Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie Looks to Improve Company’s Reputation

In recent months the pizza restaurant chain Papa Johns has been looking to bounce back from a recent setback. The company has suffered a decline in its reputation in recent months due to the conduct from its founder. Back in July of 2018, the founder made some remarks that were regarded as racially insensitive. As a result, Papa Johns decided to strip him of his leadership role. However, he has looked to get it back with the help of his supporters. At the same time, Papa Johns is looking to restore its reputation among the public. Steve Ritchie who currently serves as the chief executive officer is looking to develop some programs to help improve the company’s overall standing with both customers and employees. By addressing diversity, Papa Johns will likely be in position to become a more reputable pizza restaurant chain.

Steve Ritchie is looking to help Papa Johns recover from its recent slump in sales. The company has experienced a significant decline in revenues over the last several months. As a result, Steve Ritchie has completed a report that predicts the company’s sales will be down by 10% during the next twelve months. However, he is looking to help resolve this problem by making Papa Johns make improvements in its overall image to the public. In order to accomplish this goal, Steve Ritchie will introduce programs to help address diversity and inclusion. This will then allow the company to make changes that will benefit people of different racial and ethnic groups in company.

The first step of addressing diversity and inclusion in the company will be to gather information about the company’s practices in terms of dealing with diverse populations. It will look to find out the demographics of the company and learn more about their treatment over time. Once getting the information about the treatment of the employees, Papa Johns will then look to introduce cultural sensitivity training for all new employees and franchisees. Along with introducing these programs, Steve Ritchie has visited with a number of franchisees to get more insight into how they feel about the company and what it can do to improve its image among consumers.

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