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George Soros Bankrolls Democratic Party Candidates And Activities

After having scaled back on his political spending for more than ten years, billionaire investor and business magnate George Soros has resurfaced as a major backer of democratic political activism.

Specifically Soros has pledged more than $25 million to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other party nominees and causes.

It was in 2004 that Soros spent roughly $27 million to unseat then US President George W. Bush and later held back on his political contributions. But over the past few months, he has expressed alarm and fear over Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Soros political adviser Michael Vachon told Politico that Soros has been more active in contributing to this year’s democratic party as the risks are extremely critical.

According to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) records, George Soros had donated more than five million dollars to a political action committee (PAC), which backs Clinton.

What’s more Soros donated millions of dollars to boost the number of Hispanic voters in crucial swing states as well as five million dollars to a nonprofit, the Voting Rights Trust, that battles conservative attempts to restrict voting.

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Soros also made contributions to Planned Parenthood Votes and to a Senate Majority PAC that advances Democratic Senate candidates.

In addition to Soros’ contributions at, many other benefactors have donated to various Democratic activities this election cycle such as an environmentalist, a hedge funder and two media magnates.

Born in Budapest in 1930, George Soros has focused on philanthropic efforts that also take in his international foundations. These organizations have donated more than $13 million over the past thirty years to non-profits that protect the rights everyone should have in society and build worldwide wellness programs as well as schooling.

After deciding he had enough money in 1979, Soros established the Open Society Foundation. Today the fund operates in more than one hundred countries and works to advance issues such as open society and human rights.

He is the author of more than a dozen books and his articles on politics and economics have been published in international newspapers and magazines.

According to Forbes and Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Soros is worth approximately $24.9 billion. He is the chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC, a hedge fund with a reported value of approximately $13.4 billion.

Emily McClure loves Wen by Chaz

Women deserve the best possible hair. Having great hair can get you a great job, make a new friend, or get you your next date. Women will take extraordinary measures to get the hair they deserve. They will make multiple appointments with their stylist and try almost every product to improve their hair. Unfortunately, many women are stuck with hair that is thin, greasy, and hard to tame. Women have been disappointed by hair care products in the past, and many have stopped trying new products.

Chaz Dean is one of the most popular stylists in the world. He has helped numerous celebrities achieve a red carpet look, but he has always wanted to help ordinary women achieve an extraordinary look. Recently, Chaz unveiled Wen by Chaz on Amazon, a new conditioner that promises to add volume and shine to your hair. The product quickly gained popularity with stylists, but many women remain skeptical.

Emily McClure is an extremely successful reporter. She has worked at Bustle for many years, and she has a bright future ahead of her. Unfortunately, Emily has always felt insecure about her hair. Her hair was thin, and sometimes it felt greasy. Emily wanted her hair to improve, but she did not think it was possible. She decided to try Wen by Chaz for several days to see if it can help.

After using Wen by Chaz once, Emily was shocked at the results. Her hair had an incredible shine and it was very voluminous. Emily was extremely impressed, and the results just got better throughout the week. When she finished testing the product, Emily knew that Wen by Chaz was the ideal product for her.

Wen by Chaz is changing lives around the country. Millions of women have been impressed by the results, and the brand continues to grow. Check out for more info. Visit their YouTube channel for testimonials.


Crystal Hunt – Born to be a Star

Crystal Hunt, actress, and producer, best known for the role she played in the daytime soap opera Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding, grew up in the spotlight. She began her career at the early age of 2, participating in pageants. When it came time to showcase her talent, it was none other than acting. Born in Clearwater, FL, Hunt starred in numerous commercials including The Walt Disney Company’s 25th-anniversary celebration and an anti-drug advertisement with *NSYNC.

At the Actors Workshop in New York, an agent spotted Hunt, and there is where she was offered the role of Lizzie Spaulding at the age of 17. She would continue this role for four years earning her an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress.

In 2005, Hunt made it to the big screen appearing in the film The Derby Stallion. 2007 she also appeared in the movie Sydney White, as Demetria “Dinky” Rosemead Hodgekiss.

Then in 2009 Hunt would go back to Daytime TV playing the role of Stacy Morasco, on One Life to Live.

Hunt appeared again on the big screen in 2013 costarring with best friend Dania Ramirez in the suspense thriller NYC Underground. 2014 she appeared in the film 23 Blast. In 2015, she played the role of Lauren in the movie Magic Mike XXL. Then also in 2015, Hunt aired on the Queens of Drama.

Besides acting, Hunt announced on Facebook she had produced her first feature film titled Talbot country. She also owned a high-end pet boutique in her hometown of Clearwater, FL. Check out her photography on her official website.

Securus Continues to be a Leader with Integrity

Securus has always attempted to demonstrate the highest levels of integrity in the industry of in the field of criminal justice technology solutions. They recently announced they will be publicly highlighting additional reports from the company GTL in order to to possibly make them behave with more integrity.

This is to be the first in a series of articles that will highlight some of the wrongdoing that GTL has administered. They will help the public by making them aware of some of the many integrity breaches GTL has done.

I love our industry – serving law enforcement, corrections, inmates, friends/family members, and all of society,” said Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. “It offends me and our entire industry when a carrier stoops well below the integrity bar that most other carriers have – but GTL does not. Our business’ mission is a lot more than making money. It is to serve all of our customers with their best interests at heart – in the right way.”

The company plans to issue a number of press releases over the next six months that will document some of the abuses GTL did. They will also look at some of the cases brought before the Louisiana Public Service Commission as well, including the following:

  • Their policy of advancing the clock, which was deemed to be unethical and unlawful;
  • Artifiicallly inflating charges to customers;
  • And they engaged in a practice of billing a call more than once, and this was unauthorized.

Granted, the order by the PSC was dated from January 1998, so that is quite a long time ago. However, according to Securus the potential for wrongdoing continues, so they will still be making their case that Global Tel Link (GTL) should be more accountable for their actions.

RPS Solutions And Its Founder Kevin Seawright Are Changing Baltimore For The Better

The city of Baltimore has long wanted to increase the rate of home ownership within the city. The current percentage of people who own a home in the city stands at about 48%. Kevin Seawright and his company RPS Solutions seek to change that reality, and bring up the rate to the state average.

Joint Venture to Better the City

The joint venture was founded in 2015, with the goal of increasing the amount of homeowners in Baltimore and its surrounding suburbs. The company constructs and renovates affordable homes, and assists potential homebuyers by managing their assets and helping them connect with mortgage lenders.

The company has been met with success and has been able to add homeowners to a variety of Baltimore neighborhoods. Recently, they have started to fill the Belvedere Square neighborhood and their success has been documented by a variety of news outlets. T

By helping people become homeowners, the company hopes to rejuvenate the city and its surrounding suburbs by repopulating old areas and helping people build up their wealth. This new wealth will in turn help grow the communities they live in and to a greater extent Baltimore itself.

Kevin Seawright

Seawright is a financial professional that works mainly in the public sector to improve communities across the East Coast. He gained his Masters of Accounting from Almeda University and has also participated in leadership programs hosted by the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business.

He has been heavily involved in local government and has been assigned to many roles throughout his 13-year career. Seawright has saved more than $100,00 for the local city government through the development of a new accounting system, and has held the positions of Chief Financial and Facilities Officer for the Department of Recreation and Parts and also as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer in the education sector.

Other than working on RPS Solutions, Seawright is currently part of the Newark Economic Development Corporation, an organization that focuses on retaining, attracting, and growing local businesses. On his free time, he is a coach for a local youth team and is a member of the American Society for Public Administration.

Richard Blair Advises Against AirBNB

Everyone loves to make a little extra money. Homeowners and even apartment renters are exploring their options with AirBNB. AirBNB provides a seemingly fantastic option. A homeowner who has vacant rooms available can rent them out. AirBNB is an online venue that handles the bookings and takes the payments. The bookings could be daily, weekly, or monthly. Some may choose to charge very low rates to draw in interested renters. Others may charge very high rates and reap the rewards of the bookings. Is all this a good idea though? Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions doesn’t think so. In fact, he wrote an article on many of the drawbacks with using AirBNB. These drawbacks can be quite significant.

Blair points out there are a great many risks associated with renting out a room. A renter could end up getting hurt on the property or causing damage. In short, there are liabilities that might come into play and do so in a disastrous manner.

The question of liability leads into the next issue of insurance. A new insurance policy may be required in order to cover the newly commercial use of the property. A non-commercial insurance policy could leave someone in a terrible spot if the policy is voided.

And then there is the unknown associated with the mysterious renters. The person could be involved with criminal activities and bring those problems into a short-term property. The landlord never knows what is going to happen until it is too late.

AirBNB does provide a level of protection, but the deals the service offers are inadequate. AirBNB might seem like a great thing when looking at the service on a computer screen. Closer inspections shows numerous trouble spots exist with the service.

Richard Blair absolutely knows matters related to finance and business. He runs Wealth Solutions, Inc. and has previously been affiliated with insurance and securities endeavors. Financial planning is one area of his areas of expertise. Financial planning often entails telling people to avoid bad investments and business ventures. Based on Blair’s assessments, renting through AirBNB does not seem like anything close to a good financial endeavor.

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Hedge Fund Investor Kyle Bass Thinks The U.S. Economy Might Be In Recession Mode By The End Of 2016

Kyle Bass, the former Wall Street executive, turned financial prophet never misses an opportunity to talk about investing and any other topic that is brought up by the media. Bass is known for his unusual style and his provocative relationships with foreign heads of state and unsavory investment partners. Bass and his hedge fund firm, Hayman Capital, have made an extraordinary amount of money over the last eight years, but it seems the money tree may not be bearing as much fruit as it did eight years ago.

Bass made a name for himself in the investment industry when he accurately predicted the implosion of the subprime mortgage game. Bass, left his position at Bear Stearns in 2006 and started Hayman Capital in order to bet against the company he worked for as well as for the industry that made him. Bass made a fortune when the market crashed in 2008, and his investment firm became the talk of the industry. Bass liked the attention, and he became one of the men in the hedge fund industry that people wanted to follow. But Bass is not the type of guy that plays by the book, according to some of those followers.

Bass found himself on the hot seat when he back Argentina’s former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner when she defaulted on $95 billion in bonds. Several hedge funds were caught in that debacle and rather than siding with Paul Singer and other hedge fund managers, Bass took de Kirchner’s side.

The list of Bass blunders keeps growing. Chris Kyle’s widow is claiming Hayman Capital is unethical, and that notion is filtering around the pharmaceutical industry as well. Bass is shorting drug stocks before the news that they are being investigated for overcharging the public for certain medications. Kyle’s friend Erich Spangenberg is the guy that brings up the charges and Bass acts when he gets a signal from Spangenberg. Ethics seems to be a vacillating term with Bass these days, but he is still talking, and some folks are still listening.

The Past and Present of Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning, that is Las-Vegas based, has advised the valley residents that they should plan ahead in keeping their pets safe during the summer, a few helpful tips include keeping paws off of pavement, get groomed, it’s screen time, splish-splash, make way for water, garage dangers. It is important to keep pets pays off of payment as asphalt, cement and even some truck beds can be much hotter then it looks, and this can result in burning pets paws. It is also important to get pets groomed in order to provide temperature relation and better circulation.

And also to apply pet-friendly sunscreen, especially for dogs with light colored coats, or with short hair. Doggie pools are an effective way to let your pets play and stay cool all in one. It is important that pets have cool and fresh water, as well as shady places. And during the summer the heat can cause antifreeze leaks in overheating cares, which can leave sweet-tasting puddles that could harm pets, so it is important to keep pets away from this. Goettl Air Conditioning originally was created by Adam and Gust Goettl in 1939, before in 1968, when it came to the Las Vegas Valley. The company left it’s location in Southern Nevada following the recession in 2007.

The Arizona company was
purchased by Ken Goodrich in 2013, and in April of 2016, it opened the branch office in Las Vegas, it being his hometown. This was important to him since it was where his passion and love of the Goettl product began. In his early life, at 10 years of age, on his father’s evening service calls, he would hold the flashlight. As his father performed his work, he would impart wisdom and knowledge that would be important to Goodrich for the rest of his life.

Some areas of Goettl Air Conditioning, that they strive to particularly focus on is Heating, Air Conditioning, Indoor Air Quality, Commercial HVAC and Energy Efficiency. The staff at Goettl Air Conditioning take pride that their technicians, as well as the staff will exceed all expectations that their customers have in everything that they do. The offer the full gamut when it comes to commercial and home comfort services within the Phoenix are, this includes everything from heat pumps, central air units, air cleaners, ductless mini splits, UV germicidal lights, humidifiers, radiant heating systems and furnaces, and a number of other services. Whether the customer’s indoor air quality is less pleasant or they are looking for a completely new AC unit, Goettl Air Conditioning is ready to take on the job.


The Midas Legacy Provides Reliable Wealth Management Advisory

If you are looking for reliable resources or advice on financial matters or wealth management advisory, consider The Midas Legacy – a top rated company in the industry.

When it comes to choosing a wealth management team or investment professionals, it’s imperative to choose wisely. Although there are many companies that provide services in the area of wealth building, wealth management and investments, you need to look for a company that has an established history of meeting the needs of clients. Most people who are looking for a proven financial management system or reputable service provider choose The Midas Legacy for assistance in this area.

As a client of The Midas Legacy, your investment strategy or money management information will be designed and provided by a seasoned financial expert with a commitment to thorough research and highly reliable guidance.

The Midas Legacy has countless clients and customers from around the world. Their clients come from all walks of life and many have already benefited tremendously and reached their goals. Their clients have built their wealth and financial success through hard work and exceptional planning and implementation. The Midas Legacy apply these same qualities in the financial service they provide each client.

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The Midas Legacy offers wealth advisory service that is focused on client’s needs and a commitment to outstanding service and results. They provide solid research and reliable analytics. Their investment recommendations and wealth management services are designed to help you succeed. Their professionals have great expertise in all aspects of financial management, wealth building and wealth management solutions and deliver the best, properly researched investment and financial management solutions from around the world.

The Midas Legacy’s clients range from people who want to unlock the secrets of success in life and improve their life situation, individuals who want to start or grow their businesses and entrepreneurs who want to grow their existing investment portfolios. There also those who want to cure their illnesses and achieve optimal health.

Many of their clients have succeeded beyond their expectations simply by using the research service, advice and recommendations provided by this highly reputable wealth advisory company. Learn more about who The Midas Legacy serve and their services. Simply visit their website and check out the various highly sought after information and services, then get in touch with them or sign up to get started.

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Shaygan Kheradpir takes over as new Coriant CEO and Chairman


Former Juniper Networks CEO Shygan Kheradpir has taken over as the new CEO and Chairman of optical technology giant Coriant. Coriant is an optical vendor with more than $1billion in annual revenues and about 500 customers. Shaygan will also succeed Pat DiPietro as the board chairman at Coriant. Mr Pat is making a comeback as an Operating Partner at Coriant’s owner, Marlin Equality Partners – the company that helped stitched up Coriant. In some ways, DiPietro and Shaygan will be swapping seats as Shaygan was recently working as an operating partner at Marlin as well. The Electrical Engineering PhD holder from Cornell University brings in an experience of over 28 years in executive leadership across technology, telecom and financial services to Coriant.
Shaygan Kheradpir grew up and lived in Sillicon Valley, an area famously known for kids dropping out of school especially at the college level to start businesses. However, Shaygan took a different path and finished school eventually earning a PhD in Electrical Engineering. Shaygan began his executive carrier as an executive with GTE Corp. He then moved to Verizon Communications as the executive vice president and chief information officer of the company. At Verizon, Shaygan was a key figure in helping the communication giant roll out its FiOS FTTH services, a program which demanded an inclusion of a capital investment of over $20 billion. After working as the Verizon CIO, Shaygan moved to Barclays PLC as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer. Previously, Shaygan was the CEO of Juniper Networks.
Coriant, an optical vender that was created out of the combination of Tellabs, Nokia Siemens Networks (MSN) Optical Networks and Sycamore Networks, is facing a lot of challengers from competitors such as Cisco, Alacaterl-Lucent, Ciena and Infinera. Shaygan will be faced with an uphill task of surging the company’s revenues with a reported decline in 2014 revenues as compared to growth recorded by most of its competitors.
As the new CEO, his key tasks will be to drive new and more sales to Coriant’s equipment. There has been a huge demand for service providers such as Coriant to deliver 100G to multi-terabit coherent metro and long haul transport systems. This is besides demands in mobile backhaul upgrades in the new 4G and upcoming 5G deployments. He has the advantage of stepping in a predecessor’s shoes who had led the company in winning lucrative deals with international carriers such as Australia’s NBN, China Unicom, NBN and Telia Sonera International Carrier (TSIC).
According to, DiPietro is quoted as saying that Coriant is honoured to welcome Shaygan as the new Coriant CEO. The article further quotes DiPietro acknowledging Shaygan’s vast strategic insight and guidance as an invaluable employee from his role as a partner at Marlin. Another plus on Shaygan is that he has previously been working as an Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners. Working closely with the senior management team at Coriant means he will not be walking to the vendor blindly.