George Soros sucks oxygen from Republican races with stealth strikes

George Soros recently made headlines for his whopping contributions to Hillary Clinton’s doomed presidential bid. All told, the genius financier contributed well over $25 million to Clinton’s election effort. But losing such a horrifically huge bet didn’t faze Soros at all. Always composed, he didn’t blink at the opportunity to continue his fight for his ideals by other means. Still largely unreported, George Soros has racked up a string of impressive victories by backing candidates in small, local elections. His favored candidates are often running for key governmental positions, positions that confer far greater real power than many people realize.

Joe Arpaio gets to know the man who broke the Bank of England
Joe Arpaio, Maricopa Country, Arizona’s tough guy sheriff was the reigning incumbent for an incredible 24 years prior to his 2016 reelection campaign. The strident lawman, who bears no little resemblance to John Wayne both in appearance and mannerisms, was widely assumed to have a virtual lifetime appointment to Phoenix’s top cop slot. Then a cowboy named Soros showed up in town. In the ensuing political gunfight, George Soros spent over $2 million dollars backing Arpaio’s opponent, Paul Penzone. For a local sheriff’s race, where campaign funding is often limited to what the candidates themselves are willing to spend along with a few well-heeled friends and organizers, the massive infusion of cash to the opposition meant Arpaio quickly found himself outgunned in his own streets.

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Arpaio, perhaps the most nationally visible sheriff, had grabbed the attention of Soros through his hard-line anti-immigration stance and his perceived indifference to the plight of minorities over-represented in the criminal justice system. The controversial cop had, rather than avoid national contention, seemingly relished in it. Over his 24 year tenure he slowly rose to liberal America’s most wanted man. And since it was quickly becoming clear the 84 year old would likely die in office if something wasn’t done soon, they wanted to get him alive.

And get him they did. Soros’ $2 million contribution was augmented by other liberal donors including Steve Jobs’ widow. All told, Paul Penzone’s war chest swelled to well over $3 million dollars. Despite enjoying a high approval rating and being widely regarded as competent, old Joe Arpaio stood little chance. He lost in a landslide, ending his quarter-century tenure and with it, the unapologetically authoritarian law enforcement regime that defined the Phoenix criminal justice system.

It was yet another major victory for the Soros juggernaut. From his earliest days as a fund manager, George Soros has displayed an almost supernatural knack for winning his most important battles. Despite his large and very public involvement with the Clinton campaign, he has continued to score victory after victory in smaller and arguably more strategically important battles. Whatever one thinks of George Soros, his politics or his career, what ‘s certain is that he’s a man who must be taken with the utmost seriousness in any competition in which he involves himself. Given his track record thus far, America should expect to see many more Soros backed players taking first prize in the future.

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