JD.com Has Forged A Major Partnership In The Realm Of Food Production:

There has been a consistent stream of big news stories coming out of the JD.com camp in recent months and the Chinese retailing giant just dropped another big press release in announcing the fact that it has forged a partnership with Japanese based company Mitsubishi Chemical. The company is a manufacturer of chemicals that are used in the hydroponic realm. JD.com now plans to build China’s biggest factory for hydroponic plants. This partnership is a huge benefit to both companies as JD.com will gain the ability to begin the new plant factory and Mitsubishi Chemical is gaining the benefit of the impressive infrastructure that JD.com operates off of.

This new factory that JD.com is opening is going to be an impressive 11 thousand plus square meters. it will also utilize an innovative culturing system that utilizes hydroponic methods for growing plants. Major plants that will be produced in the factory will include cabbage, lettuces, spinach and coriander among others. These plants will then be sold to JD.com customers as a great and healthy food option for them. The products will also be available in two different ways. Customers can purchase the plants through the JD.com online system or they can purchase them at JD.com’s supermarkets known as 7Fresh.

This work being done by JD.com and Mitsubishi Chemical is the start of a new era for the company in terms of the agricultural industry. The fact that customers will be able to buy these food plants through the JD.com supply chain will add great value and convenience to the purchase of the plants. The factory is located in Tangzhou and it is the start of JD.com’s major effort to get into the business of food production. This latest move is just one of many that JD.com has been making recently to continue to improve its overall services.

JD Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj1O__aZW_05RdTCL8E3kUA

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