Increased Mystique Behind EOS Generated Sales

Lip balm has been the same for a long time. The mundane pots of balm, or tubes of generic chap stick were getting boring and lame. The two founders of EOS lip balm, Jonathan Teller, and Sanjiv Mehra, also saw this lack of creativity and decided they had the background, skills and drive to turn lip balm on it’s head.

They started by really investigating the market. What did people really want when it came to a lip balm? Females were the main drive behind the market and they said they wanted something easy to use that could be incorporated into their daily beauty routine. This meant beautiful packaging, something that could complete their collection of beautiful packaging comparable to golden compacts, pink handled makeup brushes, and silver lipstick tube sheaths. The colorful spherical orbs that resulted from this packaging innovation fit right into the hands, purses, and makeup collections of females everywhere. They were enthusiastic about the way it soft clicked closed like a well made dresser drawer, and how easy it was to apply without getting their fingers sticky.

After their first success selling at Walgreens and Lucky Vitamin they decided to invest in their own machinery to get their products moving at a faster rate for the increasing demand. They had their own machinery made and invested their money in this rather than in hype and marketing because the product was really selling itself. Later on, they developed marketing that complimented the product’s success, not only using celebrity endorsements, but those products being featured in edgy music videos that everyone was watching with the same wonderment as they felt about the EOS lip balms. What was it all about? What was EOS? What were those brightly colored pods? Increasing the mystique behind the brand was actually a genus move on their behalf.

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