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The Incredible Philanthropic Success of Besty Devos

In the world of education, there are few that have made as big of a difference as Betsy Devos. While some may think that her ideas are quite radical, she is actually very practical and has a way of creating change that is long lasting. She realizes that it is only a matter of time until the current public education system becomes far too outdated. This is why she has pushed forward to reform the system that Americans have known for so long. Devos has a passion to be able to create educational options for families that would otherwise not have these options.


Devos started her passion for education reform early on in her life. Even during high school and college, Devos was passionate about a change from within. For more than 30 years, Devos has continued to push for reforms in schools and school boards that will make for a much more accessible learning experience which can be accessed by all different families. Devos was raised in a family that believed in giving. She learned from an early age that she needed to serve her fellow man in order to live a full and productive life.


Devos believes in publicly funded private school. She has also spent a great deal of time and effort creating organizations where she can give out scholarships to families that otherwise would not have the ability to send their children to the schools of their choice. She is a big advocate for private school vouchers that will allow more underprivileged children the ability to get a top-notch education.


Potter’s House is a great example of a private school that Devos has greatly helped to find the success it has. In Wyoming, Michigan, students have access to Chromebooks, ergonomic office chairs, and high-end teachers. Devos has provided her local area with the resources needed in order to give children the type of education they desperately need. Devos has a deep connection with the children at these school as well. She has even invited many of them over to holiday parties where she strategizes with them about how they are going to get into a good university.


The work that Devos is doing is going to continue to have a ripple effect for decades to come. When children have access to great educational opportunities, they go on to have great jobs and do great things with their lives. Devos has helped to raise the bar for standard education. If her example can help to change things, there will be many opportunities for students and parents who have higher expectations than what the traditional K-12 schools have to offer.


It will be exciting to see where the public opinion of Devos is aimed in the coming months and years. Her commitment to bringing the best educational experiences to families all over the country will most likely have her remembered ass a political and philanthropic leader who changed the way that this nation thinks about the way youth attend school.


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Felipe Montoro Jens: A Brazilian Man of Global Business

Felipe Montoro Jens is a successful business man who has been part of the international community for twenty-five years. He is originally from Sao Paulo Brazil, but has worked across the world. This includes the United States, United Kingdom, and Portugal. Even though he has experience around the world, he has always supported improvements for Brazil. His education began with studying business at the Getulio Vargas Foundation, a popular business school in Brazil. After finishing his education there, he attended Arizona State University’s, Thunderbird School of Global Management. This University is one of the best in the industry for global business training and management. View Felipe Montoro Jens profile at Linkedin.

After completing his accomplishments at each school, he moved quickly through the corporate world of business. He began to receive many promotions and affiliations, while working for many respected global companies. His experience and specialty is finance and infrastructure, which he has shown through many global projects. With his knowledge and education, he has a vast concept of international markets, including oil and gas, energy, sugar, and real estate.

Due to his expert visions for Infrastructure, Felipe has been chosen as the Infrastructure Project Specialist, for a new construction project launched in Brazil. The Metropolitan Housing Company of Sao Paulo, will provide the construction of 34,000 new housing developments. It will take six years to complete and will hopefully create over 100,000 jobs, according to Felipe. Joao Doria is the mayor of Sao Paulo has been very pleased with the progress of the project. According to the mayor, the housing project was designed to honor Sao Paulo’s residents. He has been very positive about the development and supportive of the decisions made by Felipe Montoro Jens.

Along with a successful education and global developments, Felipe has partnered with many different agencies for clean and safe waste removal. The environmentally safe removal is needed for cities and towns in Brazil. His infrastructure experience has been successful, as he has provided safe and effective waste removal. This has also helped with the improvement of life and companies, within the regions of Brazil.

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Matt Badiali Shares Personal and Professional Insights

Matt Badiali’s educational background includes an undergraduate degree in earth sciences from Penn State University. He also has a master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. Mr. Badiali has also been a Ph.D. candidate at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He left his Ph.D. studies at UNC-Chapel Hill and instead choose to join a friend in finance in 2004. Below are some highlights of Matt Badiali’s interview with Ideamensch.

Mr. Badiali was asked what one trend that he finds very exciting at the moment is. Matt Badiali responded by saying that he believes that we are moving away from an oil-dependent economy and more towards an electric-centric one. He likens the change to being similar to the switch from whale oil to power lamps to kerosene many years ago.

Matt Badiali says that he thinks that a huge battery that can power an entire city is possible. He says that if such technology is developed, then it can be enormously disruptive. It can also speed the switch to electricity as being the primary source of power for our lives.

Mr. Badiali was then asked about the worse job he had ever held in his life and what he took away from it. Matt responded by saying that the worst job he had in his career was as an environmental geologist. The job title sounds respectable and exciting, but Matt says the work was actually quite dangerous and often dirty. He described the job as often involving collecting soil samples from polluted areas and bringing them in for analysis. Matt Badiali says that the primary reason he went to graduate school was due to the dirty and dangerous nature of the work he did as an environmental geologist. To know more about him click here.

Matt Badiali was then asked to describe what inspired him to publish an investment newsletter. He responded by saying that he believed he had an unusual skill set. Mr. Badiali had a strong scientific background and had recently learned about finance and markets. This allowed him to be a good judge of investments in mining, oil and manufacturing companies. His scientific background combined with knowledge in finance and markets makes his insight very valuable to investors who have no understanding in geology and the companies that process raw materials.

Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie Looks to Improve Company’s Reputation

In recent months the pizza restaurant chain Papa Johns has been looking to bounce back from a recent setback. The company has suffered a decline in its reputation in recent months due to the conduct from its founder. Back in July of 2018, the founder made some remarks that were regarded as racially insensitive. As a result, Papa Johns decided to strip him of his leadership role. However, he has looked to get it back with the help of his supporters. At the same time, Papa Johns is looking to restore its reputation among the public. Steve Ritchie who currently serves as the chief executive officer is looking to develop some programs to help improve the company’s overall standing with both customers and employees. By addressing diversity, Papa Johns will likely be in position to become a more reputable pizza restaurant chain.

Steve Ritchie is looking to help Papa Johns recover from its recent slump in sales. The company has experienced a significant decline in revenues over the last several months. As a result, Steve Ritchie has completed a report that predicts the company’s sales will be down by 10% during the next twelve months. However, he is looking to help resolve this problem by making Papa Johns make improvements in its overall image to the public. In order to accomplish this goal, Steve Ritchie will introduce programs to help address diversity and inclusion. This will then allow the company to make changes that will benefit people of different racial and ethnic groups in company.

The first step of addressing diversity and inclusion in the company will be to gather information about the company’s practices in terms of dealing with diverse populations. It will look to find out the demographics of the company and learn more about their treatment over time. Once getting the information about the treatment of the employees, Papa Johns will then look to introduce cultural sensitivity training for all new employees and franchisees. Along with introducing these programs, Steve Ritchie has visited with a number of franchisees to get more insight into how they feel about the company and what it can do to improve its image among consumers.

Why the OSI Food Solutions is a True Contender in the Food Industry

There are a lot of people right now who are looking to open their own restaurants, diners or food truck businesses. If you are looking to produce some of the best food around, you need a supplier that you can trust. One of the most trusted companies out there for food supply is known as OSI Food Solutions. The company has been in business since 1978 and has since become one of America’s top 100 food companies around. The company recently purchased Flagship Europe, Tyson and Baho Food. They also recently doubled their chicken production, which has allowed them to get this food out to more restaurants and food industries worldwide.

Despite the amount of work that OSI Food Solutions has put into growing their business, their main commitment is to help produce high-quality foods that are helping other companies to grow and expand themselves. In fact, another key feature of the OSI Food Solutions company is that they offer a range of careers and employment opportunities that are allowing people to easily begin work that they will love. In fact, a lot of people have worked for OSI Food Solutions for years and have found the company to be a wonderful employer for a wide range of different reasons.

The company recently won the 2016 Globe of Honour that was presented to them by the British Safety Council for excellence in food supply and production. You can feel good knowing that you are purchasing foods from OSI Food Solutions that are made using high-quality ingredients and only the best safety and quality control standards. The most important thing to remember about this company is that they offer a wide range of different products ideal for all types of restaurants, diners and food service businesses. For this reason, it pays to check out their site and learn more about the products available to you. You can then create a business account with them and make use of it for yourself due to the large number of companies that OSI is working with at the moment concerning their food ordering needs.

Reasons Why Dr. Saad Saad is a Global Icon in the Medical World

One of the true marks of a medic is improving the existing ways of performing a medical task. In all his life as a medic, Dr. Saad Saad has done more than this. It is on record that over the years he has practiced pediatric surgery, he has always approached each case with a different mentality and a different way, and this is one of the reasons Dr. Saad has the highest score rate. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

In addition to being one of the best pediatric surgeons of our time, he is one of the few professionals in this medical niche to be fluent in more than one language. He is a fluent speaker of both English and Arabic. This ability has been a great door opener for him and a chance for him to serve people, both in the USA and the Middle East.

The Cairo University graduate has been one of the few medical professionals that have been consistent in helping thousands of children in war-torn countries. For example, the infamous Palestinian war according to statistics has always exposed young children to many dangers. Fortunately, though, Dr. Saad Saad interventions, many children lives have been saved. Through his passion for saving children lives, he has traveled to Asia many times.

There are many reasons why Dr. Saad Saad is a global icon in this medical filed. First, Dr. Saad is fortunate to have one of the best exposure in terms of education; He has the Kuwait, England and the USA educational effect. This educational impact has changed Dr. Saad Saad perception about the world and more importantly on this professional. Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

In one of his recent interview, Dr. Saad Saad pointed out that Dr. Biemann Othersen fine-tuned his approach to this noble profession. He pointed out that working with Dr. Biemann was one of his defining moments in his practice and he learned a lot about the medical niche and more importantly, how to be passionate about children health.

In addition to having a fantastic career in this world of medicine, Dr. Saad Saad points out that the strongest point in his life is his approach to research. He believes that research is the key to understanding different aspects of the human body and more explicitly bringing new ideas to life. He is a believer in solution making is the backbone of this medical profession.

In addition to being a research-oriented person, Dr. Saad Saad is one of the most organized people in the medical world. According to him, having organized routines help in ensuring that everything in his checklist is done with perfection. Due to this approach to work and productivity, he has worked with different people including the royal family of Saudi Arabia.