to promote a healthy lifestyle by sharing healthy diet tips and exercise tips.

Of course the hallmark of Wengie is her immense number of videos on a large variety of beauty and skincare products from all over the world. When asked if she felt unique due to her background and having grown up in Australia, Wengie replied she doesn’t feel any more special that anyone else.

Making Weddings More Fun

An Article in the “Huffington Post” written by Matt Douglas describes the agonies connected with the gift registry aspect of modern weddings. He recalls the anguish of his own wedding, which took place 15 years ago when electronic ordering of goods was not being used. Now thanks to electronic merchandisers from Neiman Marcus and Amazon to Walmart, the process of shopping for wedding gifts and, actually, any shopping has been dramatically changed from misery to fun. This change is affecting commerce in the United States of America and in Europe. It has been developed to the nth degree by an application named “Slyce” this cell phone application allows a person to take a snapshot on the cell phone camera and have the Slyce application locate the item, identify the item and even order the item in a color or size of the app users preferences. The item is paid for and sent to the app owners address ASAP.

Slyce is the application of the decade, and its further development in areas outside of commerce bode well for civilization.

The author of the article went on to recommend three other apps to simplify the wedding gift morass: The Knot Registry, MyRegistry and Honeyfund.

Further in the article the great problem of coordinating and purchasing wedding and bridesmaids dresses and tuxedos for the boys was addressed and remedies suggested. With the cost of a wedding dress, which is usually worn only once, in the neighborhood of $1400., renting the dress seems the better alternative. Borrowing Magnolia is a business which offers to buy lightly used wedding dresses and gives customers the option to buy or borrow a dress for their wedding. Vow to Be Chic is a business offering wedding dresses and coordinating bridesmaids dresses for rent. The boys can coordinate by using the services of Union Station to buy or rent matching tuxedos.

These recommendations seemed tailor-made to please those who are footing the enormous bill for weddings. It, almost, makes a person want to get married.

Feeling Like A Woman With Lime Crime Makeup

There are several beautiful colors of eye shadow that are presented by the company that I haven’t found with other companies. One of my favorite things to use is the lip gloss. It goes on the lips smooth, and I don’t have to reapply it after half an hour. The gloss gives a sheen to the lips that I can’t seem to get with other products that I’ve tried. Colors include the traditional pinks and reds that you would expect, but there are also blues and purples that give a delicate color to the lips, blending well with many outfits that I wear.

Another product available on Amazon, that I enjoy is the eye glitter. It comes in a small container, so I don’t have to worry as much about it spilling. It only takes a small amount of the glitter to make my eyes sparkle, making the product last for a longer time. I have also found that I can use the glitter in my hair if I add a small amount of water.  Their Instagram shows how Lime Crime is a company that focuses on the happiness of its customers. The products are safe to use and not tested on animals. I have found that the makeup doesn’t make my face red, and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy as other products that I have used in the past. This makes it easy to wear the makeup for longer periods of time, which makes me feel beautiful no matter where I’m at or who I’m with. 

3 Reasons You Should Protect Your Wealth With Precious Metals

Precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum have long been hailed as the best recession proof assets. Many experts refer to them as the last true currencies. While economies all over the world continue to struggle, gold, silver and platinum continue to outperform almost all other asset types.
Here are 3 reasons posted by PR Newswire you should protect your wealth using precious metals:

Reason #1 – Paper Money Can No Longer Be Trusted

History according to CBS19 has shown over and over again that paper currencies will eventually become worthless. In volatile times you will notice the fall of a currency versus gold is quite dramatic. This is because unlike paper currency, gold is not at the mercy of the government.

So unlike paper money, gold maintains its value. Being that more and more paper money is flooding the economy, you can expect gold to be a major player in economies all over the globe.

Reason #2 – Inflation Is Looming

Over the last 8 years the U.S. Money Reserve has pumped trillions and trillions of dollars into the economy according to The more money floating around in the economy, the less value it has. This of course is a recipe for inflation.

The great thing about precious metals such as gold is they can act as a hedge against inflation. That means your buying power won’t be affected by what’s going on in the economy.

Reason #3 – Central Banks Are Stockpiling Their Gold Reserves

Central banks all over the world are started to stockpile their gold reserves. In particular, Eastern nations are starting to diversify by investing more and more into the yellow metal. If the biggest banks in the world see the importance of investing in gold, its safe to say you should follow suit.

If you would like to learn more about protecting your wealth with precious metals, visit the U.S. Money Reserve website and download a free gold information kit. You can also call 1-866-MINT-GOLD and speak with an experienced representative.

Be sure to follow U.S. Money Reserve on the following social media sites to stay up to date with everything that’s going on in the world of precious metals.

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Many small companies review White Shark Media for online marketing and consulting. They have proven their worth in the industry by creating a steady client base of happy customers. Testimonials from satisfied clients reveal that the main reason for success is an increase in website traffic as well as conversion rates.
Shark Media make an AdWords evaluation for the client’s online website and offer AdWords optimization. This is essential as every business wants traffic to their sites to drive more sales. As a big company, they are bound to receive complaints about their service delivery. White Shark is keen to explain how the company works, and why things are the way they are. Of course, many website owners know little about AdWords optimization hence do not understand some concepts. The company is also challenged by a customer when they do not drive any more leads than the customer was used to. It happens rarely. As an unfortunate incidence, the company is quick to resolve this so that a client sees the fruits of his labor.
The company boasts of expertise in AdWords management. It has a premier program where it has hand-picked partners. This program is in association with Google who are the owners of the AdWords program. White Media Shark is very strict on meeting the stringent demands and training requirements by Google. It is the zeal and attention to detail that makes them the best in the industry. They have yielded great results with happy customers attesting to the fact that their businesses shot up after the company started handling their AdWords campaigns.
Being the best in any business is not easy. We have to give it to White Shark Media Review for the commendable job they do in ensuring that small companies grow.

FreedomPop is Expanding

FreedomPop is a company that offers 500 MB of data and 200 minutes of talk time a month, for free. They are the only company in the game to offer this, which makes them unique. They do offer paid month to month plans.

Well, the company is expanding. FreedomPop is run by T-Mobile, who is in turn run by the company Deutsche Telekom. DT holds 65% of the shares in T-Mobile. There is a spectrum auction scheduled for the week of March 15, 2016.

Furthermore, the biggest contenders for the auction have been taken out by other companies. Verizon, for instance, was issued a large fine by the FCC for a “supercookie” they were putting into users’ internet use. These cookies were meant to help direct targeted ads from Verizon and other companies who paid to have those ads show up.

FreedomPop has some of the best customer loyalty, and if this expansion goes well, it could mean more customers for the company, and more money on the bottom line. Though there are some who take advantage of the free plan, there are some who decide to go from the free plan to one of the paying plans; people who switch usually stay.

No matter how the customers react to the expansion, it’ll happen.

Watch this FreedomPop review

Thor Havlorssen Discusses Socialism and Bernie Sanders With Fox News

Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights Foundation recently did an interview on Fox News with Trish Regan where he was asked about about socialism, its effect on human rights, and Bernie Sanders. The interview on ‘The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan’ began with a typical introduction and then Halvorssen was asked about the relation between socialism and violations of human rights. Thor Halvorssen quickly qualified the discussion by saying that countries that are not socialist can obviously also violate human rights and that just having a socialist government is not an automatic violation of rights. As long as there is a proper separation of powers, he said, and constitutional rights are enforced, a socialist government can be “perfectly OK”, and noted examples like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. He then went on to say that the issue was when socialism is co-opted as cover by authoritarians. Socialism can easily be used to mask dictators and populists who will use socialism as an excuse and end up exploiting the country and taking money for themselves.

Trish Regan then turned the discussion back to Bernie Sanders by saying that she believes that Bernie supporters don’t really understand how socialism works as a system of government. Halvorssen countered by saying that many if not most democratic countries have some socialist policies and that although some people believe socialism, communism, and Marxism to be the same thing, this is incorrect and socialist policies can be well implemented and popular. Regan then tried to turn the discussion back to Halvorssen’s objections with socialism, asking what him to define his major objection to the way socialism is practiced in some countries. Halvorssen explained his major objections were not only the looting of wealth from a country by authoritarians, but the way trying to control prices causes shortages and crises.

Regan then went more personal and asked Halvorssen about personal experience with socialism. Halvorssen recounted that his father had been a political prisoner and his mother had been shot by the government of Hugo Chavez, and that his views on dictators were based on personal experience. He went on to say that in general he believes the important point is the rule of law is essential and socialism can work under that, however he doesn’t believe redistribution of wealth is the answer, rather the creation of more wealth is the best way forward.

George Soros Shares His Perspective On The Similarities Of The Current Market Crisis And That Of 2008.

For a long time, the European Union has been the cream of the world trade and regional unity. The Euro, the currency of the European Union, has been stronger than most of the currencies of the first world countries for quite some time now. But soon this might not be the case anymore. The European Union is caught up with numerous crisis at the moment that is threatening its unity and the strength if the Euro. The major problem that the union is facing is the Ukrainian crisis, where Russia is attacking the country. The existence of this crisis means that the European Union has lost control of its member states. This crisis threatens to divide the union into two factions. One faction supporting Ukraine and the other supporting Russia. There is also the current economic crisis that is affecting the world.

The current economic crisis is caused by China’s change in its economic growth model. China’ s currently relies on the manufacturing and production industries for it’s economic growth. The country is attempting to move on to a new model that relies on the services and consumption industries. This change has a very bad effect on the global markets as it has lead to instability of Chinese equities. Europe, which is badly affected by other crisis, will not be stable enough to go through the crisis if it does not act fast to resolve its internal crisis according to George Soros. He advises that the European Union works on the internal issues affecting it like the Ukrainian crisis, the Syrian crisis, the Greece debt problem and the British referendum if it wants to survive the crisis. Read his profile at Forbes.

George Soros is a very successful investor, entrepreneur, business person and philanthropist who is worth over $27 billion. This is the worth he has been able to acquire from his business enterprise, Soros Fund Management, one of the best hedge fund firms in the world. George Soros was born in Hungary, but later moved to the United Kingdom and later settled in the United States. He is one of the most prolific investors who has made billions of dollars through his investments. He is also a philanthropist who is concerned with promoting a democratic world. He founded the Open Society Foundation, an organization that supports democratic movements all over the world.

George Soros is also an economic analyst and a critic of poor economic policies.
George Soros says on Bloomberg that from his long-term experience in the business field, he can confuse that the current economic crisis and the 2008 crisis are similar. There is an increase in rates of interest in developing countries, and there are instabilities in the global stock markets. He asks investors to invest with extreme caution during this period of crisis.