Cotemar Mexico Continues To Provide Sustainable Services And Solutions

Cotemar is a service company founded in 1979, whose headquarters are in Campeche Mexico. The company offers its quality services to companies in the oil industry. Through the thirty six years the company has been providing services, they have been able to create a name for themselves through hiring the right employees and providing constant and effective training to them. Having begun as a service company, it has since diversified their operations to include engineering, modelling and maintaining offshore properties to their clients. They are also involved in providing transport and logistics to their clients and specialized vessels.



The company’s policies and values have contributed so much in their success and in the silent revolution uprising. The company so far has more than eleven thousand well trained employees. The company continues to provide employment opportunities to their communities. The use of modern technology into their services is one of the strategies the company uses to revolutionize the energy industry and remain on the fore front.



Being a client and an employee of Cotemar, one is guaranteed of excellence service and terms of employment. Both are granted accommodation in the recreational facilities. Employees and clients can indulge in activities such as playing basketball and gym, which gives them time to relax. For employees, these recreational facilities enable them to freshen up which contributes highly to their performance. The company has a qualified staff that ensure that both guests and employees get the best quality meals and have a great time in their facilities.



Cotemar Mexico has been named the largest company in the energy and oil industry. Their thirty years in the industry has enabled them to learn how to treat their clients and appreciate their employees who make it happen. Employees are taken care of taught the safety measures and precautions when dealing with the oil rigs. There are minimal cases of safety at the firm and employees are trained how to handle their clients. The company welcomes applications by employees who share with them the vision of providing sustainable solutions to companies and clients in the oil and energy industry.

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