Capital Group Appoints New Chairman after the Death of Jim Rothenberg

Over three decades ago, Timothy “Tim” Armour joined the Capital Group as a participant in its Associates Program and was retained by the company’s equity investment division as an analyst. He worked his way up the company’s ranks to earn a seat at the executive table as the Chairman and CEO after the death of mentor and former chairman Jim Rothenberg.

Timothy Armour was elected the group’s chairman in July 2015 after Rothenberg passed away from a heart attack during his vacation. In the run-up to his election, the Capital Group considered several candidates including Rob Lovelace, the grandson of its founder. Rob has specialized in emerging markets investments. The board considered him for the top job because of his accomplishments and not his lineage.

Active Management Approach

Before his ascension to Chairman, Timothy Armour had for a long time advocated for active fund management at Capital Group. He supported the in-house research program that was started to prove the potential benefits of active fund managers. In 2015, Capital Group sharpened its sales operations team, which resulted in the increased acquisition of new capital through its mutual funds.

Tim is dedicated to setting, communicating, reviewing, and implementing Capital Group’s overall business strategies and operations. He has big shoes to fill and even though Rothenberg groomed him in advance after choosing him as his deputy, he still has to prove his mettle by bringing in more capital for the fund that already manages assets worth an impressive $1.4 trillion.

Tim believes in doing in-depth research and analysis on companies to uncover insights that inform his views on investment prospects. This allows him to make informed decisions as opposed to relying on index tracker funds. Only fund managers willing to persevere through tons of research can realize excellent results.

Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour is a successful equity portfolio manager and the present chairman of Capital Group. He also serves as the chairman of two other entities affiliated with the group namely Capital Group Companies Management Committee and Capital Research and Management Company. Tim has been an employee of the group for more than three decades having risen to the top seat thanks to his hard work, due diligence, and exemplary leadership qualities.

Timothy Armour attended and graduated with an economics degree from the Middlebury College. He later started working at Capital Group as a junior equity investment analyst covering both Global telecommunications and American service companies.

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