NGP VAN Delivering Innovation to Campaigning

NGP VAN has been providing tech and organizational solutions for democratic and progressive organizations and campaigns since 1997. The business is based in Washington, Columbia and has been leading the charts according to non-profits, political campaigns, and organizations, and campaigning apps and software for the past few years.

Founded by Stu Trevelyan, the company has more than a hundred employees. The company is also known as voter Activation Network. The business strives to bring innovation to campaigning such as raising money or prompting people to vote or sign petitions. The corporation provides clients with a robust platform integrated for organizing votes and signatures, causes and goals, and making it easy for people to make their opinion count and deliver their vote or signature, or donate money to a cause.

The NGP VAN has been providing clients with the means to progress with thousands of campaigns. National Democratic committees, political campaigns, and labor unions have been taking advantage of all that NGP VAN has to offer. Among the clients of the NGP VAN the names of Barak Obama, Clinton, and Sanders stand out.

The corporation is committed to proving their clients with innovation and the most powerful and reliable means for campaigning. Last year, the NGP VAN unveiled yet another iteration of their software before the midterm cycle had started. It was the eight edition of the NGP software. Paperless call time is among the most popular feature of the software, and it got some updating as well as additional functionalities. The update achieved a more streamlined ability to dial for dollars and made this somewhat hated part of campaigning feel less unpleasant and tedious. Not only that, but the feature also helps stave off the competition from some potential rivals.

The General Manager of the NGP VAN, Lou Levine, added that one of his favorite improvements was the ability to create custom build call sheets. Clients that are campaigning spend a lot of their time necessary organizing when that time could be spent raising awareness, votes, signatures, or money. Ths new organizational feature cuts down on that time, and so the campaigning clients could focus on interacting with potential supporters. That is the core of working a campaign or raising money for a case.

The NGP VAN continues to grow in popularity. Every year, thousands of clients use the integrated services. The company strives to deliver more functionality and innovation and make campaigning more successful and streamlined for their clients.

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