Gareth Henry’s School Life and Career Overview

Gareth Henry is the global head of investor relations at Fortress Investment Group. He was born in London, United Kingdom. Currently, he resides in New York.


From an early age, Gareth Henry had a love for mathematics and first went to Heriot-Watt University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Mathematics in 1997. He eventually graduated in 2001. Later he went to further his studies at the University of Edinburgh.


After finishing school, Gareth Henry landed his first job alongside Watson Wyatt. He joined the company’s research team as an analyst. He worked there for a few years and later joined Global Investment Management Services until 2004.

Later in 2004, he went to SEI investments and worked as the investments manager. His main role was serving and managing consultants, and pension funds. He later moved to Schroders in 2005 where he was appointed as the director.

He worked at Schroders for two years and joined the Fortress Investment Group later in 2007. It is the job opportunity at the firm that required him to relocate from the United Kingdom to the U.S.A. He was appointed the managing director. At Fortress, he was tasked with raising capital for hedge funds, private equity, and real estate holdings. The funds would be used to form partnerships with firms in the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

As the global head of investor relations, he was able to manage the firm’s $4 billion hedge fund efficiently.

Currently, he is situated in New York where he is still serving as the global head of investor relations for Gordon & Co. He is a partner in the company. Since joining the company, he has been able to raise $4.5 billion and $2.5 billion in 2016 and 2017 respectively in credit products.

Besides his career, he has founded Gareth Henry access bursary at his former university. The beneficiaries of this bursary get the privilege to be mentored and coached regularly.


Gareth Henry is an icon to many young people who desire to be successful in life. With proven success in the corporate world, he is sure to leave a mark that will always be remembered.

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