Bruce Levenson, Controlling Partner at Hawks and the lawsuit against an Insurance Company Over Breach of Contract.


Bruce Levenson is the co-founder of United Communications Group (UCG), which ranks as the largest business information companies in the world, to be privately owned. The company works by providing customized information to each of its over two million clients, based in different business sectors, mostly Finance Services, Technology, Telecommunication, Healthcare and Energy sectors. Bruce is the current serving Managing Partner for the Atlanta Hawks, on which he served as the Governor of its Board since 2004. Read:

According to Time Magazine, Bruce Levenson has also served on the board of Directors at TechTarget (NASDAQ): TTGT), a publicly held company as a founding shareholder. He has recently also partnered to found a private company DOT, that led to the invention of cooking technology. Before founding the United Communications Group in the year 1997, Bruce worked as a journalist for Washington Star, and later for Energy Publication. He is also active in philanthropic initiatives, and passionate about Non- profit charitable programs founding Centre for Philanthropy, and Non-Profit Leadership based at the University of Maryland. Bruce has also served on the board at Hoops Dreams Foundation.

In a recent lawsuit filed against New Hampshire Insurance Company by the former NBA Franchise ownership group, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC also includes Bruce Levenson as a controlling partner over allegations on Breach of Contract. AHBE was not happy with the wrong termination of the contract, stating in a document presentment in Court. AHBE also states that it sent a notice to the Insurance Company dated 2nd April 2015, informing them that the claims believed to have been covered had been asserted by Mr. Ferry. The Complaint states that despite AIG acknowledging the policy to be triggered by Mr. Ferry, they have defied to pay for the losses without giving any justification.


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