Richard Liu Qiangdong Success Story

Richard Liu Qiangdong is an accomplished serial entrepreneur and the founder of China’s leading e-commerce company The firm is a leading online and offline retail company that attracts more than 100 million consumers in China alone. leverages on technology to provide customers with lifetime shopping experiences. The firm under Richard Liu leadership continuously strives to develop new innovative technological solutions that will completely revolutionize the global e-commerce industry.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was born and raised in Jiangsu province in China. Just like many typical families, Richard Liu came from a very humble background. His parents were working in a coal shipping plant. Liu Qiangdong Parents despite being poor understood the value of hard work and education. They instilled this value to Liu and encouraged him to pursue excellence in life. Liu Qiangdong performed very well in both primary and secondary school and was admitted to the Peoples University of China to where he earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology. Liu Qiangdong was passionate about technology and as a result, trained himself in computer coding and computer science. It is the knowledge that he gained from the training that helped establish which is a technology-based company.

Richard Liu immediately after school was fortunate enough to get formal employment at Japan Life which was a leading natural supplement provider company. Liu Qiangdong at the company utilized his self acquired computer skills to climb the career ladder and eventually he became the firm’s Director of Computers. Liu Qiangdong was an entrepreneur at heart, and in the year 1998 felt it was time for him to pursue his entrepreneurship dream.

Richard Liu began his entrepreneurship journey by renting a small retail space in Beijing that was known as China’s Technology Hub. At the shop, Liu Qiangdong started selling magneto-optical products. Liu Qiangdong knew from the very beginning that to succeed in entrepreneurship, one must provide excellent customer service. Liu Qiangdong, in addition, incorporated his technological skills to the business that helped streamline operations and eased transactions. Though he faced stiff competitions from other industry players, Liu Qiangdong established a niche for himself by selling only authorized products that eventually earned him customers trust and loyalty. Liu Qiangdong became quite successful, and within five years his business had expanded to twelve new retail locations. Liu Qiangdong breakthrough was in 2003 after the SARS outbreak which was a blessing in disguise. Liu Qiangdong closed all his retail shops and began focusing solely on e-commerce, and that’s how was born.

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