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Aloha Construction Recognized with Prestigious Award

The Better Business Bureaus prestigious Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics is only awarded to businesses that show the highest levels of ethical practice and actively appreciate and contribute to the people living in their communities, as well as their own employees.

Aloha Construction was presented with the award for the year 2017 and it was certainly well earned. Since the founding of Aloha Construction in 2008, they have completed over 20,000 roofing jobs. They go above and beyond for their customers by offering free roof inspections, 10 year craftmenship warrenties, finace options, and excellent customer service. In addition to looking out for their customers, Aloha Construction gained recognition for the way they treat their employees. This includes a yearly all expense paid trip to Maui, Hawaii for the staff and their families. The CEO for Aloha Construction, Dave Farbaky, has said that the staff are more like a family.

The award winning company also takes an active role in bettering their community. They have sponsored numerous local youth athletic teams as well as being well known contributors and supporters of the Bloomington, Illinois Boys and Girls Club. Their support and donations to numerous organizations dedicated to serving those in need, including donating to an organization that sponsors Christmas shopping sprees for children in need, has helped touch the lives of many members or their community, regardless if their customers or not.

The award was presented at a luncheon ceremony, that took place in November of 2017,and was awarded to only nine businesses. It took meeting strict criteria to even be considered for the award and then it’s turned over to a panel of 15 judges to narrow down and decide which businesses deserved to win the award. Aloha Construction is a family owned and community oriented business, making it one of the top contenders for the honor. Farbaky stated that they will continue forward with their goal and continue the same ethics and activities that led to this recognition.

Their $54 Million Subordinated Debt Offering

Nexbank capital is a dallas-based financial services company, and they recently announced an offering of $54 million in subordinated debt. They were seeking to raise some capital from their many investors of high net worth. They are planning on using the proceeds for general business and corporate activities.

Luckily for Nexbank, they were able to raise $283 million in debt and equity from 2016 to late 2017. The notes they issued are not able to be called for at least 5 years, and they have a stated maturity date of September 30, 2027, The interest rate on these notes is at a fixed rate of 6.375% for five years and they offer a floating rate interest amount after that based on the current LIBOR principle of 485.5.

The placement agent for these notes was Sandler, O’Neill, and Partners, and the notes were offered on September 19, 2017. Because the notes are not offered under the securities act, they may not be offered or sold without registration.

About Nexbank

Nexbank Capital, Inc. is a financial services company that serves clients with three different objectives in mind: business banking, mortgage banking, and providing institutional services as well. I know that they are providing a huge growing service and they are making an impact on the economy through improving businesses. What’s more, they are able to customize their banking services to institutional clients, corporations, and financial institutions nationwide.

Simply put, Nexbank Capital exists to finance large businesses everywhere. They know that when corporations have capital, not only do they benefit but everyone else around them benefits as well. They know that providing credits to companies that need it is the hallmark of financial assistance. They realize that by doing this they are providing jobs to those that need it and that is why they are dedicated to these endeavors.