No Lather? No Problem: The Hair Product Fact You Probably Didn’t Know

In this day and age, people are looking for more natural products. From the food at the grocery store to the ingredients in lip balm, customers are looking for organic, natural products instead of the chemically created products everyone is used to. Shampoo is no exception to this new trend. However, there’s one fact about shampoo that might be keeping you from purchasing a truly natural product.

If you ask women how they know their shampoo is really cleaning their hair, many of them will say that it’s because of the lather. It seems to be the case that most people believe the bigger the lather, the better the clean. However, if your shampoo creates a white, fluffy lather and claims to be natural – you might want to think again.

In fact, lather is created by chemicals, not by natural ingredients. Knowing which came first, the chemical or the conception, is a bit of a chicken and egg question. However, it’s a fact that many shampoo companies put more of this lather-creating chemical in their products because people think it means the product is really doing its job.

However, throwing a picture of almonds or thistle roots on the front of a shampoo bottle does not a natural product make. In truth, products that don’t lather are typically the more natural, healthy, and organic options.

Think a natural, latherless shampoo can’t do the job? Think again. Hair care giant and celebrity stylist Chaz Dean (see, is the creator behind WEN by Chaz. This product line is incredibly successful and has received rave reviews from celebrities and everyday women alike. It’s effective, smells wonderful, and has all the hallmarks of a wonderful, natural shampoo – but it doesn’t lather.

The reason that WEN by Chaz doesn’t lather is because it’s actually made from natural ingredients. In the place of hard-to-pronounce chemicals, you’ll find things like rosemary oil, shea butter, and wild cherry bark. Chaz Dean’s commitment to truly natural products has helped to change the conception that an effective cleanser has to lather. So remember: no lather, no problem. Visit the Wen Facebook page and Twitter for more info as well as updates!


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