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Good Genes by Sunday Riley Takes Off

Sunday Riley had re-issued a well loved product with new packaging. Don’t worry though; the product hasn’t changed, so you will still get the same great results. The Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment still delivers skin that becomes a dewy, radiant and smoother.

The Good Genes’ Packaging

What’s different about the Good Genes packaging? It’s special edition Marvel-inspired packaging. On the box is a photo of the actress, Brie Larson who plays Captain Marvel on sci-fi movie with that title scheduled to be released next month.

Smooth Skin Formula

The packaging is eye-catching, but the most important reason to buy Good Genes is the formula. The secret to Sunday Riley’s Good Genes formula is its no-scrub removal of dead skin. The Good Genes product has an infusion of lactic acid, which dissolves dead skin cells leaving your face looking smoother and more radiant. For many this is their preferred facial scrub because it is far less abrasive.

The Beneficial Ingredients in Good Genes

  • Lactic Acid to remove dead skin
  • Licorice to brighten and even out the skin’s appearance
  • Lemongrass to boost the effect of the licorice
  • Blue Agave has microbial properties
  • Prickly Pear has essential fatty acids that restore the skin’s elasticity
  • Lady’s Slipper Orchid acts as an anti-oxidant
  • Cactus moisturizes and softens skin promoting an even skin tone
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract moisturizes the skin
  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil is a binder that helps keep skin moist keeping it from drying out
  • Arnica Montana Flower Extract reduces flaking and restore suppleness
  • Plus Other Man-made additives

Good Genes is loaded with anti-aging ingredients that control the appearance of hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines. The two heroes, Captain Marvel and Good Genes are finally appearing together in Sunday Riley’s winning formula’s packaging. By combining forces, they both should rise even faster in the public eye.

Talkspace Gives People a Therapy Option They Never Had Before

When Talkspace first started, they knew a lot about what they were doing and how they could make things better for the people who they worked with. It was important to the company to always let people know they were doing the best job possible and they were working to create a better experience for all the clients they had. The company knew it would be able to succeed if they gave a different option for people who were making the most out of the things they did. It was also important to them to focus on how they could change and what they needed to do to bring attention to issues people had with therapy in the past. As long as Talkspace knew what they were doing to the industry, they could keep bringing improvements to it. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates

Talkspace focuses on helping patients feel better. They use therapists to help connect people with solutions to the problems they might be having. The therapists are often trained for a variety of therapies and they can provide expert advice about the issues people regularly experience. They also are able to give more people the options they might not be able to get from a traditional therapist.

It can be hard for some people to visit a therapist. It takes some courage to find out how to make things better and it can be difficult for people to get more out of what they’re doing. The model behind Talkspace makes it easy for people to try things that can be difficult for others. It might also make it easier for people to focus on what they’re changing and how they’re getting a better experience based on the hard work they put into their therapy sessions. More people can use Talkspace than traditional therapy because of how easy it is.

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A Look at Gustavo Martinez – Marketing and Advertising Consultant Shaping the Future of Marketing

Gustavo Martinez has over 35 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. He has held prestigious positions in big firms. The entrepreneur has also created iconic ads that turned out to be pop-culture touchstones.

He served at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide as CEO. He also served as the President of McCann Worldgroup, and Olgilvy and Mather, two legendary firms in the industry. He has also held prestigious positions at Price Waterhouse and Henkel.

Recently, Gustavo Martinez was interviews and he revealed a lot about his experience in the marketing and advertising industry. He shared some insights and the future of the dynamic sector.

Going outside traditional marketing

Mr. Martinez believes that creativity is a cornerstone to any marketing firm or advertising agency. Unlike other industries, the marketing industry can be seen as a kind of applied artistry. Raw creativity drives marketing.

He has elevated recruitment into a science to help him source for the most talented and creative geniuses to leverage creativity to drive marketing. In matters consulting, people like working as independent contractors and hence, consultants.

That is part of the reasons why consultancy models have worked out so well in the marketing business. In matters business acceleration, the successful entrepreneur has realized that 90% of new startups fails within just three years. He looks to increase the success rate from 10% to 90% through implementation of total marketing strategy optimization.

A typical day for Martinez

He refers himself to as a workaholic. His day starts at 7 am with having breakfast with family while skimming through news and emails. He spends at work to around 9pm.

Bringing ideas to life

He views creativity as key to great marketing campaigns. He has realized that background and experience, as well as diversity of thought among his employees tend to help in molding of ideas and creating solutions to problems. He always keeps his staff motivated and inspired to empower them to be productive.

One exciting trend

Gustavo Martinez believes that Internet of Things is being largely overlooked by his peers in the industry. According to him, the Internet of Things comes with many possibilities and the Internet of Things technologies will change how people do things.

Habit that makes the entrepreneur more productive

He values active listening, generosity as well as valuing people and their opinions.

Advice to younger self

Patience pays. He would also advice his younger self to learn from different kind of talented people.

A thing he believes in while others don’t

According to Gustavo Martinez, while he values charity, he doesn’t like people using charity as a public relation stunts or to pursue a certain status such as being perceived good.

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Wes Edens impact to the business and community

Wes Edens is a popular businessman and investor who is recognized for co-owning Fortress Investment Group. He is also known for his ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks. His business and charitable efforts are improving and changing the livelihood of the people globally. Besides the establishment of the Fortress, he has built his name as an innovative investor. The institution has developed from being a private equity outlet for a prominent asset manager. It handles more billions of cash on behalf of the wealthy investors in the global.

Wes Edens ensures the personnel operating in this field are highly trained and specialized in managing investments. Wes Edens inspired the establishment of New Fortress Energy. This is a firm which aims to offer infrastructure remedies to build efficient energy. Through this development, it generates a progressive economic outcome globally. LNG is a substitute fuel source which is widely used in transportation mechanism and local manufacturers. Wes Edens saw a chance to distribute the commodity to clients worldwide at a favorable cost. Find out more about Wes Edens at

The firm invested in Jamaica to distribute the product being the first to do so in that region. It is looking forward to supplying the product and enlarge the distribution to other nations. Wes Edens acquired some shares in a basketball association, Milwaukee Bucks. The team transformed to win more trophies under his management. Afterward, he partnered with a wealthy Egyptian to be the main shareholders of Aston Villa Football Club. His ultimate objective is for the team to return to the premier league.

His passion and interest in sports led him to purchase Flyquest. This is an e-sports franchise battling for the North American League of Legend Championship Series. When it comes to health matters, he is not left behind as it plays an integral part in society. Wes Edens together with his wife has supported hardwork to motivate and elevate learning. Through this education, they will be able to manage complex encounters. The two initiated Eden’s Professorship in worldwide healthcare at Macalester College. The learning facility concentrates on health and medical geography. He participates as a teacher in the learning institution.

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What Are Digital Wallets?

In today’s modern world, almost everything is connected to the internet. Paying bills, shopping, and banking can now be done all online. With technological advances today, our money is now digitized and can be made available anywhere and at any time. Today we talk about digital wallets.


Digital Wallets

As the name suggests, digital wallets are wallets that are digital. This means that a device or a service can allow its user to pay for items and services, electronically. We look at an article dated April 19th, 2018. The article starts with briefly introducing digital wallets. It compares digital wallets similar to the physical “traditional leather billfolds”. It goes on discussing the benefits of using a digital wallet including consolidating banking cards and physical currency into one device to carry with you, anywhere you go.


Digital Wallets Around The Globe

The article moves on to talk about the utilization of digital wallets across Europe. In it, it describes that Europeans use digital wallets because it has the “ability to hold multiple currencies …” It also states that those who use digital wallets “may link debit cards to these wallets and use them to withdraw money from ATMs …” The article moves on to describe one method to deposit money into “European-style wallets.” It says a user can transfer funds from a traditional bank account to their digital wallets. The money that is now in the digital wallet can now be used to purchase goods and services, either online or at a brick and mortar store who supports digital wallet payments.


Traditional Banks

Next, the article then talks about how digital wallets can now replace traditional or “conventional” bank accounts but that it would only be beneficial to do so given “retailers and service providers accept mobile payments.” The article gives caution to those of whom will carry large balances in their digital wallets. It says that many governments do not protect electronic money and do not allow digital wallet companies to pay interests to users of digital wallets.


EcoPayz and PSI-Pay

We move on to talk about two digital wallet providers, EcoPayz and PSI-Pay. The article briefly introduces Ecopayz and the service it provides. Ecopayz offers “free international currency transfers” in all their tiers of membership.


PSI-Pay is company regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Because it is regulated, the service that PSI Pay provides puts consumers more at ease.


The article covers various topics on the matter including the difference in the “American-style digital wallet”. It also covers digital wallets in wearables.

Talkspace to Collaborate with Michael Phelps on Mental Health Campaign

It can be difficult waiting for weeks or months before your next counselling appointment. With Talkspace, you don’t have to wait for long before you talk to a therapist. You can send a text message to a therapist anytime you want. You can talk to an expert whenever you are near a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Previously, people had no option but to wait for long before seeing a counselor, but Talkspace has changed the narrative. You can be frustrated if you want to talk to a therapist and is being told to wait or come back later. With Talkspace, your conversation continues seamlessly without interruptions. Moreover, conversations are encrypted to ensure privacy. Check out this articles of talkspace at

The app has more than 3000 licensed therapists ready to talk to you. A background check is done on all therapists to ensure they are fit. Your therapist will listen to you and advise you on what to do. People are usually afraid of sharing sensitive information online because it could get in the wrong hand. However, you don’t have to worry about that with us. Talkspace has a team that understands the importance of privacy to clients. It helps patients struggling with depression, and anxiety.

Michael Phelps recently announced that he would be working with Talkspace to encourage people to talk about mental health. He noted that people shy from talking about mental health issues due to stigma. Phelps and Talkspace plan to launch a mental health campaign on television to educate people about the issue. Michael Phelps shared his personal struggles with mental health and how he found healing. He struggled with mental health in secret for a long time until he found someone to talk to. He applauds Talkspace for considering millions of people who fear one on one conservations. Phelps encourages people to join Talkspace and meet incredible therapists.

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Isabel Dos Santos On Women Empowerment In Africa

Isabel dos Santos is the eldest daughter of Angola’s former president, José Eduardo dos Santos. At a young age, she learned to take a leadership title. Born to Russian and Angolan parents, Isabel dos Santos picked the art of business. At the age of 24 years, she showed much interest in commercial operations. In 1997, Dos Santos started her first investment, a restaurant in Luanda Island. Sixteen years later, she became Africa’s first woman billionaire, according to Forbes. Within 20 years, she diversified her investments to media, finance, energy among others. She is the company’s strategist hence resulting in an increased portfolio.

She has exceeded the expectations of many men and women. Nonetheless, she believes that her journey still goes to and that is to empower women in Africa. In one of her interviews, she confesses to victimization for being a woman. It is such encounters that she resolved to make her story count and help inspire women. Isabel dos Santos negotiated with the most feared businessmen and investors in Europe and Africa. She handled the bid worth $1.5 billion to take over Portuguese telecom unit Portuguese Telecom (PT).

She spent most of her early life studying in London. But soon after, decided to return to Angola to focus on business in her home country. Isabel dos Santos invested her money, time and energy into women empowerment projects. One of the projects includes a strawberry plantation that supports women in Huila. She believes that Africa can experience transformation with appropriate gender reforms. All this is part of the vision, that is to increase Africa’s wealth creation capacity.

Her goal is to redefine the conventional back-seat roles for women. To show women across the world that they can take action at any level. The small individual accomplishments add up to the larger community contributions. As a result, Africa transforms into a better continent.She also gives her opinions on other crucial matters that affect women and Africa in general. Such as technology, education, and entrepreneurship among others.

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Gareth Henry’s School Life and Career Overview

Gareth Henry is the global head of investor relations at Fortress Investment Group. He was born in London, United Kingdom. Currently, he resides in New York.


From an early age, Gareth Henry had a love for mathematics and first went to Heriot-Watt University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Mathematics in 1997. He eventually graduated in 2001. Later he went to further his studies at the University of Edinburgh.


After finishing school, Gareth Henry landed his first job alongside Watson Wyatt. He joined the company’s research team as an analyst. He worked there for a few years and later joined Global Investment Management Services until 2004.

Later in 2004, he went to SEI investments and worked as the investments manager. His main role was serving and managing consultants, and pension funds. He later moved to Schroders in 2005 where he was appointed as the director.

He worked at Schroders for two years and joined the Fortress Investment Group later in 2007. It is the job opportunity at the firm that required him to relocate from the United Kingdom to the U.S.A. He was appointed the managing director. At Fortress, he was tasked with raising capital for hedge funds, private equity, and real estate holdings. The funds would be used to form partnerships with firms in the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

As the global head of investor relations, he was able to manage the firm’s $4 billion hedge fund efficiently.

Currently, he is situated in New York where he is still serving as the global head of investor relations for Gordon & Co. He is a partner in the company. Since joining the company, he has been able to raise $4.5 billion and $2.5 billion in 2016 and 2017 respectively in credit products.

Besides his career, he has founded Gareth Henry access bursary at his former university. The beneficiaries of this bursary get the privilege to be mentored and coached regularly.


Gareth Henry is an icon to many young people who desire to be successful in life. With proven success in the corporate world, he is sure to leave a mark that will always be remembered.

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Genucel and Chamonix Rebuilds the Self-worth and Self-esteem


Feeling heartbroken and abused wears the victims. Victims continuous to suffer in silence, guilt, and remorse drain them too. Either physical or emotional abuse doesn’t cease promptly. Domestically abused victims have low self-esteem, and self-worth; it can lead to severe self-harm. The feeling of heaviness and emotional distress is what they carry. Abuse is insidious.

Raising the spirit

According to chronicleweek, the best method to deal with tormenting experiences of abuse is to know your worth. Health worker expertise noted that victimized individual need to be loved. It helps to raise their worth. Studies shows, emotional and physically abused victims have the power to shape their lives through engaging in daily routine and exercise. It helps to eliminate negative thought of self-harm. Encouraging the victims to focus on building their personal hygiene is a positive step. Victims esteem tends to grow when they are clean.

Together we can stand.

The statistics show that in the United States of America, every seven minutes somebody is domestically abused. Women are the most endangered species, though men too are domestically abused. Researcher realized that twenty-five percent of the women had encountered domestic abuse in their lifetime. A non-profit organization based in New Jersey and Middlesex shows it tireless effort and determination in raising awareness toward women abuse.

Taking care for each other and showing little kindness towards our needy is what we all need — carrying the load of the victimized as personal. We have neglected domestically abused; we have distanced ourselves, it is time to live like brother and sisters. The victims need to be provided with cloths shelter, food and not forgetting our physiological support too.

In Middlesex, the program was initiated in 1981. It takes care of the families. They have educational programs to help the abused. They have emergency designated homes for women who have domestically abused.

Genucel organized a public awareness through a community event in 2014 to raise funds. The five-kilometer charity walk, Moving Beyond Abuse depicted the unity of the community against abuse. A club has been formed where the victims they meet and learn more about nature together and share their griefs. A walk is therapy that helps to increase self-esteem. Thirty minutes’ walk helps to improve the skin quality.

Genucel handwork toward achieving limitless possibilities to support women is remarkable. They are supplying women with anti-aging products. They have realized that the appealing outlook helps to raise the confidence of the majority. It is helping to erase memories of bad experiences


The Incredible Philanthropic Success of Besty Devos

In the world of education, there are few that have made as big of a difference as Betsy Devos. While some may think that her ideas are quite radical, she is actually very practical and has a way of creating change that is long lasting. She realizes that it is only a matter of time until the current public education system becomes far too outdated. This is why she has pushed forward to reform the system that Americans have known for so long. Devos has a passion to be able to create educational options for families that would otherwise not have these options.


Devos started her passion for education reform early on in her life. Even during high school and college, Devos was passionate about a change from within. For more than 30 years, Devos has continued to push for reforms in schools and school boards that will make for a much more accessible learning experience which can be accessed by all different families. Devos was raised in a family that believed in giving. She learned from an early age that she needed to serve her fellow man in order to live a full and productive life.


Devos believes in publicly funded private school. She has also spent a great deal of time and effort creating organizations where she can give out scholarships to families that otherwise would not have the ability to send their children to the schools of their choice. She is a big advocate for private school vouchers that will allow more underprivileged children the ability to get a top-notch education.


Potter’s House is a great example of a private school that Devos has greatly helped to find the success it has. In Wyoming, Michigan, students have access to Chromebooks, ergonomic office chairs, and high-end teachers. Devos has provided her local area with the resources needed in order to give children the type of education they desperately need. Devos has a deep connection with the children at these school as well. She has even invited many of them over to holiday parties where she strategizes with them about how they are going to get into a good university.


The work that Devos is doing is going to continue to have a ripple effect for decades to come. When children have access to great educational opportunities, they go on to have great jobs and do great things with their lives. Devos has helped to raise the bar for standard education. If her example can help to change things, there will be many opportunities for students and parents who have higher expectations than what the traditional K-12 schools have to offer.


It will be exciting to see where the public opinion of Devos is aimed in the coming months and years. Her commitment to bringing the best educational experiences to families all over the country will most likely have her remembered ass a political and philanthropic leader who changed the way that this nation thinks about the way youth attend school.


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