Sandy Chin: Why Mentorship Should Matter To You

Sandy Chin is an experienced and prolific investment management expert who is based in New York. She completed her education at the New York University Stern School of Business where she earned her MBA. Before commencing her MBA, in 1996, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Sandy Chin is currently employed atan offshore investment fund company known as Tidal Bore Capital and has been serving as their portfolio manager. She started the company in 2016 under the guidance of her mentor William Leach.

Sandy Chin also spends her time mentoring young women who are launching their careers in the finance industry. Her efforts are also recognised in the StreetSquach non-profit organization that aims to support the vulnerable in the community of Newark. She recently encouraged women in her industry to put their best foot forward in their careers and give it their all. She urged women not to settle for less. Women should not be troubled when asking for more, more opportunities, more wages and more promotions.

Young people that have joined the finance industry have been confused by expansive and highly competitive backdrop with limited information on the way the career is supposed to carry on from beginning to end. Most wonder how they can establish themselves in a field with little to no contacts. Are their steps that an individual can take to ensure they are successful in their field of choice? What kind of work does a given person in certain field do on a daily basis? This is where, according to Sandy Chin, mentorship can be crucial to the career of a mentee.

Sandy Chin is of the opinion that mentorship matters because mentors can pass onimportantlife lessons they learned the hard way in their careers. Sandy learned two very important lessons from her mentor William Leach, one was to always accept meetings no matter how small and insignificant the company is and to always ask questions. Question would always aid in gaining better understanding of the situation. Sandy also advices that mentors can contribute to the mentee’s arsenal of knowledge and add to their experiences which is a central factor to being successful in the industry.

Mentorship can also open up big breaks for the mentee and increases their chances of success. Mentorship can help the new career person get to know the “who is who” in their fields. The key concept here being knowledge is power and the more connections one has the easier it is to gain footage in the career industry. In addition, mentors can answer questions that mentees may have on how to navigate tough situations. Mentors give insight as to how they handled such situations before or how they think it should be handled based on their experience.

By sharing their experience, mentors help their mentees to avoid major mistakes that they may have made and that may have cost them time and money. They help the newbies to play smart. True to Sandy Chin’s word, a mentor is a great asset to have when starting out a career. To know more about Sandy Chin visit

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