A Look at Gustavo Martinez – Marketing and Advertising Consultant Shaping the Future of Marketing

Gustavo Martinez has over 35 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. He has held prestigious positions in big firms. The entrepreneur has also created iconic ads that turned out to be pop-culture touchstones.

He served at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide as CEO. He also served as the President of McCann Worldgroup, and Olgilvy and Mather, two legendary firms in the industry. He has also held prestigious positions at Price Waterhouse and Henkel.

Recently, Gustavo Martinez was interviews and he revealed a lot about his experience in the marketing and advertising industry. He shared some insights and the future of the dynamic sector.

Going outside traditional marketing

Mr. Martinez believes that creativity is a cornerstone to any marketing firm or advertising agency. Unlike other industries, the marketing industry can be seen as a kind of applied artistry. Raw creativity drives marketing.

He has elevated recruitment into a science to help him source for the most talented and creative geniuses to leverage creativity to drive marketing. In matters consulting, people like working as independent contractors and hence, consultants.

That is part of the reasons why consultancy models have worked out so well in the marketing business. In matters business acceleration, the successful entrepreneur has realized that 90% of new startups fails within just three years. He looks to increase the success rate from 10% to 90% through implementation of total marketing strategy optimization.

A typical day for Martinez

He refers himself to as a workaholic. His day starts at 7 am with having breakfast with family while skimming through news and emails. He spends at work to around 9pm.

Bringing ideas to life

He views creativity as key to great marketing campaigns. He has realized that background and experience, as well as diversity of thought among his employees tend to help in molding of ideas and creating solutions to problems. He always keeps his staff motivated and inspired to empower them to be productive.

One exciting trend

Gustavo Martinez believes that Internet of Things is being largely overlooked by his peers in the industry. According to him, the Internet of Things comes with many possibilities and the Internet of Things technologies will change how people do things.

Habit that makes the entrepreneur more productive

He values active listening, generosity as well as valuing people and their opinions.

Advice to younger self

Patience pays. He would also advice his younger self to learn from different kind of talented people.

A thing he believes in while others don’t

According to Gustavo Martinez, while he values charity, he doesn’t like people using charity as a public relation stunts or to pursue a certain status such as being perceived good.

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